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  1. Many shinies sold, will post ss tomorrow and update the sold list.
  2. I'm currently on mobile rn, idk if I have the ss but trade has been made with the buyer this morning, you can check the logs and I'll try to post the ss from my PC if I took it. Thank you.
  3. Start-3m Min raise 100k 48 hours after start. CC-350k RR-750k
  4. All mind bids are of 100k or higher. hp ice Bulba bold Start offer : 400k insta : - Auction end in 48 hours from 1st bid Epic careful evee start-600k insta 2m 24 hrs start-400k insta 900k 24 hrs start-800k insta 2.5m 24 hrs start-500k insta 2.5m 24 hrs Payments method:- CC-350k RR-750k
  5. Start-7m 200k raise Insta-18m 24 hours start After one of the pokemons start, other one will be removed as two pokemons can't be held in auction at the same time according to cross server rule. I can deliver on either server. BTW currently on gold.
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