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  1. Poor excuse. You knew exactly what comes along with being a Mod / GM / Spawn Editor. Every single member of staff can tell you at least one story of a player harassing them because they couldn't get their way. Every person that has every held a job, specifically retail, can tell you at least one story of a customer or coworker acting irrationally. That's life. That is why I believe you are not fit to be a proper staff member. You do not handle hate or criticism well. You set a poor example of PRO to the community. In fact, you actually sound like Belzebel right now! You essentially justified your "attitude" because of all the "haters" you have. Imagine that.
  2. I appreciate you taking the time to reply, there are hundreds of comments in this thread. Scripter Situation -- I like your answer. Its difficult for me to judge because to me it just passed on, therefore my knowledge is third-fourth handed. Though if there are upset content scripters, it tells me how they were rejected was not to their liking. Perhaps you could review how you reject ideas based on who you are rejecting. Extremely situational and I actually predict its impossible to avoid making a rejection comfortable for anyone with extreme passion towards a specific project. PvP Council Situation -- I created a thread expressing my opinion on the handling of the PvP Council and how you specifically ruined it.. If you truly want to understand why people felt confused and disrespected I highly recommend you visit and read it. Opinion on Constructive Criticism -- English not being the first language goes both ways. As someone that only speaks and reads English, I cannot give direct experience on this matter. However, there have been many times I have been misunderstood by staff members because they could not accurately understand my text because English was not their first language. I know staff does allow players to speak their native language if there is a staff member available that can translate, though this is not well educated because its plastered everywhere that PRO is English first and English only. There should be multi-language support in Discord. You should visit a few other gaming community Discord and see how they have theirs setup. To put it bluntly, they are simply better than PRO when it comes to supporting their entire player base through their Discord. About PreHax -- I voiced my opinion and as a great example of a GM PRO Staff, he voiced his. Many, many, many, many, times for all to learn from. I didn't even have to go too far into the past either. But hey, maybe it is a language barrier? Maybe for PreHax threatening to ban you for critiquing his work in the "wrong way" is just his understanding of English. Or maybe calling people stupid or an idiot when they disagree or provide unconstructive feedback is just how staff operates since he hasn't edited or apologized for his statements. I can't really be sure. As long as he is a member of staff, I have no choice but to associate his opinions and actions as an example of all staff members.
  3. This post really only highlights some more issues. It is very common knowledge that you run staff with complete dictatorship, therefore you have the absolute power to improve the player-staff relationship from the top-down. Since you mentioned Prehax, I have to imagine that a big reason as to why this thread is necessary is because of a post he made literally five days ago that essentially started off by telling everyone to f--- off. Not literally, but that is how it came off. If you have been reading other's comments, I am not alone in that opinion. I am not sure if "five days" is far enough back to look past. I am extremely disturbed with how you and other members of staff treat insults and non-constructive criticism. Firstly, English is not everyone's first language. Secondly, when someone is upset, being reasonable or responding constructively is difficult. You must take this into consideration when you read someone's complaint. Take a moment and try to view it through their eyes and formulate their frustration. Your quote and Prehax's language from the post linked above gives me the impression that staff immediately dismisses complaints if they are insulting or rude. I believe you will struggle to grow or improve if you constantly dismiss complaints from players too frustrated (or not well-spoken enough) to formulate constructive criticism. When you say that you spend weeks of 12 hour days on things we do not see, this is concerning. When I was a member of staff, team leads were afraid or unwilling to approve ideas or suggestions because they would also need to be approved by you first. I hear stories of content scripters having passion to code new things, only to be dismissed by you. You need to learn how to distribute work and responsibility. You also need to learn how to trust others. The PvP Council is a great example of you failing to trusting your team. Hopefully you've learned from that experience. And hopefully you learn from this thread as well.
  4. Wow, 10 pages already. I apologize, I simply do not have the time to read everything so if I repeat something others have already said, then at least its known they are not alone in their thoughts or opinions. The time it takes for players to get an appeal started / replied to is too long. Staff need to be held to a higher standard and trained how to communicate with the community. And for f***'s sake, get some consistency in your rules across platforms. I specifically avoided using names or references because these are general issues that have plagued player-staff relations for a very long time. I would be shocked if Admins were not aware of these issues and do not have any sort of references or knowledge about them. That would be truly a disappointment, because as far as I know, Admins are ultimately responsible for fixing them. Its sad to see an entire thread needing to be created in a manner like this, but when you allow staff to treat the community so poorly, you should not be caught off guard by the magnitude of complaints being made.
  5. Thank you for the heads up! I updated the discord links.
  6. Would be nice to get a response to this, even if the answer is "not possible." Though if that is the answer, it would be nice to hear alternative solutions to the suggestion.
  7. For others that are not smart like me, Quick Powder boosts the Speed stat of a Ditto that holds it. As for the hunting tools, I think PRO has already stated they are against tools like this. I don't have the time at the moment to get references, so perhaps I am mistaken. Regardless, they would definitely be nice QoL (quality of life) tools like other tools in PRO.
  8. I think this would be really fun, but as many have already pointed out, the struggles and consequences outweigh the benefits. In addition to everything above, adding voice capabilities would most likely be very stressful for the servers of PRO, which already tend to struggle. Though I would love sitting in Saffron Train Station welcoming everyone to Kanto for the lulz and reactions. But imagine walking into Vermillion PC. >_<
  9. Just another amazing point from others that I did not think of in the OP; this will decrease queue times for all players and decrease the amount of repeated opponents. I'd like to explain this topic again for others that may still be struggling to understand why this would decrease queue times and decrease the repeat opponents. Imagine a scenario where members from two different guilds (B and R) are all queuing. Three members from B want to queue (B1, B2, and B3) while two members from R want to queue (R1 and R2). B and R both enforce the q/g system. In this scenario, B1 and R1 will both queue each other while B2, B3, and R2 wait for B1 and R1 to match. Then B2 and R2 will queue while B3 waits for B2 to match. Then B3 will queue to find a match. In every case, there is only two players in queue at a time. Now imagine the scenario above, except the request this thread is asking for is implemented. B1, B2, B3, R1, and R2 all queue at the same time. Only one may have to theoretically wait a bit longer for someone from outside the scenario to queue. However, B2, B3, and R2 have had their queue time dramatically decreased because they no longer have to wait on B1 or R1 to find a match. And the overall queue for players outside this scenario has improved because the amount of players added to this queue from this scenario increased from 2 to 5. For coding nerds, if you tackle this scenario like you would with coding, you would always choose the latter because it is simply more efficient. The amount of players added to queue at a given time only increases with the amount of members above one per guild that are attempting to queue at any given time. At no point would implementing this feature decrease the amount of players in queue. I imagine this type of functionality can only be added to PRO through a Developer, so I hope @Eatyor @Shaolancan take a moment to give their thoughts on the idea. As well as perhaps give an idea of where their would call on their personal priority list and update DEV to-do-list if its acceptable. I personally think the health of PvP is a huge factor for many of the active and vocal veteran community. And this change would be a direct and immediate impact and every PvP focused guild.
  10. It would be nice to have the option for guild leaders to toggle an option that prevents guild members from finding other guild members in ranked pvp. It is common practice for many pvp-focused guilds to self-enforce a "queue/game (q/g)" system. For those unfamiliar with the system, it is quite simple. You type "q" in guild chat while you queuing for a ranked pvp match. This tells other members in your guild not to queue so you guys don't have to face each other. You then type "g" in guild chat to tell other members you've found a game and they are free to queue themselves. Why should PRO implement a guild functionality like this? Why do guilds even self-enforce this system anyway? A strong argument against the q/g system is playing friends can allow the opportunity for fun banter and opportunities to discuss mistakes and praise each other for good plays. However, this is a fantasy. Pvp is a competitive activity and it will cause people to lose control of their temper and create uncomfortable situations for everyone involved. There is no down-side to implementing this option for guilds. It would benefit all guilds who already self-enforce this system if PRO implemented a system that guild leaders can toggle to prevent members from playing each other in ranked pvp.
  11. @[email protected] imagine this cannot be done by a content scripter and falls under Developer. This is on a "high priority" of the DEV to-do-list. Is this still being discussed / planned? If so, how difficult would the suggestion made in OP be to implement?
  12. Unfortunately I hear a lot of people complaining about PRO's development priorities, "Why are they adding cosmetics when x and y move aren't even working properly!?" or slightly more reasonable, "Why are they coding a and b when x and y aren't even working properly?!" And I am not excluding myself, I have made my fair share of complaining about decision making and how things are handled. But one thing PRO is really good at is constantly improving. You can argue its slow and buggy, but you cannot deny something is always being fixed, developed, added, or being built apon! It's what I love about PRO and why I ultimately continue to support the community after long thoughts of "maybe I should quit." So I wondered, What can PRO do to communicate with it's community about what is being worked on and why is being planned in the future? As it turns out, PRO actually already does a lot to communicate with it's community about what is being worked on and what is being planned in the future. So what are some things PRO can do to help communicate with it's community about future updates? If you're too lazy to do all that, at least just update the DEV to-do-list so I have something to link to people to prove you guys aren't deaf and disconnected. Or maybe you are and I am hopeful and ignorant.
  13. If I could hand-pick the PvP Council, I would select a diverse set of members throughout the community. Im not talking about race, social background, etc. Like, people who are very social and parts of different "cliques" of the community. Ideally, each member would always be talking to their friends and community before making concrete decisions, ensuring that most of the veteran pvpers within PRO have their voices heard. Kind of like an unofficial Republic. Without a specific governance or focus on pvp, the proper "polls" or "votes" for the community to have input will never happen. Who decides what polls or votes are run? Additionally, the "BKC" or "Jamvad"s of PRO will have their voices drowned out by the hundreds trying to get the attention of the pollster's ear. What will happen in reality is the pollster will just read the posts of people *they* individually trust and ignore the others because they simply do not have the time to read an asses hundreds of comments. And we will be back to where we were, people complaining that the community is getting no voice. There simply is no "ideal" scenario. Every idea must compromise with reality and work with the best available option.
  14. Before you read my response, I must disclose that I do have a staff reward pokemon. Staff are volunteers, therefore they are helping PRO during their own time. Much of this time would have been spent playing PRO regardless. During my time as staff, requirements to earn a custom pokemon was varied. In most cases, it took six months to earn a custom staff pokemon. Consider a staff member spent 1 hour a day volunteering, after six months that is 180 hours of doing staff duties. 180 hours spent in PRO could easily obtain a near-perfect pokemon of similar PvP value. If not by farming, then by gather pokedollars through another means. And sure, most staff make their custom pokemon shiny adding value to it. However, custom staff pokemon cannot be traded, therefore it holds no value outside of PvP. That said, strong pokemon will always give an advantage in PvP and near-perfect custom staff pokemon is truly the ultimate representation of that. Currently, one is only allowed to use up to two custom staff pokemon in Ranked PvP. I think there is an argument to reduce that rule down to only one pokemon, but I do not feel strongly about it to lead that discussion.
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