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  1. Very cool idea! I am curious to know if the ball's cosmetics are linked to a constant image, so if you were to ever change the image it would update even for pokemon caught. If so, you could reward first place in guild ladder to have their logo on a "Guild Champion Ball" that's image is updated every month.
  2. Pretty sure public api and information is low on their priority list. If not, that is what I understood the last time I asked about it. I also realized my "PRO Information" tab was hidden to public on my site! Should be available now. I love that you've added a repel check.
  3. App link and a few other things updated.
  4. Cool project man! Unfortunately it seems like the dumps are being updated much anymore. =/ While it was being updated, I also worked on a similar thing through my guild's app: https://nomercyapp.glideapp.io/ Once you add your username and discord, you can access the "PRO Information" tab from the top left. It would actually be really cool if the developers released more dumps like for items, pokemon, etc, so we could continue to build on our creations.
  5. I am aware staff members have the ability to edit any posting to keep things like Overall Trade Rules up to date. However, it appears to others that a "Former Staff" is the one making and upkeeping a post like this. It may confuse newer players to see a "Former Staff" posting rules of the game. Additionally, rule threads should have a clear text letting us (the players) know when it was last updated along with a change log. For example, I know rule #17 of Overall Trade Rules was added an hour ago because I follow PRO Discord. However, anyone that is banned from PRO Discord or simpl
  6. You clearly have no idea how bots work in discord.
  7. 1 - That's ridiculous as its impossible to add a bot without explicit permission of a discord Admin. If an Admin is adding bots to the discord without considering security, there is much larger problems. 2 - I disagree with you. Sure, you don't want to any low tier pvp quality members in the council, but there are plenty of high tier pvpers who are mature. To say "most pvpers are rather toxic" is extremely wrong. I assume you are confusing competitive attitudes with toxic attitudes. You do not need to be a toxic airhead to be competitive.
  8. I love it! A UU tier would open a whole new exploration for PvP and expand the economy. I think we would all love to see TWO ranked queues, but the reality is the playerbase isn't large enough. This seems like a good comprimise and a great utilization of the PvP Council.
  9. This is a long awaited necessary step to bettering the PvP environment, very happy to see it put in place. Some critiques: Why create a brand new discord for this? I feel as though you could have simply created a new category in the current PRO Discord labeled "PvP Discussions" and created the role necessary. All rules within the PvP Council Discord are essentially the exact same as PRO Discord. PRO Discord already has an active and capable crew of moderators. Many guild and community discords already follow announcement channels from PRO Discord. A Council Announcement could ea
  10. I often felt the same @supertrainers, especially when World Quests would start just as I was leaving for work. Or when there was like 4 World Quests for Gold server before 1 for Silver. =P At times it feels unfair, but its impossible to satisfy everyone. Pokemon games are all about random. Hunting %s, Accuracy, Effects... its all about staying consistently random, ya know? >_<
  11. Quests to upgrade a mount sounds like a very interesting idea! May encourage people to buy mounts just to play a unique quest.
  12. The problem I have with pokedollars being the currency to buy them is it restricts new players from using the system, which is who I'd like the system to favor. I do not like the idea of PvP coins being the currency either because its even more restrictive to veterans who already are pvping. The idea, in my thought, is to get new players to pvp. Veterans will use the system to test new builds/pokemon regardless of how the system is implimented. PvE sounds like a create compromise, to be honest. It favors players who dont normally spend their time pvping. However, it still doesn't allow *
  13. ISSUE Getting into PvP as a new player is very difficult. You need to have six level 100 pokemon, which takes a long time just to meet that requirement. To have six quality level 100 pokemon takes even longer. Then to have a proper pvp team of six level 100 pokemon takes *even* longer. Essentially, if you are a new player, you need to: have a veteran friend with pvp able pokemon, be a member of a veteran pvp guild (impossible with current guild environment), or grind for 100+ hours to get into pvp. SOLUTION Introduce an NPC that allows you to build a custom pokemon (non-shiny, non-legenda
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