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  1. 1)christmas lucario bid start 8m insta 15m 2)haloween weavile bid start 3m insta 5m 3) halloween greninja bid start 8m insta 15m 4) togekiss easter bid start 2m insta 5m with first bid 2 days left thanks..
  2. start bid 8m insta 15m with 1st bid 2days left thanks
  3. sold andryans 3m bid finish thanks alot ANDRYANS my discord is dask4321#7991 pm me give poke ty
  4. hello guys today i wanna sell shiny chansey start bid 2m insta 5m thanks 1 day with first offer
  5. hello guys today i wanna sell good foongus h.a bold hp ice price start 1,5m insta price 6m b.o start with 1st offer and finish in 48 hours ( first offer) thanks
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