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  1. Hello @Caennethi, @Crucifixuz, @Jtninja, @Duyh91 About Froakie and lacking spawn in general: Something is already planned for this and not only for froakie but unfortunately I cant give you any eta for now About Carnivine: I already explaned everything in detail in my last post About Missmatch between wiki/discord/pokedex: We are aware of the error that can appear between the spawn displayed in the dex / discord / wiki but its not in our power to us (SE) to fix it but I will pass the info. Kabuto Route 124 Underwater: I checked the spawn and Kabuto should be able to spawn with the Super Rod however this spawn is still a very old and outdated spawn wich can explain why it can be very rare to found a pokemon compare to other spawn but in this case the spawn % is not that bad. the fishing mecanic on pro is unfortunately really not optimized for farm, the problem with the fishing in pro is that too much time is spent between each pokemon encounter giving the impression that pokemon are much rarer than they should be. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to make suggestions and give feedback that could improve spawns. Wishing you a good day and kind regards, CloseCombat.
  2. Hello @Finnderboss Solosis and gen 5/6 Pokemons: We're not waiting for unova to be released to add spawns to 5th generation pokemon, we're working to make these pokemons accessible despite the current absence of their native region(Unova/Kalos). This can be done by adding MS spawns in certain regions or by adding new spawns to the map. Solosis has the right and deserves to have access to more spawns on the game, wich is currently 4 (even two 9-10 months /12 when we are not in Xmas / Hw Event). About Carnivine: I already Explain everything about it in my last post and being a boss in mystery dungeon doesn't change that and starly was just one example of the many tier changes that took place in the game. Changes in rarity have always existed, it's not something new. This post was accessible to everyone at the time it was updated with all tier changes. About Excavation: Thanks you for taking the time to make suggestions and give feedback that could improve spawns. Wishing you a good day and kind regards, CloseCombat.
  3. Hello @Finnderboss, @Phuongismylife Carnivine and Pokemon Rarity adjustement: The game is evolving and some things need to be corrected and changed. The choice of Carnivine as a rare pokemon is rather "debatable",the pokemon was initially placed as a rare pokemon without any real reason behind it and the only reason why Carnivine was at one point one of the "rarest pokemon in the game" is the lack of spawn and accessibility to its spawns without any real reason. So the fact that carnivine was one of the "rarest pokemon in the game" is only because of his accessibility and its lacking spawns without any real reason + the fact that the vast majority of pokemon players don't care about carnivine in general and won't farm it because the pokemon isn't popular at all and has practically no use / interest for it. Hence the explanation as why the pokemon is one of the "rarest ingame pokemons" and the explanation of why the pokemon had nothing to do as rare pokemon and needed to be readjusted. its not the case only of carnivine others are in the same case, some 5/6g pokemon also requires a tier readjustment and its a change necessary to ensure a certain logic in the spawns of the pokemon and their rarity. All pokemon cannot and should not be rare especially without any reason behind that and this is why some change need to be made. I agree that the ideal would have been that the pokemon was not a rare pokemon since the beginning to avoid this loss of rarity that the pokemon undergoes but unfortunately there is no good time to make this kind of change that are necessarty and must be done. (we already got in the past Starly and wingull as exemple as Rare pokemon wich are now common) comparing carnivine with zorua and beldum makes no sense at all. beldum and zorua are pokemon that are very usefull or appreciated and very popular by the pokemon fan base or was also rare in the Original Game, thats absolutely the opposite for carnivine, which is largely ignored by the general public. "take away the exclusiveness of certain pokes". There is a huge difference between a pokemon volontary exclusive and involontary exclusive, some pokemon were for a long time involontary exclusive on pro like carnivine only due to a involontary lack of spawn which naturally fixes with time and the addition of new spawn. Wich is not the same case for exclusive Pokemons which are voluntary Exclusive pokemon like Rotom / Zorua / Porygon etc... which are the basic pokemon that are much rarer with much more interest and excitement around them or even much more usefulness. About solosis : 4 total spawns including 2 exclusively during event periods and 2 MS exclusif spawn we're a long way from a pokemon that can be found absolutely everywhere. For Bouffalant: Unfortunately I think you must have confused Africa with America or maybe confused with another animal because the "bouffalant" animal species lives in Europe and North America in forest / plain / mountainous environments that can be snowed in at certain times of the year, so I don't see any problem and seems totaly fine and logic to finding some bouffalant here. Even in pokemon go Bouffalant spawn is Based arround NewYork wich is in North America About Eevee Forms: @Phuongismylife There are maps dedicated to the different form of Eevee wich are announced in the Pro Discord announcement So if you only want the 2023 Eevee Form you need to hunt Eevee in Cryofrost Path spawn and if you want the 2018 Eevee form you need to hunt in Frost valley spawn. All others Spawn are "RNG" and the rate is 50/50 between both Eevee form Thanks to both of you for taking the time to make suggestions and give feedback that could improve spawns. Wishing you a good day and kind regards, CloseCombat.
  4. Hello @Jatzbee, @Tofu2, @Radovid10 Battle Bond Froakie Froaki Battle Bond is currently unavailable, but I got the confirmation that it will be back during this hw event, which will probably be announced at that moment. For Ralts We are aware that ralts have 2 evolutions and we also think of gallade but as I said before, I agree that the ralts spawns are clearly more interesting in timid, although its not forced either, Especially for the necropolis spawn where its possible to farm in jolly simultaneously slakoth (uncommon) and ralts (rare) which I understand is less interesting than the timid side but does not take away the fact that it is entirely possible to go hunt here in jolly, and its not because the spawn is better in timid that there is no alternative solution in this spawn, After all, I understand that Slakoth and the other common, uncommon Pokémon are mostly Ada/Jolly but they may not be ones you personally like, but they can be for others, but again I agree that to hunt all the rare in this area timid is a better option and i'd like to remind you that the necropolis spawn got a ralts repel so if the other pokemons around in jolly don't interest you enough you're free to repel them, which is certainly an expensive but effective solution. We've had a lot of new form this event, so choices had to be made by spawn editor team, and some pokemon still don't have their own spawn available (chimchar being one of the most affected). Not everyone can be satisfied choices had to be made, what should be said for Eevee and his 8 evolution ? and what happn if we change Necropolis to be more Jolly sided what about people who want jolly gallade with the other form? should I change the other map too ? and then what about gardevoir two forms ? You probably might disagree with my decision but not everyone can be satisfied every change will juste move the problem. the event isn't over yet - enjoy what's available now and what's coming up in the future! who knows what's waiting for you? About Forest pit Forest Pit is one of the rarest spawn where every pokemon dont spawn everywhere in the map as exemple if you find only tepig and larvitar that mean you was hunting in the mountain part Mountain Part: If your looking for Snivy Murkrow and Sudowoodo you need to hunt in the grassy part in the screen below Grassy Part: Thanks to all of you for taking the time to make suggestions and give feedback. Wishing you a good day and kind regards, CloseCombat.
  5. Hello @Rhpositive and @Tofu2 Missing Pokemon on event map about the pokemon with a event form that are absent from the event map, they have not been forgotten, they are simply planned for the maps that will be accessible in part 2 of the event. About Ralts: I agree that the 2 spawns are interesting in timid, but the necropolis spawn is interesting enough in jolly with slakoth. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to make suggestions and give feedback that could improve spawns. Wishing you a good day and kind regards, CloseCombat.
  6. Hello @Jolina Guild Island rotation and all Rotation spawn Overall Unfortunately, there's currently a bug in the spawn rotation system we're well aware of, but it's impossible for us as spawn editors to fix it, so we'll have to wait until it's fixed by dev.
  7. Hello @Sorli, @Rhpositive, @Poopsmagoops, @Bagv. For Fenekin and Alto Mare Secret Garden's: changes have been made and will be coming for Fennekin and Alto Mare Secret Garden spawn, you can find the change logs with the change here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/217075-spawn-update-logs/#comment-1310795 For Buring Strait Underwater: There's actually a small problem because there are 2 versions of this map, one of them should not be displayed as it was only accessible during the xmas2020 event for the Keldeo quest. The "Burring Strait Under Water" map with mudkip's spawn is no longer accessible and shouldnt be displayed. Only the "Buring Strait Underwater" map is accessible with this spawn. And for East Sea Shellos : Unfortunately, the pokemon has not yet been added to the game, so it's impossible for us to add it to the spawns at the moment, but if or when it is added to the game we'll certainly consider making this change. Thanks all of you for taking the time to make suggestions and give feedback that could improve spawns. Wishing you a good day and kind regards, CloseCombat.
  8. Hello @Envymeister, @Jillastrea For the Route 229: After having looked at it, it is indeed an old spawn that will be reviewed at some point (there are many spawns in this kind of case so it will take time before they are all review and done). For the map Iron Island b2F R: Adding klink in ms won't change a thing, What you need to know is that the presence of a Rare MS Pokemon in a area has almost no influence on the spawn of other pokemons in this particular case if you're not MS and we add MS to Klink, you'll simply no longer have a klink, but you'll still see the same number of pawniard as if you were ms because the difference is almost insignificant that's why in this particular case it's good to have a MS because it doesn't penalize the number of pawniard encounters and allows you to see klink at the same time. This example only works if the MS Pokemon is a Rare pokemon of course. From what I can see of the spawn, you must have been pretty unlucky if you hadn't seen a sufficient number of pawniard but keep in mind that the klink you saw if you were MS didn't steal any pawniard. I hope my explanation was clear enough. If it wasn't, don't hesitate to tell me. About Pinkan Island: The main problem comes to the number of maps available (Forest, Meadow and Cliff) it's difficult to allocate more pokemon spawns with only 3 maps and a rotation would mean that some species wouldn't be available for a while which I think is not a good solution for pinkan island. Regarding levels, in view of the new experience system, increasing levels wouldn't solve this problem and could bring other problems (self harming move and hunt difficulty). With regard to Ilex Forest: I think you must be mistaken because the foongus spawn is already open all day. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to make suggestions and give feedback that could improve spawns. Wishing you a good day and kind regards, CloseCombat.
  9. Hello @Leeluckya, @Vangogsan, @Caprifame, @Donator, @Kitretsu05 To start with Mirage Island Summit: Mirage Island's levels could be revised, especially for some Pokemons because mirage island has many uses for players. Some players farm items, others earn money by killing wild Pokemon and some are there to hunt certain pokemon. If there is a change in levels, it will mainly be to remove self-harming moves from this area. For Hoenn Safari Area 2 / Beldum Metang : It's currently under discussion and probably done in a bit different way because Beldum is a Pokémon in its own right just like Abra, which requires an adaptation on the part of the players and changing Beldum by Metang can be envisaged but with certain condition to keep an interest with the other spawns of Beldum and not to make them useless. Breakers Beach / Pinsir: something is already done for that but its not live yet. About Jangmo-o: I've already answered for Jangmo-o. And for Guild Island Falls: For Guild Island Falls we are aware that the rotation is no longer working for the moment, something is planned for this but I don't know how long it will take. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to make suggestions and give feedback that could improve spawns. Wishing you a good day and kind regards, CloseCombat.
  10. Hello @Wolfninjasenpai , @Alyk231, @Bagv, @Vangogsan To start with the Route 36: I've looked at Route 36 and it's an old spawn that hasn't been touched up yet but will be reworked/updated when the time comes, which will harmonize the spawn precisely for Houndour and Sudowoodo. For the following spawns Dragons Den, Route 102, Petalburg Woods, Granite Cave 1F: After taking an in-depth look at these different spawns, they are for the most part far from being bad. Some of them are old spawns and could get a slight adjustment notably in the adjustment of the tiers which evolved with time. From what I can see you may have extrapolated your data or not farmed intensively during your farm hours or simply been unlucky. I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of this Shiny Quagsire, it's something that can unfortunately happen but happens less and less over the years. About Jangmo-o: Jangmo-o being a Gen 7 Pokémon, its spawn is voluntarily restricted just like Wishiwashi at the Fishing Contest and Cutiefly at the Bug-Catching Contest and for other Gen 7 Pokémon during events / Outbreaks. For Guild Island: The idea of adding a monotype theme isn't a feasible solution at the moment as we only have 3 spawn map / biomes (cave, forest, water). It would be difficult for example to explain the presence of a mono electric in one of these 3 biomes. If one day we have several maps that could correspond with the majority of types, it's an idea we'll keep in mind. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to make suggestions and give feedback that could improve spawns. Wishing you a good day and kind regards, CloseCombat.
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