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Accessibility to Berries (Those that raises stats in a pinch)


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Currently, berries that raise stats in a pinch, albeit, available in PRO. Yet due to being overly rare because of their high cooldown time combined with limited attainable method (only exact two spots with very few spawns, and you are not guaranteed to get those berries as they are mixed with other berries too)

However, those berries are highly useful in some specific strategy (especially Salac Berry + Substitute - with Subs being coded recently, this would be very worth looking forward to, as well as Endure-Liechi berry and many more)

So I think it's preferable that there would be more spawn locations for these berries, or an NPC that would sell these berries.. Or, another buildings that is similar to Berry Tower in Kanto (which gives you EV-Reducing Berries)

I am looking forward to your reply.

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