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  1. Highest bidder was alfatrion1980s with 4.3m. Bidding is now over. If you are ingame, pm me "Marotus". If you are currently unavailable, leave me your discord tag
  2. Start Price: 700k End Point: 48 hours after Start Price is met Insta: No Min. Raise: 100k Accepted Payment(s): > Pokedollar > Coin Capsule (360k) > Rare Candy (6k) Good Luck to all the bidders! EDIT: Start was met 7/1/2021 11:38 PM GMT+2 End will be 7/3/2021 11:38 PM GMT+2
  3. I wholeheartedly agree with everything said in this thread. To add my two cents: As a player who recently joined a guild with a q/g system in place, the extra amount of caution you need to take is something very discouraging. Having a system in place to remove this kind of entry barrier would be very beneficial for newer players, who are still getting used to the pvp scene. And we can all agree that having more players who are actively playing pvp would be beneficial for the game as a whole. This would probably also lead to more guilds encouraging players to do PvP, as <b> everyone</b> can easily join the fight to increase their guild rating. It would also probably be reflected in an increase in coin sales, as people will need more bms/ms to farm efficiently, or just straight up buy coins to get a pvp ready team. The only downside would be the need to invest time into implementing the system. This could range from simply adding some flags in the code to a whole restructure. In the long run, it would probably still be a net positive. In conclusion: Implementing a System where you can choose whether or not to queue against guild members would benefit the game as a whole, and encourage more user to play PvP, as well as help keep them invested in PvP. The benefits outweigh the cost by far, and it should therefore definitely be considered.
  4. Mew can't learn the new Rock Polish TM via the TM142 Item. It seems to be a bug, as it should be able to learn it via TM Tutor (which got replaced with the latest update).
  5. Thanks for your help! No further questions.
  6. IGN: Marotus Server: Silver Problem: Transport System in Hoenn doesn't work anymore I did the Hoenn transport System quest a while back (pre- Sinnoh iirc) I used the transport System for a while now. After fighting the boss (ltn. Surge) in New Mauville, I scouted the area a bit and clicked on the Teleporter there out of curiosity. A while later, i tried to use the teleport system in a pokecenter again, but instead of the usual " Show me your ID" message, the guard replied with something about a power outrage in New Mauville. I went there to check, and he wants me to install those disks again. Do i have to do the quest again, or is there any way to fix this?
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