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  1. Yeah, it's kind of a pain to not have enough time to play, I have college admition test this saturday :confused:
  2. The truth is, I left right after joining on Hoenn and it's been tough to get back in track, I do a lot of stuff now besides PRO :confused:
  3. Welcome to PRO man, nice to meet you, I was about to join PPO once, never did tho. :Grin:
  4. Hey, I think I remember you from forums since I play on blue, also a returning player, if you don't know me, nice to meet you.
  5. I don't see this being a thing anytime soon, there are many many things above anything of this kind.
  6. I will accept both of you, thanks for applying. https://discord.gg/010peOyZlYrVj5vow Here is the link to our discord, please join.
  7. I'm finally back in action, this past month has been a lot of trouble for me, lots of tests. :confused: It's finally summer for me yay. Requirements updated, please check them out. :thanks:
  8. Welcome to the guild, your girlfriend too. Please join our discord. https://discord.gg/010peOyZlYrYPVoBa
  9. Thanks for applying but I like loyalty.
  10. Accepted, welcome to the guild. Please join us in discord.
  11. Sorry but with all the trouble lately there is no way for me to train pokemon efficiently. :Cry:
  12. Accepted under probation. I think our guild will be helpful enough for your development as a player. Please ask away.
  13. Farewell fire dragon thingy nerdy stuff... Will miss your posts in forums :Heart: :Frown: :Frown:
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