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  1. hi, sorry it's taken me so long to answer, i took some time off but to answer your question, the 600k pack doesn't include the ingame icon/logo
  2. @CaptnKat (the blue didn't stick i'm sorry, i'll send u the psd if you want, for learning purposes)
  3. It's this thingie on the bottom left of your discord. For example, mine shows up like this:
  5. Your Discord Tag: sloan#8345 Your Trainer Card: Are you an active player? Pretty much, I do sometimes need to be away from my computer, so it's more about mental health than anything really. Are you of the age 16 years or up? Yes, I'm 18 Do you meet the requirements to join this guild? Yes Why do you feel you will be a good addition for this guild? I put effort into things and really want to be the best I can be. I am, however, only starting to understand pvp battles as a whole so I too need guidance on this matter. Plus I can make some designs for the guild on the forum ;) Really, all I
  6. There you go :D Thank you for your kind words, hope you like it <3
  7. Small changes, I really hope you don't mind me not using the sky blue colors, but it never seemed to match the pokemon's colors. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you for ordering
  8. I mean~ I trieeed, but honestly he's pretty all by himself
  9. I absolutely adore this guide, it's simple and it's explained in ways everyone can understand <3 <3
  10. More works were added to the first post. In honor of the site's new design, first four members who post here get a free avatar and fanbar! Use the same request template, I just won't charge for the avatar and fanbar order from the next four posts. You don't have to order anything else if you don't want to nor do you have to be from a specific server if you're just asking for the free stuff since there isn't the need for a money transaction.
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