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  1. Empire are a PvP orientated guild establishing ourselves within the Top 3. We are a Guild who have consistently been at the top half of the Guild Ladder until recently where we went beyond expectations and smashed our target, finishing 2nd place. Our Guild has seen massive improvements in quality of PvPers and the community we have built really is like a family. So if you love to PvP and enjoy an active community then Empire would love to have you aboard! Guild Bank. +25 Bonus Exp (Top 10 Guild Ladder perk) Hunting Events. Frequent giveaways. Teambuilding advice. Guild Island (Top 3) Must be able to contribute 120 rating. Must have completed all regions in the game. Players must know how to PvP. Must be active in the Guild Discord to participate in giveaways and receive updates. What is your IGN? How old are you? Discord ID What is your highest rating achieved in the last 3 seasons? Or alternatively PM us on discord, we look forward to hearing from you! c0mp#1845 Gal1leo#0056 Frostyjoe Reborn#2938 MSK876#6969 Benny#9143 Bharathmax#8154
  2. I have my account but it give me pokemon that are not mine. When I merge the account my only backup had so much 2h games when I had almost 300h Sorry if are bad english I used Google trad (French) J'ai merge mon compte mais celà ma donner des pokemon qui ne sont pas les miens. Lorsque j'ai merge le compte ma mailleur sauvegard avait sellement 2h de jeux alors que j'en avais presque 300h ( In french)
  3. how to fix this,, i add a friend and will see in friendlist but one i logout or relog the new friends will gone..
  4. My friend JudeIsCool is currently unable to connect to the Pokemon Silver server. He signed up recently and was unable to connect to this website, we had to create an account for him. Overall he has been unable to connect to any site concerning pokemon revolutions and is able to connect to any other site such as Youtube and Twitch. He has also Restarted his computer and the result is the same. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/602945250603958297/602952530846023731/unknown.png Any advice?
  5. Hii I am royalboss I am here to tell that yesterday probably I had 600-700k think but now I had only 288k idk what happened with me. Plz solve my problem.
  6. Pls help me i gave my password to a friend of mine he scammed me and now he's taking out everything from my account. I can't change my password coz the email i used i forgot it's password since i stopped using it. Pls help me
  7. The npc says that i have given him 10 pokes last 24 hours but i am totally sure that last 24 hours i have given him max 4 piplups and 10 probably since the event began, i think he doesnt count the 24 hours but whole time
  8. Every time battle suspicious bot game stuck. Why? Everytime.
  9. Necesito ayuda No puedo volver a la región de Holanda El canto aparece y estaba en la élite Por favor, ayúdame
  10. Please i need help, iam ban to trade
  11. following the images i'm stuck and i can't get through, i've done it again and i still can't get to the other map, pls help me
  12. Hi My ID is Maverick12 i returned back to game after long time today and m in johto goldenrod atm... My friend Bojack gave me 3 Johto Pokes lvl 100. But whn i tried to put them in my team slot from pc its not worlking pls check.
  13. Seriously I had not realized a year ago but now I realized all the events that I am attending I never find anything, even though I play all day and there are a lot of people who just log in and think I find it a slut.
  14. Hey guys I'm looking for a good uk guild that will help each other out and just have fun.
  15. Hola, me dijeron que podía exponer mi problema en español, resulta que tenía frente a mi un sneasel de evento le tire dos maternal y no se dejó capturar, después de conectó "novus" me dijo que grabará lo que sucedía sólo tenía dos másters así que no podía tirarle más después de iniciar la grabación así continúe tirándole balls, llego un momento en que el sistema no me dejo realizar ninuna otra acción y me salí, por favor ayudenme a recuperar el pk
  16. hello, may i ask is there any refund for the 10k pokedollar lost due to the sudden server down issue? im losing 10k :(
  17. hello im having troble with game i cant use global chat i click on bar but nothing happens ive tried all chats a cant open the wrench menu either.Also ive downloaded all android versions and i get same results i cant open up the bar on top right that showed area pokemon or the bottom left menu next to the money
  18. Hi , I have an account with user name : Galleons . this account can login game and dashboard . But it cant login to forum . when i log it in forum allways got noted . Users name : Galleons can not found . whats happend with it ?
  19. I lost to catch darkrai due to crash. How can I catch darkrai again?
  20. Greeting, I am pleased to announce a Tournament that will take place on Chaos from now on, till forever. The Chaos Tournament! Every three months a PvP Tournament will happen for all Chaos Members. The format will vary, may being Normal, Monotype, with banned pokémons, Little cup, with a specific Pokémon, with a specific Weather, with a limited number of pokémons on party. The format will be announced 1 month before the start of the Tournament, so the members can gather the necessary pokémons to join. Also, it will be Single-Elimination Tournament, WITHOUT Loser's Bracket. Contact a Moderator or Leader whenever the subscriptions are opened. There will be a 30k entrance fee to avoid "AFK" and forfeiting players during the Tournament. For the Third place, the prize will be 500 thousand pokédollars For the Second place, 1 million pokédollars And for the Champion, 3 M as prize. The first tournament will start on September, 8th. And the format will be specified on Discord soon. None, yet. THIS IS A CHAOS ONLY FEATURE! If you liked, and want to join us, submit your answer here: Chaos Guild Page (Click Here)
  21. Urss Team Raga, prima di tutto mi presento sono caciu, e non ho la più pallida idea di cosa scrivere, ad essere sincero prima di iniziare ho pensato: “dai, fammi andare a rubare qualche spunto dalle presentazioni delle altre gilde”. La mia idea era: scrivo quattro cavolate, due colori carini, quello che ho trovato nelle altre gilde sono manifesti che in confronto Marx era un cantastorie, proclami immensi con promesse alla stregua di discorsi politici, anzi polit che sto ancora aspettando che mi tolgano l'ici come tassa sulla prima casa (questa era brutta e solo gli italiani capiranno il richiamo a Berlusconi). Raga non mi sono mai sentito così tanto in soggezione. Tu che leggi, la nostra è intenzione non è “catturarti” per il colore, per il manifesto, le promosse o perché: “c’è una leadership esperta” (si, ho trovato sta roba); il nostro “I Want you” è una promessa che io faccio a te: “cresciamo e divertiamoci insieme” siamo in un gioco non è un lavoro, e non voglio “lucrare punti pvp” a nessuno. In più siamo globali, lingua base inglese tradotto da google. DI fatti non vi sono restrizioni d'ingresso, si accettano tutti anche chi non ha finito la storia e chi non fa pvp; per i primi sul server discord, è attivo un sistema di tutoraggio / aiuti: per coloro che non hanno finito la storia, per coloro che hanno finito la storia ma che hanno lacune e alcune guide per il pvp. "Eh ma io non ho ancora 5 medaglie" da solo smetti di giocare e non finisci mai la storia, con noi verrai indirizzato nelle varie meccaniche del gioco. Le uniche persone che non sono ben accette sono i troll gli scammer ei maleducati. Non voglio persone tossiche nè sul server nè nel gioco a prescindere dalle ore e dal rating pvp. Per il resto raga ormai tutti quanti offrono la stessa solfa non ve lo sto a ripetere ancora, offriremo anche noi lo shop il dex il daycare gli eventi e bla bla bla. L’unica cosa che possiamo dare è la nostra disponibilità totale (la mia personale) e una gestione orizzontale (molte decisioni verranno prese in maniera democratica) dopo tutto siamo l’urss. Se siete interessati cercatemi in game oppure scrivetemi su Discord (preferisco) Placido #1532. Vi aspettiamo :) English translate: Hi guys, i want to introduce my self, i'm caciu, and i really don't know what to say, honestly i was thinking to go and steal some ideas from other guild introductions, but my idea of introduction was very simple, some chitchat and nice colors, in other guilds intro i've found speeches worthy of Marx himself. I've never felt so in awe guys. You who read, out intention isn't "catch you" for the colors, promises or an expert leadership (yeah i found this in other guilds intro); Ours is "I Want You" this is a promise i make to all of you "to grow and have fun together" we are in a game not a job, i don't want to "force" anyone to pvp. This is a Global Guild, english base language (translate from google if needed) there's no join restrictions, anyone is welcome even if he didn't completed the story yet, we're creating a tutor system on discord for the "newbie". We do not accept troll or scammers and very rude people, i don't want toxic ppl both on discord and ingame even if they thousand playhours and pvp rate. This is the end... i guess, i'm working on guild shop, dex service, daycare, guild events and blablabla. The only thing that i can offer is my total disponibility (mine too of course) and a trasparente direction, many decision will be taken together, we're the urss after all. If you're interested contact me ingame or write me on Discord - Placido#1532. We Want You!
  22. Greetings. I am pleased to announce a PvP Incentive that will be forever, from now on, for all Chaos Members. Every month, a few Coin Capsules will be raffled between all Members who got more than a determinated amount of Rating Points. Starting on 50 Rating Points, then every 100 points, you will get 1 raffle entry. By the end of the season, all the names will be in a pool, where a few will be drawn. For example, if you have 383 rating, you will have a total of 4 entries. If you have 138, you will have 1 entrie. 5 x to the raffle. Bonus if we get 1st at the end of guild ladder: more 5 x to the raffle. If a member manages to stay on TOP 1 at the end of the player's ladder, he will be rewarded with 5M cash. THIS IS A CHAOS ONLY FEATURE! If you liked, and want to join us, submit your answer here: Chaos Guild Page (Click Here)
  23. I have caught around 20 fletchling on route225 with black membership, but i have not even encounter a hidden ability. Although I know you may only say that the probability problem, I just wanna know is there any error on black membership settings. Thanks a lot:EasterBulba:
  24. Greetings. I am pleased to announce the Chaos Hunting Event. An event that will take place forever, from now on, for all Chaos Members. Every two weeks, two Pokémons will be selected to be hunted. After 13 days, the event will stop, and, on the 14th day, 2 winners will be chosen (one for each Pokémon). On the next day, the Hunt will start again. First, you need to be a Chaos Member. After that, you hunt the selected Pokémon and submit it on our Discord Channel #hunting-event After submitting the image of the Pokémon, nothing else needs to be done. The points of your Pokémon will be IVS*1 + 10 for good nature or 40 for correct nature (this will be specified on Discord) + 10 for good ability or 40 for correct ability - (minus) Unused IVS*1 The Pokémon must be captured AFTER the start of the event and has to have the OT of the member who posted it. One Member can only submit ONE Pokémon per category. For example, if the Pokémons are Dratini and Gible, you can submit 1 Dratini AND 1 Gible, allowing you to win 2 times per event. After having the selected pokémon, the player must submit it on the channel #hunting-event 2 x per event (1x per winner) Bonus every 7 wins: 1 x Meen2 with 223 points Goldmariechan with 183 points ??? ??? THIS IS A CHAOS ONLY EVENT! If you liked, and want to join us, submit your answer here: Chaos Guild Page (Click Here)
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