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  1. For others that are not smart like me, Quick Powder boosts the Speed stat of a Ditto that holds it. As for the hunting tools, I think PRO has already stated they are against tools like this. I don't have the time at the moment to get references, so perhaps I am mistaken. Regardless, they would definitely be nice QoL (quality of life) tools like other tools in PRO.
  2. I think this would be really fun, but as many have already pointed out, the struggles and consequences outweigh the benefits. In addition to everything above, adding voice capabilities would most likely be very stressful for the servers of PRO, which already tend to struggle. Though I would love sitting in Saffron Train Station welcoming everyone to Kanto for the lulz and reactions. But imagine walking into Vermillion PC. >_<
  3. Just another amazing point from others that I did not think of in the OP; this will decrease queue times for all players and decrease the amount of repeated opponents. I'd like to explain this topic again for others that may still be struggling to understand why this would decrease queue times and decrease the repeat opponents. Imagine a scenario where members from two different guilds (B and R) are all queuing. Three members from B want to queue (B1, B2, and B3) while two members from R want to queue (R1 and R2). B and R both enforce the q/g system. In this scenario, B1 and R1 wil
  4. It would be nice to have the option for guild leaders to toggle an option that prevents guild members from finding other guild members in ranked pvp. It is common practice for many pvp-focused guilds to self-enforce a "queue/game (q/g)" system. For those unfamiliar with the system, it is quite simple. You type "q" in guild chat while you queuing for a ranked pvp match. This tells other members in your guild not to queue so you guys don't have to face each other. You then type "g" in guild chat to tell other members you've found a game and they are free to queue themselves. Why
  5. @[email protected] imagine this cannot be done by a content scripter and falls under Developer. This is on a "high priority" of the DEV to-do-list. Is this still being discussed / planned? If so, how difficult would the suggestion made in OP be to implement?
  6. Unfortunately I hear a lot of people complaining about PRO's development priorities, "Why are they adding cosmetics when x and y move aren't even working properly!?" or slightly more reasonable, "Why are they coding a and b when x and y aren't even working properly?!" And I am not excluding myself, I have made my fair share of complaining about decision making and how things are handled. But one thing PRO is really good at is constantly improving. You can argue its slow and buggy, but you cannot deny something is always being fixed, developed, added, or being built apon! It's what I love about
  7. If I could hand-pick the PvP Council, I would select a diverse set of members throughout the community. Im not talking about race, social background, etc. Like, people who are very social and parts of different "cliques" of the community. Ideally, each member would always be talking to their friends and community before making concrete decisions, ensuring that most of the veteran pvpers within PRO have their voices heard. Kind of like an unofficial Republic. Without a specific governance or focus on pvp, the proper "polls" or "votes" for the community to have input will never happe
  8. Before you read my response, I must disclose that I do have a staff reward pokemon. Staff are volunteers, therefore they are helping PRO during their own time. Much of this time would have been spent playing PRO regardless. During my time as staff, requirements to earn a custom pokemon was varied. In most cases, it took six months to earn a custom staff pokemon. Consider a staff member spent 1 hour a day volunteering, after six months that is 180 hours of doing staff duties. 180 hours spent in PRO could easily obtain a near-perfect pokemon of similar PvP value. If not by farming, t
  9. This is a valid critique. Council members must be respected by the community in order for it to work. Smogon does this as well. Council member's descriptions should also include links to their accomplishments, otherwise their descriptions are simply "trust me, these guys good haha!" And @Bashis correct about current council members accomplishments. It is easy for him and me to respect them because we have been around long enough to know who they are and their accomplishments. Which is why we need an official post to help people like you know them better. Quote by @Squad above. (
  10. I have been extremely vocal about the failure of the implementation and treatment of the "Official" PvP Council for PRO. First, we must understand what PRO created the PvP Council for. Its purpose, as defined by PRO is: Source: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/159114-introducing-the-pvp-council/ Speaking of that post, please review my initial view on this announcement: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/159114-introducing-the-pvp-council/?do=findComment&comment=904730 The PvP Council discord started off really well. Council members were
  11. I'll comment on the part two, Salamencite Quest. Enjoyment Overall, I enjoyed it! The maps were not excessively long or windy, so the amount of "non-action" was limited. Recent past events involved overly complex or gigantic maps that required unnecessary travel times that made quests feel like a chore more than an event. Quest Difficulty Good balance! I am really enjoying the new approach of "same concept, but slight different for everyone." Figuring out how to get the Nidoqueen to follow you was not intuitive, but it was simple to do once you figur
  12. Very cool idea! I am curious to know if the ball's cosmetics are linked to a constant image, so if you were to ever change the image it would update even for pokemon caught. If so, you could reward first place in guild ladder to have their logo on a "Guild Champion Ball" that's image is updated every month.
  13. Pretty sure public api and information is low on their priority list. If not, that is what I understood the last time I asked about it. I also realized my "PRO Information" tab was hidden to public on my site! Should be available now. I love that you've added a repel check.
  14. App link and a few other things updated.
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