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[TUTORIAL] How to PRO on Android


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He marcylene ... I have a tablet working on android 6.0 and when I installed the app that you linked to check the memory needed ... well the app didn't worked it charshed all the time I tried ....Well after using your app my wifi stopped working to I rebooted my tab and it's touch stopped working and it cost me ₹250 and again the problem persists if it's because anything in your app please tell me how to fix it ... I don't wanna spend another ₹250 on this ...

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Hello. I have a Samsung S22 Ultra

My current specs are:

Android 5.10

Storage: 27.4 GB unused of 128GB in internal storage.

GPU: Qualcomm Adreno 730. Max frequency is 818 MHz

8 GB of RAM


4x Cortex-A510

3x Cortex-A710

1x Cortex-X2

8 cores.

I am having problems with the game crashing after about 5-10 minutes of it being open every time it opens regardless of what I'm doing. I have tried a fresh install after clearing all data on the app and restarting my phone. I installed the app and it says I have enough memory. I downloaded the APK from my PC and transferred it to my phone and installed it with ASTRO after clearing app data, uninstalling and restarting my phone again. Is there anything else I can do?





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