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  1. @Epoch6304 Hi, thanks for applying to New Leaf. I'll hit you up with a message soon.
  2. Ign: Raika Discord: Raika#4020 I'd love to join the server as a friend. Thanks!
  3. @Soul5niffer Thank you for applying to New Leaf. I too, enjoy standing in the middle of Vermilion city, admiring the sea. (I'll send you a message soon.)
  4. Raika


    Do you have a Pokemon with Magnet Pull in your party?
  5. If you don't mind, can you share your findings? How did you come to the conclusion that approximately 1-2% of the playerbase use Nurse Joy's services? Where is this survey you made?
  6. @WindNex8426 @B4m Hi, thanks for applying. I'll send you a DM soon.
  7. @Ervid @Leonard156 Thank you both for applying to New Leaf. I'll be sending you a message soon.
  8. Are you frustrated because you have to wait 10 minutes after every disconnect or because you disconnected during the match and lost points? Calm down a bit, cause they do not lose players for that petty reason. I'm pretty sure the 10 minute cooldown timer was there so people don't boost games and get free points easily, but with the introduction of the forfeit command I don't think that would really be needed anymore. +1 unless the 10 minute cooldown timer is there for a reason other than boostig.
  9. Heya @murty456. Thanks for applying. I gotchu!
  10. Hello people! Another season is here. Come join us if you want to learn or top the best of the best. Welcome to the multi-generation tournament. Taking inspiration from the Smogon tour, this will be a bo3 monthly tournament. The metagame for the tournament will be decided by the participants for each match, with the current formats being BW, ORAS, SM, SS, BDSP (Will be in trial) OU. The first pick will be decided by a coin flip, alternating picks. There will be a sign up fee of 100k and all sign up fees will be used for the prize pool. We will also add an extra 800k to the prize pool. The prizes will be divided as follows: 1st: 55% of the prize pool + One reroll ticket 2nd: 30% of the prize pool + One nature reroll ticket 3rd: 15% of the prize pool Once the brackets are made, each participant will have 5 days to schedule and play their matches. If no effort has been made to schedule by the end of the 5 days, the match will be decided by a coin flip. We're trying to get 32 people this time, so sign up while you can here: - PRO Tour Discord - and head to the #sign-up channel. Sign ups will end on the 15th of January, or until we have 32 people. Please do not sign up if you cannot commit any time. No toxicity or you will be instantly kicked. Also, even if you don't feel like participating, feel free to join and spectate anyways. - Previous tournament winners - F.A.Q Q: Will this be a Silver or Gold tournament? A: You can join regardless of your server. I will collect the fees in Silver, and Kboww in Gold. Q: I've played 1 match with my opponent and won. We couldn't schedule after that and ran out of time to battle. What happens? A: A coin flip will decide who moves on to the next round. One for each match, considering effort in scheduling of course. Q: How do I sign up? A: Simply click the server invite link above, join the server, go to #sign-up, and enter your PRO username as well as Showdown username. Good luck and have fun! Hosted by: Raika#4020
  11. Hi @Lukalikestuna, I also enjoy tuna. Oh, thanks for applying to the guild too, i'll send you a message very soon.
  12. Everybody saying it's nice for new players won't hesitate a second to use it themselves. (Including me) If this is implemented, make it so that only players who have less than 8 badges or haven't defeated the Kanto champion be able to use it. This way, you'll still have your money sinks, and newer players don't waste 100 Pokeballs hunting Magikarps, everyone wins.
  13. Make it so you have to pay an entry fee, let's say 100k, and the entry fee will go towards the prize pool at the end. If people lose motivation and don't play their games, then that's on them. There's also the option of dropping out and having subs available. Also, instead of having tons of people grouped up in a single bracket, have multiple groups of 16/18 people. This will help hasten the weeks overall.
  14. +1 That's really cool. Sort of like a draft league but I guess what you have in mind is the player can use any mon on their team.
  15. +1 No real reason, just sounds nice.
  16. @killer1997ab Hi, thanks for applying to our guild. I'll send you a message right away.
  17. Hello @Lajfxd @Amygdala @Rum @CptSpark Thank you all for applying to our guild. I'll send you guys a message soon.
  18. Hello @emeraldmoonx @Nedrey @IVXT @HIHIHIHI @Divinee @GThang Thank you all for applying to New Leaf. I'll be sending you guys a message soon.
  19. Hello @Haidara @IcmoneyI @Rureadybaws @HDBlair7 Thanks for applying to New Leaf. I'll be sending you guys a message soon.
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