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  1. Is a low value , to not do difference to end game like you, to not broken economy like other suggestion saying 500k per poke, is low value, but is something, a lot better that lost everithing in release. ANYTHING IS A LOOT BETTER THAT NOTHING ...is whortwhile
  2. I am begginer in the game, 1 month only, but I see a lot tutorial to start hunt, spend my 20k in a synchronize adamant and my last money in 100 pokeballs and GO HUNT MAGIKARPS lol kkk 100 useless magikarps Suggestion: if i can sell , for example , each useless pokemon for 75 pokedollars, each 3 pokemons will give me a pokeball back ... this no will break the economy ... bu will help a lot new players that catch a lot pokemons early. Or trade 3 pokemons for 1 pokeball will be good to. in the moment, RELEASE function looks like a full waste of time, and if you is a noob , like me, that go catching everything in start ... is frustrating. this is not a suggestion for end-game players, is for new player have a few more option to recover your pokeballs.
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