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  1. The winner is subhammaster dkim your bid is late @Subhammaster
  2. started c.o 600k min bid 50k insta 2m 36hrs after start
  3. @Haruyukio i need help with draxlol he don't want to trade plz force the trade if you can
  4. sry it's 2 day auction i was editing for vday garde , i removed the duration by mistake the winners of the auctions charizard @Brandonlee1> 1.9m pawn @Draxlol >300k vday garde @Megumin4L >1m
  5. sry i can't cancel your bid cuz the rules pawn c.o 300k charizard c.o 1.2m vday garde c.o 1m
  6. start offer for each poke : charizard 500k pawniard 100k gardevoir 1m min bid 100k Other payments method cc 380k iv rr 680k
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