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  1. Everything Ended message me in discord MrClaiRea#3896 or ingame mrclaireaa @Tilincito Aegislash 110k @Suncity Pancham 121k @Rottooverlord Blastoise 2 10k @Suncity Mantyke 52k
  2. Blastoise 2 ended winner is @Rottooverlord with 10k Mantyke ended winner is @Suncity with 52k
  3. Last 28 minutes Blastoise 1 12k by @Luckytea Blastoise 2 10k @Rottooverlord Aegislash 12k @Luckytea Magnezone 12k @Luckytea Pancham 118k @Thedark Mantyke 52k @Suncity
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