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  1. Let me start off by saying, Holy freaking balls. You guys REALLY outdid yourself. (BRAAVOOO) And uhm, i'm also totally lost at this point when starting the game up, since you guys not managed to add 1 or 2 regions, but 3!!. So I had a question, would anyone be so kind as to explain the new stuff for me? I left when the second region was just released for personal reasons. And how alive is the community ingame as of today? Is it still flourishing like the old days? Or perhaps even busier? (I play on the red server). Thankyou in advance, and glad to be back <3
  2. Ah fudge Dx some images didnt go through. I'll fix it ASAP.
  3. Welcome to my art showcase! I've got a lot of art to show, so get ready! Pokemon Related art</COLOR> Commissions Currently In Progress[/size] [Wonderwoman Jr] [Final Fantasy 14 Miqo'te Female] My art [unfinished] [unfinished] [unfinished] <COLOR color="#FFBFBF"> For more of my art please visit my Deviantart!http:// https://snowypandy.deviantart.com/ (More social media platforms coming soon!, And yes I also take commissions!, so don't be afraid to ask ^^ )
  4. Danganronpa ftw :3 And thanks guys :D appreciate all the kindness :Grin: :Sing:
  5. https://snowypandy.deviantart.com/gallery/ Here you go ^^ Hi there! Welcome to the forums. It's always lovely to meet more artists and creative people. :) I took a peek at your Art Corner shop in the Creativity Zone subforum earlier, and I gotta say I love your style - I hope to see more from you posted soon! (By the way, I'm really digging the Chiaki/Monomi avatar you have. :Heart:) Awe thanks :3 Danganronpa 3 is what i'm digging right now , besides re:zero and higurashi ^^ Loving it so far. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :D
  6. Awe thanks haha , I was honestly a little scared while putting this up. But i'm glad for the nice response :) thanks for that. People nowadays still can be pretty nasty towards homosexual people. But it seems I don't have to worry about that here.
  7. I've been around for quite a while already , but it only felt suitable to introduce myself. The name is Joey , 19 year old artist who loves drawing and being creative. I sing and have done some performances irl on small concerts and in school. I'm homosexual (Gay is censored lmao ) , and I have a boyfriend who i'm very happy with. And its only a plus that he loves pokemon as much as I do haha. He is more of a nintendo fan then me though. I'm more of a PS4 / PC type of guy. Mainly considering the wonderful JRPG's like Persona , Final fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. My favourite pokemon is Eevee a
  8. Re: Memoire [international guild] Red and Blue server! <t>1. How many hours of gameplay do you have?<br/> 27 hours<br/> 2. Tell us a little about yourself.<br/> Hey there! My name is Joey i'm 19 years old . I'm an artist who draws and sings and I love pokemon :D I also have a lovely boyfriend who also enjoys pokemon , but he hasn't come around to play this game just yet , haha.<br/> I live in the Netherlands and i'm hoping to get new buddy's from this pokemon MMO. <br/> 3. Are you able to visit Discord?<br/> Yuhp <br/> 4. Are you going
  9. Hey guys , ive searched around the forums for a while but I cant seem to find an answer to this. Can anyone help me solve this question? thankyou ^_^
  10. Thankyou ^_^ I'll be adding more and more in the future , the pokemon hype that occured lately brought me in the mood to draw more pokemon c:
  11. I'm currently watching Re:zero and Higurashi. Both masterpieces , to be honest <3
  12. Hey there guys! I know a lot of you probably heard about Pokemon Go (Well.... It was hard to miss to be honest) But I was wondering something , How has this influenced the growth of players of Pokemon Revolution Online? Because honestly if PokemonGo is such a hit , more people will be playing pokemon , and so more people will join this playerbase. Anyone care to enlighten me? :D
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