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  1. Hi i ben hunting Halloween seedot for 5hr today and didn't get even one and my friend got 6 3days ago i got 3 in 2 hr can this be a bug ?
  2. Any other offert or just me
  3. Special Forces is PVP focusing Guild Started by Dragon73 with the help of jcclemar23 stArt2Rule and TheCharly all the players are free to apply here By giving the all the information given at the end [spoiler=Staff] [spoiler=Staff] [spoiler=Staff] [spoiler=Staff] [spoiler=Staff] LEADERS : Dragon73 agon#3954 OFFICERS : stArt2Rule jccelmar23 Thecharly [spoiler=INFORMATION] [spoiler=INFORMATION] [spoiler=INFORMATION] [spoiler=INFORMATION] [spoiler=INFORMATION] You Need to answer the some question below 1.Why you want to join special forces ? 2. What is your aim in PRO? 3
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