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  1. This kind of bug also happened to me too. So I've evolved my Xmas Mudkip fully into Xmas Swampert. After that, my Xmas Swampert devolved into Mudkip again when I logged in later. you can see the moveset is only for after evolving, also I bought some mysterious candies from PVE master to evolve it back into Swampert.
  2. WTB Flareon 80k- Chandelure 150k my ING: InuStur
  3. i think i win politoed. also my IGN: InuStur
  4. start Manetric and Politoed
  5. wtb mantine 250k Inustur#8078
  6. Sr for late replying but no thx
  7. Hi i just wanna sell this 200k for both/ trade for 40 fire gems or shiny surf mount and
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