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  1. Seriously, why its still not implemented..? At least add them as the 200 rating monthly reward option.
  2. Seriously, 4 pages of positive opinions, and you simply denies such an great idea to improve playabilities? I don't really think you need to keep mainline of HH game in this type of mechanics. Make a step ahead and be better in some areas.
  3. Why such a simple thing is still ignored by all staff around?
  4. Cmon, add mental herbs here... Its ridiculous how hard and limited they are to get according to the other two.
  5. glad im nub fighting just for fun, otherwise... kek. anyway its a time for next hotfix
  6. I hope you remember about Mental Herbs addition while making such great reworks of all PvP/E/Coin stores. This is what the community needs.
  7. Doesn't it learn spikes? If so, it deserves ban!!!
  8. +1 but at first add mental herb to coin stores xd
  9. sold, 350k was offered after 48h auction time ends
  10. Each auction takes 48h after it's 1st offer. Each auction min bid = 50k 1. FERRO SOLD SO: 300k INSTA: 700k 2. NINETALES-ALOLA SO: 150k INSTA: 350k 3. DIGGERSBY SO: 200k INSTA; 500k 4. TYRANITAR SO: 400k BO:550K ENDS: 8:12 11TH ARP UTC+2 INSTA: 1m5 5. CRAWDAUNT SO: 100K INSTA: 250K 6. MACHAMP SO: 100K INSTA: 200K 7. KROOKODILE SO: 100K INSTA: 200K ----
  11. Quite a few +1s, so I hope there actually is some chance to see Mental Herbs around in PvE+PvP stores soon?
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