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  1. @Shaktimaan (Tagging you since I'm going to be online for the next 3 hours or so)
  2. Hey, I've been going online daily to check if you are around. Can you tell me what time in your timezone are you available this week to trade?
  3. Start: 1m Min Bid: 100k Duration: 24 hours from the starting bid No insta Only pokedollars are accepted.
  4. On the 1st of January 2024, @Moltenm3tal and two of his friends have tragically passed away in an accident near Mumbai, India. They were all only 23. This has completely broken three families and communities where we still struggle to accept this happened. Their lives were cut short in such an unfair way that we in Raiders still struggle to accept it. This is a goodbye post for him but also to remember his presence in the game. I am not good with words so I'll try. Those who played in Gold Server in the recent years know of Moltenm3tal. He used to colead the Raiders Guild (together with RoyalRaiders, one of the top 10 guilds for years in Gold Server) for several years. Molten was always outgoing, never shy to speak to people and always made friends with people from the guild but also the All Chat community. Many will still remember his giveaways and his hide and seek events, the discord calls where we would play chess together, miserably fail at PvP, draw in Skribbl until 3 AM and laugh together for hours at how horrible we drew pokemon (I still do). Molten was our leader and coleader for over three years. He financed several events and was always willing to teach newbies when needed. From 2018 to 2021 and onwards, he was always there when you needed him. He always joked around, he never ever got mad, he always was rational and down to earth and he never had an ego. I do not recall a single time where we both ever argued. He donated over 70 million pokedollars to the guild over years without ever asking for anything back. Ever. He funded so many countless events that it's impossible to count. Even to this day, in PRO discord, you can even check the player hosted events section and see how many Pokemon Hunt events he paid for in Raiders. But more than anything, he was a good friend. He was a young kid from India who started playing the game in 2018. He was 18 back then. He joined us full of motivation and he quickly met others (Bergelon, Kyxy, Nayasky, Debeast, Ashes55, Ariknu, Kalisto, Rednaks, Valeriu and so many more) and helped raise Raiders. He was happy to work with his family even if they were many long hours. He was always there to help out ingame even while at work, he always hung out with friends, he was there when you needed him. Every single time. He was my best ingame friend for years as I even let him lead the guild for a long time. He was always there to provide personal advice, to help when I was not mentally stable and going through a hard time, and he would always be willing to lend a hand whenever needed. He and his friends were just 23. You never know when someone will leave for the last time and you'll never be able to see them again. Regardless of age, location, or circumstances, please talk to your friends and family often and tell them that you love them and stay up to date with them. I still regret not having talked to him more. I regret not having answered his messages earlier. Situations like these remind you that the people you love the most could be gone the next day. Talk to your loved ones often and don't be afraid of showing your feelings to them. Rest in peace Dhwaj. I wish I and all of your guildmates could've spoken to you one last time.
  5. 1.- You go and level it up in the Trainer Tower or in any outside area. Nobody is forcing you to go to the tower anyway. 2.- Leveling outside the Tower is free. The new system is better even if it can still be improved.
  6. Bump, available again after I've done 2 Story services this week.
  7. Updated my contact info so you can contact me on discord directly.
  8. -1, you need to buy one of those fridge magnets that wouldn't stick off even in an earthquake and place it onto your Magnezone. On a more serious note, if they predict your switch into Magnezone by switching out at the same time, they should be rewarded with the current mechanic that has existed for generations.
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