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  1. Desumi's post in Pokemon Encounter chance was marked as the answer   
    Hey @Matteo172542
    Having encountered the Pokemon before or having the seen or captured data for it, should not have anything with the encounter rates in the wild.
    Pokemons have a rarity tier ranging from 1-10, where 10 is a Pokemon not found in the wild.
    1 is the most common, and the highest tier found in the wild is 9.
    The spawn rates number for each tier are sadly not made public.
    However, if you are very unlucky, it could take an entire day just to find one tier 9 Pokemon.
    And reversing this, it could also just take a few minutes to find several ones, depending on your luck.
    There is also a much more efficient way to hunt a specific Pokemon, through the use of repel tricking.
    However, this is not impacting the spawn rates. And not every Pokemon has a repel trick location.
    TL;DR - No, Pokemon does not have better spawning rates if you've previously caught or seen it in the wild.
    It all relies on different spawn rates, with different tiers, ranging from 1-9 for wild pokemon, where 10 is not catchable in the wild.
    Hope this helps resolving your question.
  2. Desumi's post in Dig was marked as the answer   
    Hey @Limit
    This is not a bug and is completely normal.
    Dig Spots, Excavation sites and Headbutt trees have all been temporary disabled by the developers, in order to reduce the occurring server crashes.
    To stay up to date, please join their Discord Server.
    Any new updates regarding this will be posted in #Announcements channel
    Hope this solved your problems.
  3. Desumi's post in Can't teach Pikachu Surf was marked as the answer   
    Hey there @Nilante
    Surf can be taught via a Move Tutor called Victor in Route 19 for the price of 8,000.
    However, he will only teach it to the Pikachu if you are the OT (Original Trainer) of that Pokemon.
    I believe they removed the requirement that it required you to choose it as your starter.
    You can read more about the move tutor on the wiki here.
    Read more about Victor in Route 19 here.
    Reason it might have failed:
    If you tried to teach it using the HM03 Surf found in the bag, then that might be the reason it failed, as teaching Pikachu is exclusive to Victor in Route 19.
    In other words, it can only be learned by paying a Move Tutor for teaching a Pokemon a specific move.
    If you still cannot teach it Surf from Victor, please let us know below.
    So that a staff can forward this bug to the right people.
    Hope this solved your problem.
    If not, let's hope it will be resolved in the near future.
  4. Desumi's post in Applying "Modern" skin on a PRO wiki user account, bugs out the user completely. [Refuses connection to all pages on PRO wiki while logged in] was marked as the answer   
    I used the last 7 hours reading through every single documentation, post, support tickets, provided by mediawiki.org on potensially overiding the skin manually.
    And, after 7 hours I finally found myself the solution...
    In short, they allowed for a parameter called "useskin" to be applied to the url, changing the user's wiki page style manually.
    By simply calling the parameter "useskin=vector", it would load any page fine again, and I was able to manually set the wiki skin to Vector because that is the default and working skin.
    I suggest that someone in charge and who have access to edit the skins file, disables "Modern" skin, which is the original skin from 2008.
    As the current code basically breakes the account or any page when loaded in with that skin.
    For someone with such access, please take a look at this section here, for a documentation on how to do so.
    I'll just mark this as a solution.
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