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  1. Welcome to PRO ! Hope you'll enjoy playing :Smile:
  2. As I know Slakoth can be found in Petalburg Woods. But whenever I search into that place, there is none. Some ppl tell me that Slakoth is in the big tree so I have to use Headbutt move but I cant find that big tree lol. Or am I really wrong that actually there is Slakoth in there ?
  3. Hello JhonnyBn ! Welcome to PRO ! Keep it up and be the best :Crazy:
  4. I wanna join @lewisaid ! 1. Your in-game nickname, how old you are & where you come from? My IGN is DanKyoshi, age 19 and I come from Malaysia. 2. How many in-game hours? more than 100 hours. 3. Regions Completed? Kanto and Johto. 4. What is your goal in-game? (farming, hunting, PvP) To battle PvP with other ppl and collecting all Pokemon ! :Crazy: 5. Why do you think Vesteria is a good fit for you? I see this guild looks awesome and Im sure the members are active and friendly. 6. Whats the one pokemon you want to have on your team & why? Charizard !! bcoz it
  5. I've completed Kanto and Johto region and now Im at Hoenn. :Shy:
  6. Heyya ! Im looking for a guild that is active and friendly. Im very active trainer coz Pokemon is my favourite so I cant stop playing lol.. I love to have a chat with everyone and make some friends. Hope you'll accept me in any guild. :Grin: :Grin:
  7. Is there any place left ? Coz I would like to join your guild (Obviously I'm late lol).. My ign is DanKyoshi
  8. Hi there. I'm going to assume that you've just gotten the badge from the Rustboro Gym. If so, you don't actually go through Rusturf Tunnel to progress through the story. Here's what you'll need to do instead: 1. Battle the Magma/Aqua grunts at the tunnel. 2. Return back to Rustboro City and speak to the scientist NPC standing in front of the gym. 3. Go into Devon Corporation, the big building near the gym, and speak to Mr. Stone on the third floor. He should give you a letter to deliver to his son, Steven. 4. Head down to Route 104 and take the boat to Dewford Town. Hopefully that cle
  9. Hey, Im now stuck at Rustboro coz I cant get in the cave there.. In order to pass through I have to use Rock Smash.. The problem is I dont have Rock Smash and Im going nowhere.. YES I know the rock smash is at Mauville City, I've already read infos bout TMs but Im really really stuck here.. Someone help ?
  10. Attack on Titan is my top 3 list lol.. I've watched the series and the movies are great.. Why season 2 takes too longgg ! (T,T)
  11. Just buy the mount with coin.. It's cheap tho just for 5 dollars.. (If you dont wanna lose your poke money)
  12. It's just same like you did in Kanto but this time you already have the HMs..
  13. Hi there, I will recommend you try again (restart client and open again) until you can get queue in game. Which message you got indeed when log in? Yeahh just now I got this message too.. last 4 hours it shows the same message.. but I'll just waiting for another 5 minutes and try again and so on but didnt works.. until now I still cannot log in..
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