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  1. hello i accidently deleted my Gengar can i do something about it ;x?
  2. Auction time :18 hours left Bo:-150k Kratis(will provide photo when i get home on the pc) insta:Not decided yet.
  3. 2 Hour Auction Bo.1: 70k Destroyersoul Insta: Not decided yet
  4. trust me you'll end up finding subway way too worthy ;p
  5. Re: auctionning epic H.A bold gothita 8h left <r>850 <E>:Angel:</E></r>
  6. Re: New Zone: Valley Of Steel <r><QUOTE author="Marcy"><s> </e></QUOTE> is already available? <E>:Grin:</E><e> </e></QUOTE> Yes! And someone should make a guide of it <E>:devil:</E><e> </e></QUOTE> 150 ivs? you hate me ._.? 9 pages and 300 pokeballs and the best i got is 132 ;p</r>
  7. re ftanei max speed 170 ti new meta oute ta tank den pernaei :P
  8. Too low hp and bad nature to call II god κλαιω ρε χδ
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