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  1. Its a known bug, have already been submitted as a bug here and here. But doesn't look like any staff wanna focus on fixing the forums sadly, so probably why nothing have changed since it was broken awhile back in 2021.
  2. Hmm I see. Perhaps @Shinohara can elaborate a bit more on this as they are more familiar with the innerworkings of the forums.
  3. Both on PC and on my phone it says at 09:41 AM, which is the correct timestamp following my set local time being GMT+2. I'll send a quick SS to confirm this. I am just speculating with this, but it could be that the forums can't properly convert it to your local time in IST, and perhaps is just showing GMT+0 as a default value, not that I can confirm or prove this fact.
  4. If it helps, I know that PRO tends to follow GMT+0 timezone for any events or schedueled maintenance/backups for any in-game activity, don't know if this relates to how they do on the forums. But, as I am based in GMT+2 (summertime) and the forum dates are actually displayed and also converted into the correct timestamp, I find it hard to believe that its not based on the local system format on the device used while viewing the forums.
  5. Pretty sure the forums follow the MM/DD/YY as showcased in the image above while hovering over a timestamp. As for the time/timezone? It should follow whatever is local time set on your PC/Device as far as the Invision Community forum platform handles dates/timestamps, unless PRO has customized it differently which I don't think they have? And you can't change it, as its not a profile setting, not that I can find.
  6. You can also try to connect the manual way, by opening the command console (press F2 on keyboard) at the login screen and enter the following: connect 800 for Silver OR connect 801 for the Gold server, whichever you want to connect to.
  7. This post will sort your problems: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/170765-region-locked-pokemon-megathread/
  8. Would need full/partial access to their API to implement those features. Which was suppose to be reworked a long time ago, but Cames met some problems while reworking it and focused on other projects, which is unfortunate, but it is what it is. So for now, the only viable option would be Reborn who has privileged/full API access. And I've asked, but I guess the bot would need to rival Reborn in terms of popularity and daily/monthly/yearly usage first. Before I can expect things like that. And the fact that I actually need to release it to the public, as its still in its testing phase, despite actually being ready for a full release. Cheers for the compliment, you pretty much listed almost about anything it does. But, it also features fully covered bosses (and a random boss command to select from 1 or more regions) Digspots, Donate, Check (check if username is taken or not), Evspot, Excavation, Headbutt, Hiddenpower calculation, Item, Learnset, Mostused (most used list for PvP), Msspawn and Typeffectiveness. With /Info soon being a thing, where it has extended info about every single HM/TM, Move, Ability or Item on PRO. To sum it up, this bot is pretty much pro-inspired/pro-oriented and everything is tailored to fit PRO to its tiniest detail along with being more creative and have more content available, to the current extend of information available on PRO.
  9. But the system is in place to discourage people from doing it and the fact that you are here right now, shows that it is indeed working to some degree.
  10. If its for story, you shouldn't really think much about its EV stats and could just go for Atk and whatever other stats you would like to persue. But if you're trying to use it in PvP, I would probably go for a Jolly, Timid or Modest nature and get some better IVs first. However, if you still want to EV train it, I would most likely focus on raising its ATK and SPD EV, despite SPD IV being below average. And have it preferably hold a Focus Sash or any other item of your choice. As its Lonely in Nature, its Defense is pretty much nonexistent, which means it is pretty much dead to any Physical attack, especially a x2. Which is why a Focus Sash is necessary to keep it alive, but its too bad it doesn't have its Hidden Ability "Unburden", which doubles the SPD when the item it holds is consumed/used, which would be ideal with a focus sash, pretty much outspeeding most mons. Here is the moveset I've used as a general reference above: I'm not a Pokemon expert, nevertheless any PvP expert, but this information is based off a moveset that looks promising for the Lonely Nature the Treecko has. But don't take my words for it, there are probably a lot of other good sets or ways to make the current Pokemon work in a battle/PvP scenario that I'm not aware of. Its also most likely that the Pokemon you have is not up to par with battling anything, which is why I can't claim myself knowledgeable enough to proclaim that EV training ATK and SPD will make your Pokemon any better. But this is what I would've done in your position. But as I said at the start, if its for story, you probably wouldn't need to focus on EV training it, but perhaps focus on getting ATK to 252 at least and run a moveset that only has physical attacks if you want to use it for story progression.
  11. When you EV train a Pokemon, you simply increases the Pokemon's base stats in a way on top of its original base stats. The maximum you can EV train in a single stat is 252, and a total of 510 across all stats. Holding a Macho Brace is prefered while defeating any wild Pokemon, it will half your Pokemon's speed by 50%, but you will gain double the EV points from defeating a Pokemon, this will not double the amount you get from using any Vitamin. You can reduce 10 EV points from a stat by using some dedicated berries, basically the opposite of what Vitamin does, read more about them here. Different ways to gain EV: Vitamins: Through the use of a Vitamin, it raises a stat by 10, up till max a 100 per stat. There are 6 different vitamins, each representing a single 10 boost for a specified stat (i.e Zinc for the Special Defense stat). These can be bought from various different locations, but you can always find them at all Department Stores for a price of 8,000 apiece. Defeating a Pokemon in battle (wild or trainer): By defeating a Pokemon it will either yield 1, 2 or 3 (or double if your pokemon hold the item Macho Brace) points for one or two different stats (i.e Attack, Speed, Special Defense, etc). Here is a full list of all the different EV stats defeating a Pokemon will yield and the amount. Different locations to train: Kanto Safari Effort Wald: You currently have the Kanto Safari Effort Wald, which costs $10,000 for a 20 minute session, but is considered the best place to farm EV points for a specific stat. This place has dedicated Pokemon spawn areas for each stat that will help you gain the maximum amount of EV points for a stat. If you want to maximize the amount of EV points, holding a Macho Brace is prefered. Dedicated EV spawn areas for every region: PRO have some areas that you can train specific ev stats in, depending on the time of the day. You can read more about them in this EV Zone Breakdown guide. Hopefully this covers about everything you wanted to know. Otherwise feel free to point out what you don't understand or want to know more about, and I or others will help you understand it.
  12. I agree that it doesn't make any sense for someone to fear an auction house. I was just simply trying to imagine what the potential biggest factor for a user who said no to an auction house would be, not implying it was, hencefourth why I started my sentece with "probably". Its almost seen anywhere in a MMO, so its true that its nothing new to learn or see in a MMO game. The location doesn't matter no, but the majority of users who use the forums on a daily basis is currently is using it for trade/auction. And since I don't see any ads, I don't think it creates any revenue. I learned recently that they will be making an auction house, just not what everyone was hoping for and in a much smaller scale as in an NPC found in-game. And this was talked about during a QnA awhile back, but I think its subject to change, depending on what the community wants. But for their skills, I can vouch that they probably know how to create it, but don't have the manpower to execute such a large project right now. But this is not something I have the information to backup my claims for, so don't take my word for it being 100% accurate. But right now their focus lies in the merge of Silver and Gold into one big server, so for the time being their focus lies elsewhere I suppose.
  13. The original GIF was much larger irrc, but the one currently displayed on my profile was downsized to 283x320 and 866 kb size
  14. For some reason it worked awhile back. And I've had several people ask me the same question. Simply put, I believe its a ongoing bug that is still to be fixed after PRO moved their domains. I've tried with several different sizes etc, but nothing works and it keeps printing errors for me to. Could be a forum role conflicting issue, but I don't know the extent of it. All I know is that Its been reported as a bug in the past, but I believe their focus lies elsewhere right now.
  15. Sadly the Pokemon is story locked, which means that staff cannot interfere directly (i.e let you use a region locked Pokemon for story by specifically unlocking it for you). The only exception for a staff to intervene with a region locked Pokemon is if you traded away a Pokemon to someone who had not yet completed the region of where the traded Pokemon was caught in (i.e if you traded them a Sinnoh caught Pokemon and they had only completed Johto E4) and you wanted it back, but this stuff is usually handled via the Region Locked Pokemon Megathread.
  16. I can agree that it looks odd, but I think its for the best, considering the storyline and all the objectives that PRO currently has. But, if you think it should be changed, I would advise you to either ask a staff to move this post to the suggestion section or make a new post there with why you believe it should be changed.
  17. Probably the biggest factor playing a part is fear for having to learn something. And by implemeting a Auction house, it would also remove a lot of the current activity that the forums recieves on a day-to-day basis. As most of the posts I see on the front page feed is trade-related.
  18. And I hate that fact. In the past I even discussed that statement and gave my idea to change it into like what other forums have done, where they had a "wait x number of posts before posting again" limit or just removed the post count from said forums altogether. But, they did not listen to it, so I cba to try again. But, I have never once thought or used it as a way to farm my forum rank. I have genuinly had fun there and I think of it as a chill place to escape from all the serious discussions or toxic energy I find elsewhere on the forums and it also served as a project to revive it from the verge of completely dying. And that is sadly because PRO has pushed the subforum down to the very bottom and even made it a sub of a subforum and it is sadly invisible for all the new players, unless someone comments on it and it is visible on the front page feed. And as of lately, I've seen more and more people who have started playing it again and even some new faces due to its visbility. Sadly, the playground subforum is not given enough love and visibility, thereafter I decided to dedicate a lot of my time trying to revive it. My main method was to advertise it once in awhile on the front page, often 3 or 4 games a time in feed, sometimes I even commented on 5 and filled the entire feed, this I will apologize for, as it looked more like I spammed, when in reality all I wanted was to revive it as it was on the verge of dying completely out with months between replies on some.
  19. You can try the manual way by opening the console (Press F2 on PC) in the login screen and enter connect 800 for Silver or connect 801 for Gold. Hope this helps.
  20. +1 Information is crosschecked using my Discord bot Bulba and PRO's Official Discord bot "Reborn", so they are all up-to-date... And surprisingly... in terms of land/surf spawns, it has only half of what Charmander has and 3 times less then Squirtle... Which is such a big difference and I agree that it does deserve some more spawns and that is not hidden behind a paid location. With Headbutt and Boss rewards, they all are about equally distributed. So to sum it up (Excluding Headbutt and Boss rewards): Bulbasaur have 2 spawns, Charmander 4 spawns and Squirtle 7 spawns. Do note that I don't know if any poke gets less or more love during an specific event with new event spawns taking affect every year, but right now Bulbasaur is in fact in dire need of more locations.
  21. To be blunt, a lot of other subforums should cease to exist before the Playgrounds with that sort of mindset. Do keep in mind that I don't disagree with it cluttering the feed. However, I strongly disagree that it doesn't do "nothing for anyone for anything". As forum games has been, currently is and will remain as one of the most popular subforums on any forum. It is a place for people that just want to hang out and play some forum games instead of engaging in serious discussions. Furthermore, the fact that PRO has hidden it so well, the only possible way for new players to find it, is through the front page feed. And if they remove it from the front page feed, the playgrounds section will die out eventually, which is a shame, because it is one of the most fun things to do on PRO's forums currently.
  22. Event pokemon with unique forms caught or total encountered would be a nice addition to track. Amount of pokemon healed from Daycare could be another one for those who do those.
  23. Congratz on collecting and ranking #1 on the Money leaderboard for Silver, and also good luck to all those who decide to participate in the HnS event.
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