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  1. It is depending on offense and everything but for now, we say no.
  2. August 28th 2023 Route 201 - Added Repeltrick to Swirlix - Fixed tiers Alto Mare Secret Garden - Removed Espurr (now in Kalijodo Path), Pidove, Stunky - Added Turtwig, Ponyta - Changed Misdreavus, Nuzleaf to M/D/N for balance Kalijodo Cave B2F (surf) - Removed Corsola - Added Marill - Changed Tirtouga to slightly higher spawn rate Kalijodo Path - Removed Turtwig (now in Alto Mare Secret Garden) - Added Espurr - Changed Grimer-Alola, Ralts to M/D/N Vulcan Cove (land) - Removed Clauncher (now surfing), Psyduck, Qwilfish, Shellder, Staryu - Added Azurill D, Corphish M/N, Panpour, Wingull Vulcan Cove (surf) - Removed Corphish (now on land), Shellder - Added Clauncher, Pelipper, Staryu Vulcan Cavern - Removed Cyndaquil, Rhydon - Added Fennekin, Vulpix Sinnoh endgame: Changed Pokemon tiers, items, selfharming moves, themes and more on the following maps: Battle Tower Route 225 Route 226 Route 227 route 228 route 229 Route 230 Stark Mountain Exterior Pt stark Mountain Entrance Stark Mountain Main Cavern Pt
  3. This bid is the winner. Start 7:20am Wed End 7:20am Saturday - _ (adjusted to my timezone) Bid at 7:15am Saturday - End 7:30am Bid at 7:22am Saturday - End 7:37am Bid at 7:29am Saturday - End 7:44am 4,8mil Bid at 7:41am Saturday - End 7:56am 5mil Bid at 7:41am Saturday - End 7:56am 5,5mil Bid at 7:48am Saturday - End 8:03am 5,6mil
  4. August 11th 2023 All Summer Event maps are completely reworked including adjusted tiers, helditems, levels There will be rotating starters for the hunting quest (either you hunt for Team Magma or Team Aqua) -- NOT LIVE TILL ALL BUGS ARE FIXED The new forms are all available on the event map Adjusted the following maps: Route 25 / Route 5 for the Abra repels Changed Route 36 fixed Kanto Safari area fishing spawns Eriyadu Sulfur Pools receveived changes Breakers Beach received changes Update on summer maps post launch Replaced Mimikyu with Alolan-Exeggutor in Vulcan Fair Added Alolan-Diglett in Vulcan Cavern Alolan-Geodudes should no longer explode in Vulcan Lava Pit and Vulcan Cavern Cave
  5. Is this your way of saying - your arguments are just flawed?
  6. The post has 90 votes - 68 are for hard/very hard / the other 32 are for Ok/easy. The pool has 90 votes out of 7505 players who were active in the last 24h (4101 Silver, 3404 Gold). The pool has 75% negative votes towards the update which might make one to believe that there is a "fundamental" flaw with the update but the opinion of 0.9% (68 out of 7505) of the active community are not substantial enough to draw conclusions. The loud minority are the ones complaining - the same way the every game operates, it is always the old veterans that cry wolf but don't understand the change or refuse to adapt their shortcomings.
  7. You failed entirely to grasp what my post said - which again says a lot about your dishonesty about this situation.
  8. This entire post is super disingenuous as it doesn't speak for the people you are trying to portray as "victims" of this change. We held public XP testing and did lots of interntal testing to adjust the story to the current XP system, making it much easier for story players/new players to actually get started in the game. Our Scripters changed Trainer levels and XP gains while our Spawn Editors did over 100+ map changes to adjust levels and make the game much more comfortable for story players. Your entire post is there to portray the "poor new story" players as victims of this change but in reality you are upset for your own sake because you can not skip the entire leveling process with cheap strats in Cerulean cave that earned you 50 levels a fight. Take care.
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