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  1. Have already been suggested multiple times. I forgot if staff was for or against this, but seeing that nothing have changed since, I guess the ladder.
  2. 1.0.0 is now live! After a few months, Bulba is finally at its peak, updated to the latest version that is currently available and in a state that I feel comfortable releasing to the public. The bot have had its fair share of updates prior to release and also had a major update in both internal structure and framework throughout its dev period. But fret not, today marks a day of celebration. A PRO Discord bot that won't break (unless I absolutely screwed something up...), rival or exceed the concurrent competitor(s) and a bot solely created to aim to reach the top someday. A fully packed Discord bot with many yet to see features, fun and informative commands and last but not least, not far from Reborn's format, meaning everyone who is familiar with or love Reborn's format will also like this bot. The road ahead: While maintaining a Discord bot sounds like a lot of work, it doesn't start being a hassle until its first verification at 100 servers. So once it hits 80, its time to apply. After this hurdle is overcome, I'll continue to aim for more servers and once and IF it hits the max internal shard limit at 14,000 servers, I'll consider sharding it using the ShardManager from Discord.js. In reality I have all this planned out and are already finished setting this up already. Bot support, suggestions and bug fixes/patches: I will love all and every suggestion put forward. I will also continue to put out bug fixes and patches where I see fit or if something breaks. Furthermore I will be accessible for bot support for the next month or so, before I start looking into making a bot wiki, so that people can rely on this instead. Well, with all this, I have gone ahead and updated this Forum post, the bot is now invitable to any server. A detailed Changelog for the update can be found in the support server in #bot-changelogs Once more, thank you to all who have tested Bulba while it was still in development. And a huge thanks to all those that have supported Bulba so far.
  3. For the time being, I guess this will suffice. It will only show locations which both Pokemon can be found. While it would take too long to make a workaround to merge them into a single value (i.e like Reborn) before release, this is the best I can do for now. I might come back and tweak on this in the future to make it more compact. I also sorted it by its Map name, so it looks better and is easier to read for Pokemon that share a whole lot of spawns.
  4. Hmm, that's also a good idea compared to what I currently have implemented. It should just be a few changes, nothing impossible tbh. I'll tweak around a bit again and see what I can do.
  5. While scratching my head for awhile, I think I got something interesting. For the input field, it now allows multiple queries by seperating them with a comma. This is set to allow 4 queries at a time, and will filter out a Map/Route, Boss or Excavation site input and will not count that into the total queries (i.e check the example below for what I mean). It also filters out any invalid Pokemon names. I also sorted it alphabetically and will now always list the Land spawns first, if it has any. I'll tweak around a bit more and if it doesn't break, it'll be included in tomorrow's release as part of the finalized converted commands.
  6. Hey, that is entirely possible to code and seems like a interesting idea. I'll have a look at my current code and see what I can do with the time today!
  7. +1 It already has a hyperlink/icon at the bottom of the page between Reddit and Twitch icon here on the forums (at least on phone viewport). But I am not opposed to making it more accessible/visible.
  8. I'm gonna be polite and overlook it this time. But for future reference, please don't force your values onto others. If you dislike me giving a proper reasoning and context on my replies, then by all means you're allowed to dislike such, but keep that to yourself. Don't tell me to stop, change myself or at the very least comment "pls stop for god's sake". Its disrespectful and does NOT contribute to the topic. If you believe this is wrong or have more to say, feel free to continue this topic in a DM with me.
  9. Just a force of habit when it comes to dealing with members of this community. They tend to love making up their own little stories that tend to fetch far from reality, so I rather have a solid baseline for my reasoning then let people make up their own. Don't pay much attention to it, it shouldn't matter to you if I do or not tbf.
  10. I've used a free plugin from Musefree widget collection called Particles. Whether or not the creator of the said widget used a copy-pasted codepen Particles.js system I have no idea nor am I concerned about it. Muse CC got discontinued and had its last build back in 2018, technical support was cut back in March 2020 and this plugin have been in my collection since early 2014 as part of my eductional collection of work while attending high school where I first was introduced to Muse CC. So because Muse CC got discontinued means that the widget is no longer available publically, so I sadly can't ask whether or not it is using particles.js. Hope for a fair understanding.
  11. Just PM me the server ID and I can whitelist it.
  12. Its essentially done, just converting the last bit of commands to v14 and I estimate that the full release to v14 will happen on August 1st. However, my dev version that is currently up and running is on the v13 setup, but is whitelisted, so I'll need a Server ID to whitelist it, otherwise you can still test it through the support server.
  13. Not familiar with codepen nor heard of three.js. I used Abobe Muse CC to create my website design and export it as HTML following a few purchased plugins and tweaked the design in-client, extracted to HTML and made a few changes manually. As I am no website HTML wizard, I look to design a website and let the plugins and html exporter handle the rest. It might be that one of those plugins are also posted elsewhere illegally and that might resemble the mention of codepen and or three.js, but I have no recollective memory of ever using or heard of those words before, not even after a quick google search. Thanks for the compliment, if it was one, regardless. Glad to hear that! Then I haven't spent the last 3 months coding Bulba for nothing.
  14. Hmm... That is indeed a interesting suggestion. However, there are 3 things that I would like to point out. 1. Is the current team even capable of putting that kind of time and resources into such a system now, or in the future? 2. Does the PRO community want it and is it going to be a long term beneficial feature to invest time and resources into? 3. Will it outclass Reborn or other community made bots and or applications that executes these tasks outside of the client and what will happen to them in the long run? Personally, from a community bot developer's perspective (who is currently developing a Discord bot for PRO), I feel like this suggestion will remove the little bit of community content/tools we can create ourselves. The API is limited, the public spawn dumps is barely kept updated, Excavation is a mystery, Headbutt is a pain, Honey tree chaining is a lost cause, Graphql is even more a pain and don't get me started on finding updated information about this game externally, besides wiki or unless you know someone on the inside. If only they focused more on giving the community a chance to create tools, I might've been less resistant to the suggestion as a content creator/discord bot developer. Apart from that, I don't see any harm in making such a system and I would encourage the idea as a veteran player myself, but not as a content creator. On the topic of moneysinks, this is a delicate process and it sounds easier then it actually is, so I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not. But in short, it would be nice to not having to switch out of the client to gather information that normally should be offered within the client itself (i.e PvP Leaderboards, spawn levels, spawn rarity, pokemon with held items (and what held item), Headbutt, honey tree, digspots and excavation information etc), but that's why we have tools to gather the missing data. TLDR; Not against it as a player, but as a content creator/Discord bot developer. Reasoning: Will remove the small bit of content available to create any content/tool for PRO.
  15. Time flows ever nearer the set release date... As I've stated on the Support Server for Bulba and also is shown (countdown clock) on its official website, the bot will be released on the 1st of August, around 4 PM GMT+0. The website countdown clock is somewhat wacky, I'm not a website wizard.. so its not 100% accurate. With this date closing in, I decided to create a server event, feel free to come and join in on Discord by clicking me! From Discord.js v13 (the current version of Bulba) to v14 on its release: For those that have not joined the Discord server, once the bot is released, it will be running on Discord.js v14 library, whereas now it runs on v13. This change is currently being worked on and my progress so far has been overwhelmingly good with little to no issues converting commands. In short, Discord.js v14 is better in many regards. The reasons I decided to convert to v14 are all the new cool features (modals, builders are finally included, enums are finally lowercased and no more underscores...) and a lot more tech-related small features that make things look cleaner and are even easier to use. A quick reminder: As people still misunderstand this simple fact, this Discord bot is NOT an official bot created by a member of Pokemon Revolution Online staff team, nor is it going to "replace" Reborn. It is a community creation, created to someday be the new mainstream bot around. It is developed and maintained by myself. Yes, I am a Contributor, but I am NOT part of the PRO staff team, as this role does not include the moderating duties and is solely a visual representation that I have Contributed to PRO in some way and earned my rights to the role. A big thank you to all those who have tested out the bot so far.
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