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  1. ● What's your Name/IGN? Porkchops ● Are you active in Discord? I just recently joined it and am looking forward to using it plenty, for PRO and other games! ● Where are you from? Portugal (I'm fluent in English though). ● What's your playtime?/How often do you play PRO? I have over 1800h and have been playing since 2016. ● What's your goal in PRO? I am a completionist and a collector of PVP ready Pokémons. ● Why do you want to be part of Chaos? I know some people that have already joined and they talked really highly of you guys. Also, it may be the only guild worth my time :) ● What's your favorite Pokemon and why? Tepig because it looks tasty. ● What's your favorite animal and why? Dogs for the obvious reasons, not because they look tasty!
  2. There is absolutely nothing in the rules that can be interpreted to disallow such a strategy, so I think you're in the clear. Don't quote me on this though.
  3. To fix the bugged dig spots such as the ones in Mt. Coronet Summit, go to Oreburgh Pokecenter and talk to the Explorer NPC (a similar NPC exists in Kanto and Johto to fix the dig spots of their respective areas). He will ask if there are any "misbehaving dig spots in Kanto" (yes, in Kanto - pls fix the text!) but he'll fix the Sinnoh ones. I was doing Sinnoh dig spots and finished my run in Oreburgh, then saw the NPC, recognized him and talked to him. He said something along the lines of "I fixed them for you!" instead of the usual "None needed to be fixed...". I immediately went back to Mt. Coronet Summit and the 2 southernmost spots (the bugged ones) were available! Now we have more chances for synchronizable Honedge :)
  4. In case someone wants to know where the hidden rare candy in mt. silver 2F is, here's a new image: imgur.com/fpjwkEb
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