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  1. i pick [glow=red]2[/glow] .. [glow=red]2[/glow] is my lucky number so far :Proud:
  2. Just want to let you guys see my recent work of this Top 3 [glow=#800000]Red[/glow] Server Guild Logo
  3. My name is Kyuuta. I have no friend , :etc: no fam , nobody. :Ambivalent: BTW another comeback BOYSS with some new styleof signature
  4. Original made by [mention]Kyuuta011[/mention] :Angel: <i></i>
  5. Re: Chronos ( Top 1 PvP guild in Red Server, Expanding Chronos 2) <r>Welcome to all new members <E>:Smile:</E></r>
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