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  1. hai, i am looking for a guild. i usually play on weekends and i just started to play yesterday. i really am bad at the game and looking to find good guild to help me through the game :(
  2. I can't get the tornadus, Jirachi won't let me, just give me more time to finish the quest
  3. width=621px https://i.postimg.cc/4x1C37Zh/Untitled-2-1440-1597660594878.gif[/img] Syndicate is back! By setting its torch-like tail ablaze, this Pokémon can heat the atmosphere and change the weather. In fact, legend has it that Reshiram's flames are capable of incinerating the world itself, so perhaps the world's continued safety is a sign of its goodwill. Reshiram is said to help those who seek to build a world of truth. This is Syndicate! The fighters of truth and Reshiram is back yet again. After a merge and a few other attempts we decided to recreate the guild whe
  4. My Adam eevee evolved into espreon instead of flareon, he was a lv 95 eevee i trained and i was feeding him with rare candies and suddenly he evolved into espreon, may be my fault by click yes instead of no, can you help me to deevolve Orr replace my espreon by the same Eevee? Please help me, this is painful :((
  5. Hello I just wanted to ask if I can end my auction if no one has bid yet?
  6. I logged off since the server kept crashing about an hour ago and now i've logged back on and am missing half of my money, can anyone help?
  7. I trained him recently and he was going to fight and this appears to me; I don't know what to do if they can figure it out.
  8. Estaba haciendo la quest de las megas y me dijo oak que este squirtle era el correcto lo entrene al 100 y ahora me dice de nuevo que le entrege squirtle bulbasaur o charmander le enseño este blastoise y me dice que deberia ser squirtle no entiendo si desde el principio me dijo que era correcto y que lo entrenara.Luego ya que llego a nivel 100 entrenado me dice que no.Por favor necesito ayuda para que vuelva al nivel 98 y que sea squirtle Translate I was doing the megas quest and oak told me that this squirtle was the right one I trained him 100 now he tells me again to give him squirtle bu
  9. Hello I can't redeem my ticket after reaching the 0.5%+ in the WQ. If you can help me i will be really happy thanks. Added screenshot. Im sorry this is my second acc i accidentaly use this acc for post. Screen is from my acc name eZhu
  10. so me adn my frind was trying to play co-op adn everything is fin when we're in the city but when we try enter another zone from the city my freind is stck on my screen and i'm stuck on my freinds screen before we enter another zone and even if we can enter he disspers sometime even though were at the saem place. is it a bug or a limitation of this game?
  11. I see my poke as opponent when i switch to that specific poke .i dunno why it happens quite often and the moveset is like i have my poke against my poke in battle and have to press a move for example if i have bisharp knock off which means mach punch in order on the switch because literally i have breloom but see breloom as opponent.Plz fix that it has happened quite a few times in pvp i can't play...
  12. I don't know why I cant go in bug catch contest something wrriten like this .. I am attaching image please fix it
  13. Hi all, Say welcome to all new Blue wings guild. This guild is newly built by me and will try to reach guildladder every season with its members. Then Why Should You Join? Simple we will: Help newbies to learn and save from making mistakes which i did while doing some pvp matches Learn from better players and be the best one day Then what are the requirements? Just three golden rul
  14. I used Knock Off using pikachu on arceus and it doesnt remove its Life Orb It has the ability Multitype which only works on Plates . Plates cannot be removed from arceus . And eventually its Ability is not coded in game . So it doesnt affect anything It is probably a glitch with arceus . Please look into this . Thank you
  15. Beat Sevii all Five Islands team rocket, grunt guarding the door won't let me pass
  16. Hello, I know this will sound very weird but is it possible for a staff member to change the gender of my Scyther to male? I prefer the male sprite for it but I caught a female one with amazing IVs and I don't think I would ever be lucky enough to find a similar one again. The change does not benefit it in any way to my understanding, it is only a silly personal preference. I understand I am nitpicking but it would be really much appreciated! Thank you. My username is Vampyre and the Scyther's ID is 47593122.
  17. I defeated the pumpkin king and i still can't buy ev reducing berries in goldenrod, what can i do to get it fixed?
  18. A bug just happened to me on the boss Koichi. Press to battle him in hard mode, when you lose yourself instantly, or even start the battle. The battle didn't even happen. Fix it. (11 days) ?????
  19. Hi! This is just a quick job for Trade Moderators. A kind user from PRO discord traded me some pokemon so I could rush story in Silver Server so that I could make the Sinnoh Access guide in forums. It seems the user and I never happen to meet each other and I just want them traded back to him, since he's not really active. Their IDs are: 33142091, 28244762, 2124384, 8533530, 12276334. Thank you! :) If you want, you can also return the other level 100s that have been traded to my Bhimoso account in Silver Server to their respective owners.
  20. We are a very new guild as you could tell. Our dream is to be one of the best Pokemon Revolution Online Guilds. We don't have a lot of members so if you can bring your friend with ya, we would appreciate it. We are trying to build a competitive and a friendly community. Oh and just so you know we are only on Silver. Must be able to write and understand the English language. Must be active in the guild Discord to receive updates and info! Must respect anyone and everyone in the guild. If you want to join our small, but growing community, reply to the threa
  21. For months on end I have quit and rejoined this game because yes, I love playing it. But, it seems that literally every few days I have to completely wipe PRO off of my android and redownload. My main progression is on Silver server and it refuses to let me in. Gold works just fine but silver will just lock me out over and over again, hence the reinstall process. Please help make my experience less of an epic games bugfest, and let me into my account when I want to play.... this is the only reason I haven't purchased anything in game, or even recommended it to others fir that matter.
  22. Hace unas semanas, ayude a un colega (Zerox00) para que pase historia, bueno, le facilite algunas cosas, pasandole Pokemon y a la vez, mi montura shiny electrode Por descuido de ambos, termino el mes y no pudo retornarmela, asi que, este mes ya no es tradeable . . Por lo cual pido por favor que transfieran la montura a mi cuenta, Gracias.
  23. About 20 minutes ago I had a problem with an ivs reroll, a friend gave me two reroll because I was not going to use them, one from ivs and one from natu, the one from natu I used in my zapdos to change it from releaxed to bold and the of ivs I was supposed to use it in mew, it happens that I spoke with the npc and I just had to give him accept to change his ivs and wrote some messages in the guild chat, without realizing it apparently I had a connection problem but I gave him accept without knowing about this problem and I did not realize it because I had no player nearby so I did not see them
  24. Hi hopefully im in the right place, I just came back on to play for the first time in quiet a while and i just recieved my 4th gym badge this morning in Johto. I wanted to get to the safari but theirs a Sudowodoo blocking my path again to get back down. I've tried to relog and resync but nothing has worked, i went to Discord to ask and they mentioned its probably a bug. Thank you in advance for your help.
  25. Welcome to width=725pxhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/443173946691551251/704864540411559996/PicsArt_04-28-0-1588122718832.gif[/img] width=259pxhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/443173946691551251/704865125852512346/PicsArt_04-28-0-1588122902583.gif[/img] Ragnarök is an aspiring PvP guild and one of the most enduring and active guilds founded in 2016. We focus on maintaining a bond between all of our members and reaching the Top 10 guilds on the server. The guild has many old and experienced PvP players who are ready to help you in any aspect of the PRO world. [JUST
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