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  1. As far as I know, this has not changed recently, so it kinda weirds me out that this does not work. I alternatively do Toxic/Flash three times to four times (depending on the opponent's max HP) /Memento, and hope I don't get bad luck. I will go ingame and test it myself.
  2. +1, neat suggestion. Some pokemon like Venusaur or Muk can trick you and give you different EV than what you would expect.
  3. Why would you use your mouse and not your keyboard keys?
  4. -1. In the horizontal tile line you have just above your character there are 22 horizontal bushes you can walk from one side to the other. This is completely innecessary. It's already good as it is.
  5. Honestly, not a bad idea if you accidentally click it while going through your bag. +1
  6. Yes, you should be able to (you can also trade it to a friend so he teaches it for you!)
  7. (Even though it has been answered by a Staff member, since it's my guide I guess I gotta answer too lol.) @StevenBelievinBasically Charm should be able to be learned in the Pre-evolution Move Tutor in the Daycare after you defeat Naero Boss in Cerulean Cave, which is unlocked after you defeat Lance in Dragon's Den B1F (for which I made a guide you can use here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/164612-how-to-unlock-cerulean-cave-without-any-external-help-while-being-a-complete-newbie-the-guide/) However, Confide's TM (for some reason) is not available in PRO yet, even th
  8. In the same exact room where the Doctor is, there are multiple garbage bins. Interact with them, one of them has a Pecha Berry
  9. I would name them Bhimoso's belly and Bhimoso's bald head.
  10. Do you really want that sweet 25% experience bonus to level up your story mons but you completely suck at PvP? Do you keep getting kicked from guilds because you don't reach the minimum rating? Do you want to try out PvPing for fun with your docile Bidoof and learn how to PvP without losing 200 games? Do you want to make new friends and have a nice community and people to trade and help each other out in a peaceful environment? Do you want PvP advice, coaching and PvP pokemon lending (with a gigantic PvP Pokemon bank with over 350+ pokemon to borrow whene
  11. Guide has been updated. 99% of the info should be right now. Enjoy it!
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