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  1. so: 6m by ThomasBR min bid: 250k time: 72h since 1st offer accepting rerolls as 700k
  2. Total ranked/random battles W/L + total WR% Cumulative rating earned and taken from opponents Number of pokes leveled to 100 or Rare Candies used NPC Money earned/spend (from bosses/item buyers, etc and spend in poke marts, tickets, transport, etc).
  3. Name: blessing aura Description: if using a legendary mount and having the same one in your party you will have an extremely small chance to meet the legendary as a wild encounter. If mount is shiny, the appearing pokémon would be shiny too. Single time use for each mount. (allows to collect extra regular and shiny form). How to obtain: just collect a pvp mount + keep the right pokémon in party.
  4. Name: xd-haxprotector999 Description: Once activated (ie for a 24h) all your moves becomes 100% acc in PvE battles, you never get flinched (except 100% chance moves like fake out) , paralyzed, burn, and never gain a critical hit. How to obtain: rare boss reward
  5. Name: forms anihilizer Description: Once activated in settings, all pokemons with special skins/forms are seen as usuals by the player. How to obtain: unlock by deleting 10 OT special/event form pokemons.
  6. First of all I was very sceptic to the Dungeon idea, making a forced multiplayer mode, but it turns into a really nice team work and fun we (could*) have around it! *yes... we could. Sadly the RNG based rewards, annoying need for a repeatability and kind of pointless grinding X-mass coins killed it after very few attempts taken. I can understand that designing such a complex quest is timetaking for staff, and you would like to be rewarded with high playtime we spend on *enjoying* it. Sadly, how it looks you must be more likely satisfied by watching how hardly players can humiliate themselves by trying hard to complete the new content rather then enjoy the storyline. How could to improve quests IMO: 1. Announce a clear rewardpool/rules/mechanic of scoring at the very beginning of new additions. 2. Minimize RNG factor. Seriously. Hax are the part of the game. The annoying one. Make rather the encounters harder to beat than randomize the rewards for completing (Thomas, the stone, ...) 3. Prepare some better rewards for such things as X-mass coins, or set up a converter to PvE coins. Grinding on multiple dungeons runs while completing the stone and Thomas earlier, would at least benefit at some extra coins to spend for Masterball, Rerolls, mounts, train ticket, etc. Valuable (even untradeable) items. 4. Once making a random party, an automatically created in game chat-tab would be a necessary addition. 5. Newley rereleased legendries should appear in battle in event form, but be catchable in regular form. For collectors, getting the extra from should be a part of some extra actions taken, not the opposite.
  7. 8 months after suggesting, but... Finally added!! amazing job guys
  8. It;s not able to neither get back last pokemon send to PC or get back full team. I've send away absol, maybe this bugs it?
  9. Discussed item: protean greninja Course of action: discuss/vote Justification: first of all, our society wasted tons of time and bms for hunting a perfect ninjas, it's not fair to simply ban it. We should take an actions to bring it back. Show some respect to anyone who seriously invested for it. 1. megas were implemented, which means greninja has more counters around now (alakazam, maneteric, lopunny, even priority scizor/medicham...). 2. If its not enough to give it a 2nd try lets try to list what kind of pokemons would be enough to be around (tapus, toxapex,...) to let it came back. We could even discuss a kind of complex temporaty bans for it (like baning the incredible spikes+protean) until those pokemons would be implemented to Pro (and push for it).
  10. I like the idea of UU instead of OU once per 3 or 4 months. Voted for 3, both options sounds fine! IMO LC (or Monotype, colortype, .... any other weird tiers) instead of any other isn't a good option. It could be either avaliable for a short term- like a weekly cup inside the main line (OU/UU) with it's own ladder and somehow unique rewards (maybe LC-based clothes/mounts + PvP coins for top25 - maybe 1/6 of main ladder?). 2nd fine option would be to keep it running all the time, or just in some months next to main OU/UU line, with similar working ladder. Don't force to play only LC for a full month. I'm afraid more ppl would resign, since not many going to train proper mons for it. Speaking more about LC, another intresting option would be to let you use our trained 100s for it, with a temporary lvl-down and evolution-down option. Need to think about solving movesets problem, but if you like the idea we would definitly figure something out.
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