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  1. Hello, if there is a staff that reviews this topic, I want you to give us another opportunity to obtain the wings of moltres please, since it is one of the wings that I need to get and I like it a lot ... if one day I leave the game , I will leave satisfied to know that I finally got it, thank you for your attention.
  2. They call me the pink boy haha xd, hello, I thought the event was very good, about the opportunities of forms I felt them in the same way as before, I have spent hours in pink for a long time so it must be for that reason that I do not feel almost change. What really felt very different is how quickly the shellder and ralts appeared. if there is a misunderstanding, I apologize for my English.
  3. Hello, very good, I have no idea if it is possible but I would like a way to obtain achievements in the game was implemented, that is, in the pokedex I have a total of 370 evolved pokémon, 755 seen and 737 captured. The point is that I would like that effort to be rewarded with achievements, example: if you have more than 350 evolutions, they will give you an achievement called "Master of Evolutions", or if you have more than 700 Pokémon seen, the achievement is called " Pokémon Researcher "and so on. There can also be very complicated achievements, such as defeating 20 bosses without losing and having the achievement called "Boss Master" or for those who like pvp with a rating higher than 300, an achievement called "PVP Master". These achievements could be shown on the coach's card and if there is not much space, a button that allows you to see the achievements obtained from the player in another window. This would help the game have more variety and thus retain the player for longer. There are very old players that the only thing left is to do pvp and others leave because there is nothing else to do. To make things more interesting is that the player can choose the achievement that they like the most or that represents him the most and that that achievement is reflected in the main window of the player's card, at the end I show an image more or less as it would look . Something similar is implemented in the game, such as the rank of doctor or excavation. That's it and thank you very much for your attention.
  4. BUY Flower Anemone - (Bought) Flower Orchid - (Bought) Ghost Outfit 2 - (Bought) Ghost Outfit 3 - 60k Ghost Outfit 4 - 60k Ghost Outfit 5 - (Bought) Ghost Outfit 8 - (Bought) Ghost Outfit 11 - (Bought) Ghost Outfit 12 - 60k Ghost Outfit 13 - (Bought) Ghost Outfit 14 - (Bought) Ghost Outfit 15 - 60k Ghost Outfit 16 - (Bought) Pacifier Pink - (Bought) Bamboo - 70k Bun - (Bought) Bubblegum Pink - (Bought) Burger - (Bought) Candy Apple - 60k Doughnut - 60k Dumpling - 60k Hotdog - (Bought) Lollipop Tangerine - (Bought) Lollipop Rainbow - 60k Riceball - (Bought) Rollcake - (Bought) Sushi - 60K
  5. Hello For the face: - The mark of laxus's face from the anime Fairy Tail - Sasuke Uchiha's Curse Mark - Demon or unicorn horns - And many more anime character brands Accessories: - Lunala's Wings - Ultra Necrozma's Wings - Rainbow wings - The swords of chaos or the ax of kratos - or a type of accessory that comes out flames or spark on the back Mounts: - Dialga - Palkia - And to make you agree, that of Mega Salamence And as a suggestion, try that some of the new things that you are going to put, not only for the pvp store, but also for the pve store, that there is more variety, since the pve store is a bit forgotten regarding new things. Thanks for your attention.
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