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  1. sure. Feel free to pm me ingame(/pm Exzxay) or on discord: exzxay. I will go to sleep soon, so lets trade tomorrow
  2. sure. Feel free to pm me ingame(/pm Exzxay) or on discord: exzxay, so that we can trade.
  3. Hello and welcome to my auction! Current offer: 3.6m End date: 18.02.2024 22:00 gmt+1 (02/18/24 10:00 pm gmt+1) Starting offer: 1m Min bid: 50k Payment: Pokedollar, Coin Capsule = 390k No insta Contact: ingame: Exzxay, Discord: exzxay Also dont forget the auction rules: 1. You cant take back an offer once the offer is posted on forum 2. If a bid is posted on forum in the last 15min of an auction the timer will be set to 15 min form the last bid 3. You need to have the money on the account you bid on. If your money is on another account add that to every bid. Also if you are on gold you also have to add that to your bid and you have to transfer to silver if you win. I do this auction for Hambii. The mon is on my account and i will handle everything regarding the auction.
  4. +1 some times while doing an auction it felt like some people intentionally bid very late (maybe to anoy people in hope that they do not bid anymore). i also experienced long overtime on auctions, which is not really in favor of buyers and sellers. Forcing the bidders to make a fast bid war can make some auctions less toxic, but there is also the risk that a buyer might be distracted for a short ammount of time and loses an auction because of that. I personaly prefer the 5 min suggestion, but 10 min would also be helpful and maybe a bit more friendly to buyers
  5. the mon is restored. feel free to pm me ingame: Exzxay or on discord: exzxay in case im offline
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