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  1. +1 This suggestion should also extend to all the other in-game channels. All in all, PRO really needs to update their in-game chat, and if not update the functionality, at least the UI design.
  2. So, I finally made it here, just had to wait... you know, a few months for the opportunity to, you know, in this case, comment. Well, regardless, I'm not here out of my own free will, so no hate, yeah? And I'm not interested in staff-player relations, since it's been either good "for me" or none at all, with a sma- I mean a major in the latter. By now, I would usually address, you know. "My" complaints about "staff", if there were any... You know => complaints <= because it's not like there isn't any who isn't fully qualified and specifically trained individuals with a resume that's longer than their real-life resume or that they just hired some random kiddo because they know some staff members for funs and memes. Okay, enough with the chitchat and word-play. Like just get into the issue at hand already, you lowlife. Yeah yeah, don't worry, it's coming. Or should I've announced it a day before I posted this? Well, that wouldn't do, so I guess I'll post an announcement tomorrow about this. So you're sure not to miss it, though it will probably split the community into two and create a billion support questions that somehow are all magically solved by a bunch of no-lifers spending their entire day on the forums without someone even noticing their patrons to this community. While you may automatically think this applies to me, just because my forum title says "forum dweller", doesn't mean it is me, okay. Baka ~ No seriously, this isn't in the slightest referring to me, just so we're clear about that. I'm just the middleman, teehee. So with all this in mind, I guess if a staff creates a guide about this, it would be featured on Discord and be labeled as a "staff" guide. Or if you're a memer and a known discord community boy with the best quality guides that even rivals 90+ page game guides. Anyway, here is a short story about someone who waited, and is still waiting patiently. There were once two developers who started a project, then another project, and soon they found themselves appointed to a more "important" role in that community, well nothing changed. I guess PRO can add this short story to their private- no it's Public API. Yeah, public...public...public? I guess the community can afford to wait an entire year and on the next "client release" for it to be added. -cough cough sounds.mp4- So yeah, what exactly was this post and its intentions? Dunno, ask the individuals who approached me. They used to be around before it reached 2 years since a new custom region was "announced," as "in-progress". I guess they're patiently waiting for PRO V.2, just like Overwatch is patiently waiting for Overwatch 2. Also, as stated, this post has no affiliation with me, I'm just a medium for them to express their sincerest feeling for PRO. And I gave them the chance to do so, in a way that would be most befitting their style. After all, some of us are sadly neglected, despite our efforts and progression for this community. PS (This is the only segment that I am personally responsible for): I am still waiting for that new custom region myself, new content is rare enough as is on PRO. I feel sincerely bad and have sympathy for the content creators desperately trying to find new content to make on PRO. Especially for the slim chance to be allowed to continue to spam your twitch/youtube stream link in chat, to at least give them a decent chance to, you know, get a few views on a lonely Sunday night. (good luck trying to debunk who I meant with that one... hehe) Also speaking about streams... when is the next twitch stream? ... It's like always, on a weekday when it's like in the middle of the night for me. And while at it, since I'm contributing to society most of my day, can you count how many WQs I've lost, because they barely last 8 hours? Well, that might've been a bit exaggerated, since they usually finish up in like, 5-6 hours? Unless you decide to release a special outbreak in the middle of a WQ and like 90% of the players drop out and you're left with 3%+ contribution and 16 hours spent playing PRO to desperately finish your first ever WQ... Eh, I'm glad I didn't have any friends who felt bad for me... Since that was a moment any other kid would've quit PRO, for realz. Oh and reading every, single, post in here before commenting. I feel like I just went through a flat-earth society and winded up in the time period where people believed the earth was as flat as someone's chest. But a good job lasting out so far, you have my sincere apologies for me now wasting your precious time reading this post. Which most likely will/can be labeled as a "joke" or "unserious". But that's if you don't understand the true meaning of it. It's now approaching 1 am and I spent way too much time on this post, despite having a decent-paid job in 7 hours. Ah man, I guess discussing stuff about staff is tiring and wholesome. Considering how amusing it is and to see every person's own version of PRO staff and their relation"ships". As a formality, I'll include this very important thing at the end. Thanks for creating the thread and hopefully it will serve as a beacon of hope that will strengthen the bond between PRO staff and their player base and may it vent many players' frustrated souls. No hate, just love and some hard-hitting cold facts.... teeheehee uwu
  3. Welcome to PRO! ~ Enjoy your stay ~ Psst... Gold is the best server
  4. Multi-colored hair (two or more different colors on some hair types or all hair types. Or if you're feeling fancy, RGB hair. IMO PRO is behind in base character customization compared to its competitors So just some ideas to hopefully get PRO back on par with the others, in a way that is unique to PRO.
  5. Electrocute4u - Gold First Magikarp I got from the old man selling them at the Pokecenter outside Mt.Moon entrence. It happened to be a shiny, the perfect Nature IMO and decent stats, besides DEF OwO This is basically just a beast. But wish it had its SPD set to at least above 20. The most random and luckiest encounter and catch ever. I was just roaming around the map to sell my big pearl in Kanto when I suddenly stumbled across this one in 2018. I did not even know it was Clone Event nor where they spawned. And suddenly found this rare Pokemon. And it has been a beast ever since. I never got a accurate PC, since nobody knew its exact value back in 2018.
  6. Feel free to give your honest opinion on this new change here on this thread: Let's talk about the NEW Sinnoh Daily Reporter changes The new changes made, is apperently to counter PRO players abusing the quest. However, if you feel like you have a good reason against this new change, feel free to give your feedback in the linked thread above. Any and all contribution will help forward the community's standpoint when it comes to this new change.
  7. +1 Would also allow you to count how many turns you used during a battle instead of having to remember it.
  8. The fact you need to have a steel Pokemon in your party for them to move/follow you around.
  9. Might also wanna add the requirements to move the nosepass Pokemon, because some people always asks about it in chat or Discord.
  10. Sad to see you leave, but unfortunately nothing we can do to stop you. Best of luck with your future endeavors!
  11. Let me correct one thing first. Abusing this quest is not the user in question's fault, but PRO's own fault for allowing 4 accounts in the first place. And for allowing services for such tasks. Its just absurd! Absolutely absurd. Any normal game that is based on grinding has a max of 1-2 accounts, for reasons. Yet PRO differs, why so? Why is PRO so unique? Games who only allows 1-2 accounts, usually have a clean sweep/fresh start available. Yet this is only limited on PRO. And their decision making is legit out of this world. I can't comprehend where they want to take the game anymore. So, I'm done with this discussion. I've said what I wanted to say. May PRO be blessed with good changes in the future that'll benefit everyone equally.
  12. Then let me say this. I have gotten 2 tickets out of that, and I have been doing this on a weekly basis for the past 8 months. IIRC it was 25% chance to obtain it, from the previous system, even if there were in total 3 rewards to choose from, to nerf the possibility to obtain it. I'm not saying the new rewards are bad or not good enough. Nor nerfing the actual old rewards. But they just feel a bit off, that's all. My opinion above is more focused on the fact you have to catch them fresh on a daily basis, which are too time consuming for a majority of the players doing this quest. It might end up as the Celedon Daily Quest at this point.
  13. To start this, this is related to the new changes recently done to the Daily Reporter Quest in Solaceon Town found in the Sinnoh region. It's not a thread created to flame or disrespect the new changes, but rather address them and potentially open the eyes of the PRO team regarding this change. I might just speak on behalf of myself or a lot of players when regarding this change. But if the previous system is completely changed, and you now have to actually CATCH the Pokemon of the day EACH day, I'm sadly not gonna have time to do the quest on a daily basis. I think the old system was decent enough because I could jump onto the game, even on days when I barely had 5 minutes to play, to continue my daily streak. Right now, I would need 30+ minutes of playtime or more. Depending on the rarity of the wanted Pokemon. Despite the old rewards, I think it was worth it, spending 5 or more minutes on PRO for it. But why is this change so "bad"? People will lose interest in my opinion, just like with the Celedon daily quest. Time is essential for people. While the difference here is the insanely better rewards, it still doesn't feel right to have to catch the Pokemon on a daily basis. Furthermore, I went through the effort to find every single listed gen 4 Pokemon, had all evolutions for each, just for this daily challenge alone. Why it should be reverted - My personal opinion: Some days I can't play because of work, projects, simply not in the mood etc. But, that didn't stop me from logging in on PRO for just 5 minutes, finding the suited Pokemon, and logging off again. Right now, I feel like my entire reason to play PRO is basically gone. The only reason I played PRO right now is to do this quest, well was. And seasonal events. Where PRO went seriously wrong... Again, this is a very sensitive topic to bring up, but I'm not afraid to state my opinon on this. ASK THE COMMUNITY BEFORE COMMITTING NEW CHANGES. Make a thread, announce ahead of time, do some testing or speak with your community. This came out of the blue and I am not really sure what to say, as a Contributor I feel so left in the dark. While there might be some dedicated channels for this, promote them, shine some lights on them, because I have not seen even one of them. So, that's why I'm kind of feeling fed up about new changes going through, without the community's input on it, before it goes live. I think many may share this opinion with me... I see plenty of people doing the same thing as me, being online only for a short period of time, in the same AFK spots in Solaceon Town. Why? Because they don't have a better reason to play PRO or they don't have time to spare hunting for a new Pokemon on a daily basis for this challenge. This quest served as a vital part of getting a masterball on a weekly basis and occasionally if you were lucky a RR ticket. And that's why some people still did this on a daily basis, even if they might not have time for it. Some of the new rewards are still not making this worth it and some feel odd... While there are some great changes, I wonder why Max Repel was implemented into the Day 3. Plenty of other useful items that could've been given instead. I know many are repel tricking during events WQs, but I doubt they would be interested in gaining this through that quest, and it feels odd as a reward. Furthermore, Day 5 got x5 Focus Sash or x5 PP up, I would have personally kept the UpGrade and not implemented PP up. Simply to sync with the Silver Disc reward on Day 7. The 7 day Train ticket is fine, but I don't think this applies to the ones who mainly use this, considering it activates on the same day. Also, this next one is just so sad. I loved the shiny Wingull on day 25... Thought it was kind of useless, it was still funny to see if you got the perfect IV and nature Shiny Wingull. Replacing it had no say in it because I feel like this reward also doesn't apply to the majority of the users doing this quest on a daily basis.
  14. I would say its the opposite, since you'll be lowering the amount of players asking for EV service. Thus making a bit of a noticeable dent in the economy. But, on the other hand, it would benefit players who can't grind all day to gain EV values for their Pokemon and who can't afford EV service. Tho at the same time, it could serve as a great money sink.
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