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  1. Well i think, more than pokemons to change the meta we need choice items, and maybe if i have to say a pokemon that would be nice in pvp is Rotom forms. About the 2nd point, pre-evo moves, im not agree with that. For few things like, it doesnt follow how pokemon games works, it will cut the hunting/grinding and will slow the market flow (which is important in an mmo which population dropped a little) since sometimes to make 2 different movesets u need 2 different pokemons, with this tutor, u can only have 1 pokemon and switch anything to make it work in any situation , and where are we going next to feel more confortable ? we gonna ask for a nature change tutor?. We have to adapt what we have and if it doesnt we have to hunt or grind to get something to fit, dont need an easy way to do things. Remember this is an MMO, grind should be something always present
  2. Im with exams right now, but when i finish ill check if google sheet or another one support macros, but probably wont. Maybe u have an old excel or something.
  3. [glow=red]U-turn, and maybe volt switch (didnt test it but is the same concept) are working wrong.[/glow] How works in PRO: U choose the move U choose what to switch in Turn starts How should work: U choose the move Turn starts When u hit, u choose what to switch in This error in the move, remove the concept of a role in pvp, the role "pivot". When u use u-turn and your opponent switch out, u should be able to see what pokemon they send in, then u hit the u-turn and select what to send, with the move making u choose what to send b4 the turn start the posibility dissapear. This role is one of the most important thing in pokemon pvps, u can see it in every competitive battle in official tournies it probably should be moved to report error section, but since i saw it here that was working i posted it here.
  4. Not only the evolution, when i reached the level when u can learn lightscreen, it started to ask me if i want to learn it each time i faint a pokemon. Ignore the background sound was watching masterchef Argentina:
  5. Bulbapedia: "It evolves from Chansey when leveled up with high friendship" It is asking me if i want to evo every pokemon i faint when i reached the friendship, instead every time i level up
  6. Re: Ingame BOSS [updated Boss Cooldown Checker 13/11/16] <r>made this if anyone wants to track cooldowns<br/> <br/> <URL url="https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=120&t=58752&p=337156#p337156"><s>http://</s><LINK_TEXT text="https://pokemonrevolution.net/Fo ... 56#p337156">https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=120&t=58752&p=337156#p337156</LINK_TEXT><e></e></URL></r>
  7. Hey guys :) wanted to share with u my creation, I hope it works for u,as it worked for me This is an Excel file, where u press the name of the boss, trees, excavations or dig that u already finished to challenge and it will do 2 things: [glow=red]-Will tell u the date when u will be able to face the boss -Will make a countdown with the time remaining[/glow] New versions will release if changes are made or new things are added :) https://mega.nz/#!iEVyzI4S!pTHG2p4JXK9SUcTCoH39uATAKMWaLMFmxZpttkecmls (not sure if this is the place for it, tell me if needs to be moved)
  8. Re: [Epic]Amoonguss Bold Regen <r><QUOTE author="youraxx27"><s> </e></QUOTE> Any news in this? since its been a time already</r>
  9. Re: [Epic]Amoonguss Bold Regen <r><QUOTE author="Thunderfus"><s> </e></QUOTE> <GLOW glow="red"><s>[glow=red]</s>By ms 200k she/he means that if u use it as an offer that will be the value, Isnt selling it to that price<e>[/glow]</e></GLOW></r>
  10. Re: [Epic]Amoonguss Bold Regen <r>1m <E>:y:</E> <E>:y:</E></r>
  11. Re: [Epic]Amoonguss Bold Regen <t>800k.</t>
  12. Re: amazing bold regenerator slowpoke <r><QUOTE author="SkiLLCapped"><s> </e></QUOTE> "48h auction for this competitive pvp slowpoke."<br/> I guess u need new glasses xD</r>
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