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  1. It was said form remover will be added at the summer event end. There is not, or we missed some announcement? Also, would be much better if you make for future legendary events, the two part quest. 1st easier part to get a legend in its regular form, and the 2nd, extended quest for it's extra sprite for collectors. Not opposite.... Make their form somehow exclusive.
  2. 22h left insta price lowered = 700k
  3. start: 400k min bid: 100k insta; 1m2 72h accept RR =750k
  4. My android device do not load maps anymore after last (2-3 updates). Game opens, I can type my ign/password and the loading screen shows up, but its endless at this point. Device: huawei p30 pro Soft: android 10 with emui 10.1 (not sure if it started directly after update from androin 9 to 10, I was barley using an android app). Anyone else have this or know the fix?
  5. How about a single quest for each, to get 2in1 megastone+megamount?
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