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  1. hey i am topshooter fjabio sir send me a invtition for this guild and i really like to join the guild
  2. Hey If there's an guild from serbia, croatia, bosnia i would like to join you guys, thanks :)
  3. Hi there! I'm looking for a friendly guild to join that has an active discord. I am a returning player that has merged their red and blue accounts, I merged it so I could start from the beginning again, I currently have 3 badges in Kanto. I'm not much into PvP and I mostly just enjoy relaxing and catching pokemon. Edit: Currently in Johto with 94 hours, I currently have 252 hours on gold and have all the badges on gold. I am still looking for a guild on silver since I am quite lonely.
  4. I'm looking for a guild. Already done with kanto,johto, and hoenn. And I like to do PVP too.
  5. Hello, I'am an active player on Silver Server. I PVP sometimes. I have over 2k hours, somewhat active. I'm friendly IF you have a guild and has a spot for a player like me just reply Curious to what guilds will accept me and i might join.
  6. Details - Hey, i'd to apply to your guild. 1. What's your Player name? Kakasingh 2. Number of hours played? I've played for around 100h 3. What's your favorite Pokemon? it's mew 4. How old are you? 15 5. When's your Birthday? 20 Jan 2003 Waiting for reply Join me in a guide
  7. Looking for a guild on silver server; I'm active most days running on EST, eastern time. I've been playing pokemon since pokemon red/yellow/ect. Im new to PRO and Im looking for a group of fun active players 20yrs+.
  8. Well here's the deal I left the game a year ago cuz of some personal reasons and finally everything's calmed down again and hence I returned to notice the servers merged to become silver and gold. I was in a Guild B4 I stopped playing but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the guild (don't judge me). So here I am looking for any guild that will accept me in. I've finished the first two regions and about 84 hrs into the game. Always willing to learn more bout the game and improve myself. If u wanna contact me my discord id is : Darkstar#6905
  9. My name is yuvraj gaur. I belongs to india. My favorite Pokemon is darkrai as it's pretty good in all things. I'm 18 years old. I want to be best and a legendary trainer in whole world that's why I'm playing this fabulous game. My favorite animal is lion as cause it's a sign of bravery and power and also look like solgaleo. But I'm sorry my playtime is pretty low but soon with your help I'll complete my dream of becoming legendary trainer and my playtime is only 2hrs. And I know this is out of subject but please I'm worthy of this guild I'll prove soon. Please invite me as a partner -with respect to whole Pokemon revolution online -player of silver server blazeofwater
  10. My name is MoriYun and I'm a 40 hours played time player in PRO.I'm 14 years old and I just started johto. I'm usually online if there's no other things for me to do.I'm looking for a fun and friendly english guild.
  11. I went in originally noticed I wasn't getting any encounters of any rarity, literally no Pokemon were spawning. Left, and went back in assuming it was on my end. Again, same problem persisted when I re-entered and I spent some time running around trying to get any encounter, noticed another player not engaging in battle and asked them if they were encountering a similar problem in which they confirmed they was. I cant confirm if the other player was using repels but I wasn't. I recorded the second entry of the zone, the client was restarted and the only encounters i could initiate were through headbutting trees, there was also no surf encounters. EDIT: To add, it seemed as if everything but the exclusive area was as normal. Thank you:)
  12. Walked into the entrance and this happened
  13. Hey. I was willing to unlock Pinkan Island yesterday as I gather the requisites (250+ playtime hours and being Hoenn champion, I think). I went to Vermilion as usual and talked to NPC "Officer Jenny" to begin the quest. She told me that I had to look for clues to find out where some Team Rocket members were. Well, the problem came right after that. One of the NPCs, a girl who is located outside and close to Vermilion's pokecenter, does not show up. At the beginning I thought I did something wrong or was missing one requisite from the above, but everything was okay. I asked a player for help (obviously one that had already done the quest and unlocked Pinkan Island) and she said that she could see the NPC girl. Anyway, I do not know whether it has something to do with me or whether it is a new general bug for everyone who tries to do the quest. Help me, please.
  14. I used Knock Off using pikachu on arceus and it doesnt remove its Life Orb It has the ability Multitype which only works on Plates . Plates cannot be removed from arceus . And eventually its Ability is not coded in game . So it doesnt affect anything It is probably a glitch with arceus . Please look into this . Thank you
  15. Hello I am acrimesoup, as the title suggests i've been a player since 2015. I stopped playing around?? 2017 but have hopped on occasionally to get event legends, also have the 'don't log in for 1 year' badge :) Returning to the game and looking for active guild with an active discord to help me relearn the game and socialise with, own a decent amount of epic mons and plan on climbing pvp ladder once i'm attuned with the current meta.
  16. im new in pvp looking for a guild that can help me build my pvp team ill help the guild members in any way i can as well ingame name BAYINGA
  17. IGN :: LuminusX47 Interest:: 1) bosses 2)pvp
  18. I'm not a new player by any means. I have gotten to Hoenn, but fell out and decided to restart from the beginning. Currently in Kanto with 6 badges and atm 21 hours of gameplay I am 22 and live in the USA Can only speak English Can do daycare/EV train Seeking a friendly guild Must be discorded Must have events and fun activity's with prizes I really don't care too much to pvp, but slightly interested in it I don't care how big or small the guild is or rank
  19. 1. What's your Player name (IGN)? =JDM123 2. Number of hours played? =53 3. What's your favorite Pokemon? =pikachu 4. What country are you from? =Honduran 5. How old are you? =16 6. When's your Birthday? (Optional) =14/03
  20. G'day, returned player, looking for a new guild. Former member of reborn, 400+ hours, and plenty of knowledge about the game, Looking forward to hearing from you.
  21. I want to join this guild named Legacy
  22. Im new to Pokemon Revolution Online, please help me on this game. I like this game and very addicted.
  23. Hey, I'm Kur0uji from (the Blue Server) the Silver Server and I'm looking for a chill guild to hang with. I want one that's ok with me dropping in and out of activity every so often, but you know a nice Pokemon MMO always drags me back in eventually.
  24. Hi all, I'm new to the game, about 20 hours or so. I'm looking for a guild that's fun and can assist me with getting through the story. Looking forward to pvp and getting the best Pokemon!
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