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  1. What is the role of a Moderation Staff member? PRO's Moderation Team is a group of staff who provide support for players and ensure that PRO is kept in order. The Moderation Team make sure that users follow PRO's Rules and support players on the forum and in-game. A Moderator's primary focus is in PvP, and Chat violations. They maintain order in-game and make sure that users are following the rules. Moderators handle Reports, Appeals, and the PvP subforums. A good candidate for Moderator is someone who's an experienced member of PRO and has good knowledge in the PvP and Chat rules. Moderator is the most recruited role in PRO, it's important that Moderators would be able to put aside at least one hour per day for their duties. Staff Moderation Teams: Requirements Even if you don't meet the requirements, small exceptions may be made if the rest of your application is promising. (Mandatory) requirements must be met in order to apply. At least 200 hours in-game playtime. Able to dedicate yourself to staff work and deliver efficiently. 18 or older is preferred, applications from younger applicants will be considered if exceptional Can understand English at an advanced level. (Mandatory) You can still be accepted if you are from an area that isn't listed. These are just our priorities based on our highest userbase countries. What we look for in applicants. Strong communication. Open-mindedness. A positive attitude. Good organisation skills. Able to work in a team. Can work under pressure. Application The application form is below. Please fill it in and submit it as a new topic Here. We are aware that the questions might looks hard or "too serious" for a voluntary/not-paid position, however it's important to know who we have in front of us when we read their applications. This because the quality of staff is reflected on the community and the greater the staff is and the better the results will be. The previous questions were telling us almost nothing and this would lead to a lot of time potentially wasted from both sides. Your application and results must remain confidential. We ask all applicants to keep the fact they have applied secret. Sharing your application status will result in the rejection of your application. Please be aware that all staff work is voluntary! This is not a career. When applications are open, there will be an announcement on our Discord Server and this post will be featured on the front page of the forum.
  2. Pokemon Revolution Online is looking for fun hardworking individuals with a sense of creativity. We are looking for individuals who are goal oriented, task driven and want to contribute to this beloved game for an extended period of time. Mapping can be fun, if you decide to have fun with it. It is what you make it. What is the role of a Mapper? Together with Content Scripters, Artists, Developers, and Admins; Mappers represent that part of the staff called Content Staff, who have access and are in charge of the creation and editing of the content of the game. In specific, a mapper is an individual who creates the maps for the game, which are commonly known to be used for story, events, etc. Some examples of map can be Pallet Town, Pinkan Island or Eumi Island. Mappers create maps through the use of an editor and the use of tiles. The Mapper Team should always monitor the community's interests as well as the staff's channels in order to know what needs to be mapped, as well as the Mapping Bugs forum in the Bug Resolution in order to find and fix the mapping errors reported by the community. Needed Traits: Mapper needs to have a sense of space and overall map look. Creative Attention to detail Motivated Learns from mistakes Is willing to learn Works well with a team and is a team player Tasks include: Creation of maps, whether its from a known region like Unova, Custom Regions created from zero and not present in the original games, seasonal maps or other staff ideas. Fixing errors the community finds Revamping maps, which means give a new and improved form, structure and appearance to a map. Maps have to fit the PRO style, which mean that the map has to look natural. lively, eye-friendly and relaxing. Basic Notes & Examples of Bad/Good Maps: What is a bad map and what you shouldn't be doing if you plan on applying for a mapper; Example of Bad Map: Example of a good map for us I have posted an example of how to map and, an map which is detailed of how a map should be made Present a valid showcase of your works done by another editor such as tiled. Tiled is open source free map editor commonly used by mappers worldwide. Making one map in it will be enough to evaluate your skill. Make sure to provide indoors for any map you did. Check the Mapping Guide/Tips/Advices made from our Mappers https://tinyurl.com/PROMappingGuide Use the mapping section on Pokemon Revolution’s Discord to keep yourself updated, ask advices and opinions directly to the official Mappers. Links to practice: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3afzew8jx8me069/PROEditor.zip/file --- Practice Editor https://tinyurl.com/PROMappingGuide --- Official Guide created by our Official Mappers https://youtu.be/VRNqf1qfU7g --- Great step-by-step video guide on how to use the editor and create your own maps You can present your work under the private forums. No one but you and staff will be able to see it. Please stick with the one thread only. If I see your map is going somewhere I might offer guidance in your thread. If I feel that your map can't be improved because it's fundamentally wrong then I will note it down too. Being at least 18 years old. Note: You will need to show your ID Card, however it will be visible only to the game owners and to no one else. Fair activity Creative Able to dedicate some hours to PRO mapping per day after/if promoted. Especially in the beginning. Healthy game record. Adequate English To apply, please answer to these questions in your application. Do also show some example maps you’ve made. Submit your work and application HERE: -> MAPPER APPLICATION SUBMISSION <-
  3. Game Testers. What are Game Testers? Game Testers are expert users who work alongside Developers, Content Scripters and Mappers and provide useful feedback as well as report any errors and bugs. We use a separate testing server where users are given a new character with access to anything that may aid in testing. Why do we need them? Our staff team is in need of Game Testers to test new and upcoming implementations to PRO. For a while now, we have been rewarding users who help us test various important updates before they're released. In order to bring better content to PRO, we are making the Game Tester an official rank in the staff team. This will streamline communication between content staff and testers to allow better and faster testing. How are they chosen? Game Testers have to go through an apprenticeship where they will be watched to see how efficiently they work as well as how well their communication and activity is. Game Testers will be given a new account that has access to various staff commands to aid their testing. Game Testers will be officially recognised as PRO Staff members once their apprenticeship is passed. Requirements & Application process. Requirements: All requirements are mandatory. You wont be considered if you do not meet the base requirements At least 100 hours of playtime. Be able to clearly communicate in English. Sinnoh champion. 18+ years old. Able to dedicate your time and deliver efficiently. What we're looking for: Strong communication. High patience levels. Reliability. Able to persistently repeat the same work. Can commit a fair amount of time to testing duties. Application form: If you are interested in the position, please fill in the application form below. Your application and results must remain confidential. We ask all applicants to keep the fact they have applied secret. Sharing your application status will result in the rejection of your application. Please be aware that all staff work is voluntary! This is not a career. Once complete, send your application form to me via a private message! (Click "Start Conversation" on my profile).
  4. Hello everyone! We're currently holding open recruitment for new Discord Moderators. If you wish to become a part of our Discord Staff Team, this is your chance. PRO's Discord Staff is the collective group of Discord-oriented staff who provide support for players and ensure that PRO's Discord is kept in order. The Discord Team makes sure that users follow PRO's Discord Rules and support players with their questions and problems about the game. For more specific descriptions of each role, see below: Discord Leader - The leaders of the motley crew of Discord Moderators. They oversee all content within the Official PRO Discord. Discord Moderator - They preside over the Official PRO Discord as its moderation and general-support personnel. Junior Discord Moderator - Trainees that will become full-fledged Discord Moderators... The following requirements must be met in order to apply. At least 50 hours of in-game playtime. At least Discord Member role. 16 or older. Fluency in the English language. A positive attitude and willingness to help others. The application form is below. Please fill it in and submit it as a new topic HERE. The application review will be ongoing as it is open recruitment. This means that it will take time to be selected. Keep in mind that your past and current behavior will be taken into account when you submit your survey answers. Note that all staff work is voluntary! This is not a career but a hobby instead.
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