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  1. I guess you are looking for a 30 IVs in Speed, not 31.
  2. Devs don't do spawns. I made some changes to Cerulean Cave 1F, watch out for a Discord announcement about it.
  3. September/30/2021 Halloween Event maps - received rarity adjustments to be closer to our new philosophy - changed, added some Pokémon - added 5 new forms (three families) - Bittersweet maps are intended the way they are, they weren't hunting maps last time around however they are now with a little spin on them (this is only for the people that enjoy some pain ) Pinkan Island Forest - Form odds were changed to 1/1250 for the month of October (see on our Discord: https://discord.com/channels/302930139270873090/473949773620183051/628400486315458560 )
  4. Simple answer,, no this is not allowed.
  5. Done No worries but I still don't understand a single word you said or what your "suggestion" is here. Do you mind explaining it in a bit more detail? What does need changing here?
  6. Not happening due to how obnoxious the chat will become.
  7. Locking this as you are unable to understand. Take your sob story somewhere else, you won't make us feel guilty about something we explained 3 dozen times. Goodbye and take care.
  8. Didn't read it yet but still liked it for all the effort you spent on it.
  9. Felix#5505 Nah you won, it was 48h after your first bid regardless of acknowledgement or not.
  10. When I implement them, sadly the area is pretty meh but there are plans for it.
  11. Hey there, you contributed about 107 Bidoofs, you needed at least around 180 and that as for just 1 WQ. So There isn't any error here, you simply didn't contribute enough.
  12. What are your guesses on the lowest and highest tier (taking the old tiers here)? That's what I am interested in, if something felt like a Tier 9 spawn or something.
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