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  1. VERY hyped! Halloween has always had the best event forms BY FAR! Although I must say I feel some of these new forms are a bit overladen for my taste. Best Halloween forms: Absol, Weavile, Cyndaquil, Gyarados, Diglett, Kirlia (2019). No, it's not good. There are too many forms. I want to be able to catch the forms I like best (which, btw, may include forms from earlier years), which becomes increasingly difficult, especially with the low drop rate we have now. I think 5-10 forms per year/event would be best. Give people a chance to keep/catch up. No preference at this time, you already added forms for most of my favorite Pokemon, and awesome ones, too! The prestige mounts! Their shiny effect just looks poor and sooo inferior to the effect of the non-shiny ones (e.g. Entei's flames look much, much better (and much more fitting) than shiny Entei's glittering stars). Sadly, this makes all prestige mounts unviable for me. I want to add a general suggestion for event forms. It'd be awesome if all event forms had an entry effect. Currently, only the Christmas forms have a snow effect, the other ones appear without an effect. Please consider adding effects for more (or even all if possible) events, e.g. hearts for Valentines or sunshine or surfing animation for summer forms. I think a lot of players would like that. All in all I would really like to thank you for constantly working on the forms, keeps the game fresh and exciting! Keep up the good work!
  2. You won. I've been trying to reach you ingame and tell you for last couple of days, but every time I tried, you were not online. Sorry didn't think about posting here. Please let me know when you have time so we can schedule the trade.
  4. Grass: Grookey Fire: Chimchar Water: Squirtle
  5. I only want to evaluate the legendary and mega stone quest, I didn't have much time to do other stuff. I really like the idea of a co-op mission, and the dungeon in itself was not too bad, the levels were fun to play. Unfortunately, that's all I liked about the dungeon and quests. The teambuilding was plain dreadful (Only guild or altogether random? C'mon guys, that's a joke.) and the communication horrible. Lot's of people don't know how to create channels or make group PMs, so it's difficult to coordinate the whole thing, which is essential. That whole system was not intuitive. Also, the dungeon was quite a long mission, so players just randomly dropping out was a problem, too. The fact that rewards are randomized is fine by me, but if you RNG-lock essential rewards such as mega stones or legendaries (ridiculous!) and then give the whole thing a 6-hour cooldown on top of the whole teambuilding mess, you cannot seriously be surprised that people complain and don't like it. Oh, and why not just add a high level of difficulty, so that newer players don't even know which way is up? Ugh. I understand that you want to create challenges for us experienced and long-term players (I myself stand at ~8k hours and had no trouble with the quests at all, MUCH unlike some of the people I played with.), but please don't attempt to do so when it's about obtaining key stuff such as dex entries or strong battle items, make us fight for rerolls or coins or whatever, but please remember that there are always never players and quests like this one are very frustrating for them.
  6. I liked the event overall, the quest length was just fine. I also like the reward and the idea of "non-usable" Megastones being obtainable from events only is a good one I think. However, for future reference, please refrain from including parts like the one in the clouds (where you have to retry and find your own path) in quests when you cannot guarantee that the servers are stable. Doing that part with constant crashes and visual bugs was plain dreadful. As a final note I want to add that (not meaning this event in particular) it feels like the events are overall becoming a tad big, with new ones every year stacking up on existing ones. I'd prefer main events that come back every year, with only small additions or one-time events with cosmetics as rewards or other stuff that is not terrible losing out on. It's really becoming hard to track what part of what events you played already and which ones are still up for you, especially when you've had a break.
  7. I don't see any use in these suggested Pokeballs if I cannot sort my boxes by Pokeball type. As a few others mentioned already, I (and many others I'm sure) would appreciate a better organization of the PC much more than differently colored Pokeballs.
  8. Hi! Just now, I had a weird moment with the boss Koichi. I wanted to battle him, so talked to him, and had the usual dialogue (want to battle -> choose difficulty -> confirm). But then, there was nothing, I could walk around. I tried it again, had the same dialogue (want to battle -> choose difficulty -> confirm), and again with the same result. A few minutes later, he tells me there is a cooldown and I have no consecutive wins, so apparently, the whole thing counted as a loss.
  9. This guide is great, thanks for providing it! However, I have one suggestion: Why don't you add the doctor ranks and the experience required to get them? Because I always thought the highest rank was doctor (which feels like it is implied as the Old Lady calls the player that and this guide is even named that way) before I asked in the help channel to find out it was specialist, and I had it already.
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