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  1. Too many obnoxious players, WTS GRIMER WTS GRIMMER 100k!!!!! Spam protection Ask Eaty, we wanted it to be 60 seconds like our rules were in the past but it was changed to 30 seconds for whatever so we just changed our rules to reflect that Also spam protection Spam protection Yes they are necessary I could be wrong but this should work in PMs already No need to have super long links in chat
  2. I gotta admit your energy that you put into this is admirable. You are complaining about a warning and a 60 second mute that your received in February of 2019. I explained every single detail to you in your first complaint and quoted every single rule. Mustang hasn't been staff for over half a year now. I don't know what is wrong with you, get it checked out. As for you spamming our forums with 6 more complaints about the same subject, the next one will result in a forum ban.
  3. Game Masters don't deal with this kind of stuff, Devs already said that they won't do it. They can but they won't due to several reasons.
  4. Qeight


    I denied this because this suggestions is not done in good faith. You are not getting banned for 20 days for just saying noob, you get 20 days after you were warned, quietbanned for 2days, then for 5 days, then for 14 days, then temporary for 15 days AND you continue to show this kind of behavior. The rules are not flawed if you continue to break them you get increased punishments. The user in question here has continued to show behavior we do not tolerate. Does it suck for the user to get banned for 20 days or even 25 days for calling someone "trash, noob" etc, sure it does but they sho
  5. Take your toxicity and go somewhere else, next user who posts toxicity in this thread will receive a forum ban. @Electrocute4u
  6. We forum banned your last few accounts where you spammed to get unbanned, do you want to be forum banned on this one as well? I looked at your case again and there is no chance we will ever unban your account, not with a million apologies. Locked.
  7. We don't offer such services.
  8. You are allowed to have 4, you have 4. You are not gonna get banned unless you create more. Any more questions?
  9. Those are 4 accounts then, the is nothing for you to do here. We don't delete accounts, I can ban them but this still wouldn't mean you can create more accounts.
  10. NaoSouProhh Gaabs2 GhosTBlack NSouProhh BigLaila7 Ogabiru Are those all your accounts?
  11. Greetings everyone! I would like to thank everyone for giving PRO a competitive environment for another season. I would also like to congratulate each player and guild who made it to the top of the ladder, on behalf of the whole staff team. We all wish you the best in the next season. Thanks for participating! REWARDS Normally, 1st Place will receive 700 PvP coins, 2nd place 695, and so on. Top ladder guilds shall receive 25% EXP Boost for the entirety of the next season! Top 25 players from each server are eligible to enter the ladder tournament and win epic Pokemon and other cool
  12. Locked. Make an appeal please.
  13. Our Developer can rename your guild in exchange for 50% of the original price (200k$). You need to be the leader in order to request a namechange. If you wish to rename your guild, please fill out the form down below: Current Guildname: New Guildname: Server: Do not post off-topic in here.
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