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  1. I disappeared 100k out of nowhere I was 657k and now I have 557k I was climbing from lvl to a pokemon and I disconnected and went back in and I no longer had 100k and I didn't lose any fight
  2. So on my alt account "mikejoones" I accidently bought a metagross mount from pve shop for 250 coins, i figured no big deal I'll just sell it but then found out it wasnt tradable and i dont want it. Is there anything i can so with it?
  3. at 01:35 am today, i accidently released my ratled jolly Magicarpe can you give me some help please ? thank you in advance
  4. Hello, I am fairly new to this game, and I am looking to join a guild with a group of people that is the right fit for me. I currently have 3 gym badges in Kanto with roughly 16 hours of game time played so far. I am not a hardcore PvPer, but I have no problem battling for fun. If you are interested in potentially taking me in, feel free to respond to this thread and ask any questions about me that you want answered. Thanks.
  5. all my pokemon have pp of all moves based on the first move
  6. Hi everyone. We know theese times we are searching for kanto starters because of clone event. But before 5-10 min ago about game connection lost and online again. So in this moment i loginned game and when i find a squirtle connection lost( because of you and stuck screen) Maybe that squirtle was 31-31-31-31-31-31 and im gonna win the event, but i can never known that... So what we gonna do now ? I need a help Regards Berkay. Name : Zarlooke Server : Silver
  7. Hi! I've paid twice the 5.000 pokedollars entrance to Kanto's Safari zone, and both of them the game crashed in the first area trying to reach the second in less than 1 minute. Already wasted 10.000 pokedollars... and I keep reappearing in the entrance to pay again.... I just wanted Tm Surf to proceed with the story, not even to catch pokemon. Right now there,s only 2.608 pokedollars in my account and can't continue the game. I WANT A REFUND OF THE 10.000 POKEDOLLARS OR THE TM SURF. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! thanks for your time.
  8. Hi while i was doing the ash hat quest I talked to ash and he said something like "I don't need your help anymore" and disappeared and now im confused on what to do. I still have the unkown hat on my mankey but i have no ash to talk to. (Also i picked pikachu as my starter) on another note a mod in the discord said that i need to beat ash in viridian which im sure i beat him but also don't remember because it was so many months ago. Can someone pls verify this cuz idk what to do anymore
  9. I bought 50 coins for 250k so i could buy porygon, last piece for full kanto dex. but didnt recieve any coins, and it sure took away the money. At the time im making this post, the seller says i can buy more in 14 hours. It shouldnt take more than 10 hours to get the coins if that is the case. HELP
  10. Name: Rogg3rxd Server: Silver Pokemon Aegislash nª: 44423151 Can I return a pokemon to its pre-evolution? This was what happened I was undecided to evolve with a stone but at the time of accepting or declining the game the screen was paralyzed and by mistake I accepted. Please help me.
  11. Hace unas semanas, ayude a un colega (Zerox00) para que pase historia, bueno, le facilite algunas cosas, pasandole Pokemon y a la vez, mi montura shiny electrode Por descuido de ambos, termino el mes y no pudo retornarmela, asi que, este mes ya no es tradeable . . Por lo cual pido por favor que transfieran la montura a mi cuenta, Gracias.
  12. I start hoenn areas, but I miss the order by mistake. How can I get out of the chain?
  13. Hi everyone. I did everything about jirachi quest but when i go there " its seems nothing happened " cyrstal says. When i check my hoenn playtime prof. says 900 hour. Maybe this is about this bug. Can any authorized help me ? Because im pretty sure i did every step about quest. also i have totally 1k + hour in game so i think i already have more than 120 hour for jirachi. Have a good day Zarlooke.
  14. 2-3 hours ago after talking with sages in zapdos island , i caught an elekid ID42044101 and when i go to the island its still not acceptable from the elder. I also have 18 ele gems and i dont know whwt i did wrong. (I caught it after talking to sages) pls tell me what to do
  15. I can't open my id in silver server please help
  16. Hello person who is reading this, My name is rubyboy002 (Ruben 19 Year) I've been member of PRO since: 04-05-2016 and still play it :) I've been in 3 different guilds but they all became inactive and now im looking for a nice guild 'English or Dutch' Because im also enjoying to talk to others, thats why i ask to join a Guild Language's: Dutch/Flamish 10/10 English 9/10 French 6/10 German 6/10 I've also got discord so feel free to drop your Discord# so im able to add you ;)
  17. 150 hr playtime, champion of 4 region and currently doesnt know what to do since theres no 5th region in pro yet :p im not doing pvp yet i still building my team
  18. Tried to relog several times no escape rope. I don't know if Oddish is supposed to move around but been stuck behind it for a while now lol.
  19. Ascension https://discord.gg/MZjbnTf Who are we? We are a PvP Guild made in gold server in 2018 that have decided to branch out to the silver server to make our family bigger. We aspire to help newer players with an interest in PvP to learn and create a social environment that will have players more than happy to come online, have a chat or two with guildies, and create a genuinely friendly player base. A big thing that we have noticed with bigger PvP guilds is that their chats are usually quiet, and this is the biggest thing we want to avoid. To keep our mentality away from that, our motto is: "We are a guild good at pvp, not a pvp guild." Requirements - 100 Hours - Hoenn Completed - Must be interested in PvP - Discord - Minimum Toxicity - Must know English (For ease of communication with all members) - Must be 16+ years old Please put your answers below each respective question. What is your IGN? What is your Discord? How old are you? How many hours do you have? How much of a interest do you have in PvP on a scale of 1-10 (1 being very weak, 10 being very strong)? Do you know the difference between IV's and EV's (Just a Yes or No)? Do you know Pokemon Showdown? If yes, What is your IGN on Showdown? Which Pokemon is your favorite in general(Could be for design, stats, whatever reason :] )? Which Pokemon is your favorite for PvP?
  20. I am now doing my sinnoh hearthrom city quest when i am going calastic town after full step by step then i got thread. When i am giibg in calastic ruins and read fossil then i can't so any galactic grunt for fightso thats why i cant enter 5th gym hearthrom city so i need help to restart this quest
  21. He is a reworked boss, server crashed just as I was about to beat him. When i came back from crash it had sent me back to pokecenter and when I want back to Oak I couldnt fight and my win streak was gone. Getting really frustrated because i dont think the rework has ever once actually worked for me. This happens every time, to lose out on the rewards is one thing but the win streak... that's just messed up
  22. Hola buenas, iba a ausar un rerol tike con mi darkrai en vermilion y le di que no y ya no me sale el rerol tike en el inventario, significa que lo perdí al darle que no?
  23. i had 1 shovel in my main account and 1 in alt account i traded to the main one but am seeing only 1 shovel instead of 2
  24. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone We are hosting an event but this one will be public so make sure to share it to all your friends and players you know. You think you got what it has to be a region champion again? you wanted a new challenge but still didn't receive it ? here it is you have finished everything and you have to face the elite 4 there will be @autobots @XxAnonymousxX , @CosaNostra, @Xatu. you have 4 days per boss. incase you came on the 5th with no badge you'll be disqualified. watch out for that were not harsh were just seeing if you have what it takes, if you were able to beat the elite 4 you'll face the champion you will know his identity if you are worthy note you only have 1 life so if you lost 1 time you'll lose the progress! if you managed to win all 4 nd the champion you will be the champion! but this doesnt mean its the end of the road! there will be a duration for you to hold on to this position the duration would be untill all participants have either lost or managed to win the elite 4 and ex champion then theyd have to beat you to take your place so hold on to it as much as you can! --------------------------------- Entry fee: 20K for Predator members, 30k for the non members Rewards: 1 Million - Enter predators discord and sign up in the Elite 4 -Championship Channel and pay the entry fee to any officer. - Will be played in PRO/Showdown whatever the Elite 4/Champion prefers. - You have 4 days to earn a badge in total the event should last 20 DAYS. - You only have 1 life so make sure you dont lose, incase you were determined to continue you can buy a new life with half of the entry fee (15K), but this only applies against E4 and only 1 time and should be bought within 24 and finished from the boss in the same duration you started. - Please share your badges in the channel that you will receive from the E4 via discord - Event starts once 20hrsPlayers are ready and this will be announced ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - for assistance please contact Lilith#8473 ta7esh#2412 E4 registeration Ends on Friday dont miss out the 1m reward For further information join our server by clicking here:
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