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  1. I believe this policy will attract more people to pvp and make the game more interesting.
  2. There should also be rewards for failure in the pvp competition.winner gets 2 pvp coins and loser get 1 pvp coins.Each pvp game needs to last 5 minutes or more to avoid brushing coins.
  3. 300k 150k 500k 150k 150k sell every kind syncronizes kadabra 15k each
  4. Why am i always kicked by service when killing boss...
  5. i defeated the boss Suicune Guardian in johto. However,i didnt get the reward.
  6. plis pm Marheaven if u can provide.ty
  7. Fill up the following information: [u]ID Screenshot: Server:[/u] What do I need to do after my post? You only need to wait, a Staff member will edit your post once the Pokemon is successfully restored, sending you a forum Alert. What if I don't have any screenshot, or if I don't remember any accurate informations about the Pokemon? In this case unfortunately, we can't do anything for you. We need it to be able to find and restore your Pokemon. I accidentally released my Pokemon three months ago, can I get it back? Only recently released Poke
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