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  1. because the clone ones dont have icon sprites. They would be required to be made.
  2. Thor

    Emote packs

    Good Morning. This was something we had a little foray into a few years back but at the time our lead artist Carel didn't like the idea so it never happened, but how about you add purchaseable emote packs? From a personal point, apart from some people moaning about paying a small amount to unlock them, I see no down-side. I even have a complete pack (its a meme themed pack) if you want to see what I am talking about. You could do anything, bubbles with certain images of Pokemon pulling different emotes off (such as Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow), stylised punctuations, the list is endless AND you could generate some extra server revenue at the same time
  3. you can't just 'Give' animations, they have to be made. The reason not all moves have animations is because they haven't been made.
  4. this is planned, at some point
  5. no problem thanks for the reply :) I also noticed that the lighting command also doesnt work (in the command console), but i guess that was removed on purpose
  6. I don't know if this is intended, however channel commands no longer work. For example /cgdef. it says it works, however it doesn't perform its intended function
  7. Thor

    Update Logs

    Seperated the PvP coin shop elements, the item buyer is now in all dept stores. Made some things, and stuff. future content hush hush
  8. No, I care about content creation. Things will be added when it is right to.
  9. Gonna cut you short here. No. We don't want players to have shiny legendaries outside of winning tornaments or being staff. Also, the other items proposed are coin vendor specific items, never to be given for free.
  10. you will never be able to catch 'all' pokemon, legends over 600BST will never be catchable. that is just something we are hard stanced on, it will never happen
  11. Thor

    Update Logs

    Fixed some things, and stuff, regarding future content that you will know about when it is ready and playtested Fixed defog tutors Fixed and expanded the daily challenge quest, there will be 12 new pokemon for you to be given challenges to hunt (Nidoran Male and Female have been removed, due to script issue) Added Power Herb to PvP coin masters and to Golds Gym Vitamin shop
  12. Ok, i found the root cause, Nidoran M and F produce a flawed variable. Therefore you will need to come to me ingame and I will therefore change the Pokemon you have to hunt. Nidorans wont work anymore
  13. it is fixed, game-side. Your variables need updating also, which I cannot do while ur offline
  14. the birds will come when all other prerequisite content is ready.
  15. its not currently possible to do that
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