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  1. you type in to get the discord role for the server you're playing. (mostly for organization's sake)
  2. I pop up occasionally and read some topics that interest me. So I noticed new posts on that subforum but when I entered the thread it said I didn't have the permission. (even though I have the former staff role) https://prnt.sc/inrdwj
  3. There should be a returning player package. Just saying
  4. Re: ► Boss Guide - updated 20/09/17 - All bosses/rewards/requirements ◄ <t>I don't know who this George is but he'll never be a boss like me.</t>
  5. Re: Upcoming updates DRAMA [POLL] <t>Wasn't breeding never being implemented for the reason that PRO is and always gonna be a grinding game? Welp, this move will just hit your playerbase hard and you'll realize it pretty soon.</t>
  6. Why can't you add an exception to the firewall?
  7. Depends on the Pokemon actually. If they use Legendaries or Pseudo-Legendaries they should be banned, but banning a Meowth for example is no use at all.
  8. I throw rocks near the animal so they could get the hell out of me (I have dog trauma because I was bitten as a kiddo)
  9. Not one clue about who you are lol Welcome back
  10. I would if I knew that the police would come, and I was smoking cigarettes
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