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  1. i saw your last message btw ..not sure if interested yet...pm me discord so u can find me easier i check shop 1-2 times per week Linkaros#8114 my timezone is utc +3
  2. hello there....i just want to ask if there a was a recent big forum update...cause many things changed in my shop and had to fix them ...and the most important my signature dissappeared for some reason...can i recover it somehow...cause sadly i cant find a backup link
  3. hello there...i would like please a staff clear this out... so.. in the past(like 4-5months ago) i found a shiny shellos but i was distracted and was hitting the run button..although the messeage "u encountered a rare pokemon" didnt let me to click anything else unless u pressed the Ok...which was an amazing addition...recently at the halloween event i did the same mistake cause i was distracted and today once again one more time haha..BUT this time actually was too late cause i really "run" the battle....is this a bug or supposed to work like that now? cause wasnt working like that in the pas
  4. couldnt agree more
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