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  1. hi it's me in there started the espeon thx
  2. updated Pokes sold volcarona, slowbro, tenta all 250k/ea sale still ongoing any poke > 250k = 250k (applied to trained pokes section)
  3. Hello, I will not be able to play today until late at night The last comment in here with the highest price Today before 9:56pm GMT is the winner Thanks and GL
  4. Hello, sorry had a busy day. started with first post Posted yesterday at 09:56 PM (my time GMT) will end tomorrow 9/11 - 9:56PM currently 2.3m
  5. Pokes sold, Conk, goodra and more Pokes added Pvpable for auction
  6. S.O 1.5M 48h auction after first bid Accept CC at 400k/ea GL
  7. sure pm me ig please or discord
  8. Togekiss, salamence, klefki and more sold Pokes added Prices updated - SALE
  9. Need 7 steel gems please ig id : Hollowd pay well please
  10. Garchomp sold. update to shop
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