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  1. +1, we need to buy new air conditioners to renew the air in Cerulean Cave. There's too many players that don't shower and hunt together there without washing in centuries (including me) (and no, the water you surf there doesn't count as a shower). This sounds like a completely fair suggestion to add in a few drinks, a fridge and air conditioner to pay its costs daily.
  2. I would actually say +1, this isn't a bad idea at all, it's a more expensive consumable escape rope and it brings you to a port area directly.
  3. I would say +1 partially: the problem is that many fights and cooldowns are completely wasted due to the fight exp being capped at 150k EXP. If the cap was raised to 300k or so, this would not be noticeable until around level 60 to 70, where you stop gaining 150k per each fight, unless you fight very high level NPCs with your tools (Misdreavus/Mismagius/False Swipers) which is the whole point of fighting them. Removing the exp cap completely would make a level 2 Magikarp instalevel to 100 if they fought a really high level pokemon (like 90) which would completely destroy daycaring services. However, increasing the cap to 300 or 450k would actually help a lot to give some purpose to Gym Leader Rematches + Copycat Lamsie + Trainer Rematches + help level up those pestering tanks with high EXP requirements.
  4. +1, yes to both ideas. The second idea is more complicated due to possible IRL issues however, but I completely understand the concern of the suggestion.
  5. I'd say -1, but I wouldn't mind having it reduced to 5 minutes in case you surrender a game a bit early.
  6. I would say -1, it would lead to removing a permanent money sink from the game in the long term, and it sounds too restrictive. You would rather just talk to any NPC Trainer or interaction that begins a fight (even some other NPCs do this) and log out during the dialogue, which teleports you back to a pokecenter.
  7. +1, agreed that Bulbasaur's Safari spawn is clearly improvable in many ways. Fixing it by removing a few of the more common pokemon should be more than enough. hey maybe I should like, idk, do some changes on it to improve it or something lol
  8. +1. It's not really hard at all for Support Staff to find and restore these pokemon but it's better for users in case they accidentally delete an event form and don't remember until months later. It's still a good suggestion.
  9. +1, really nice suggestion!
  10. Decided to just sell / trade ingame or to keep it, it's cute :3
  11. -1. If you lose a fight or surrender early (because you will lose), you lose money. It's as simple as that. There's no reason why you shouldn't lose money when you lose. You could abuse surrenders in PvE to abuse strategies until you found one that worked 100% of the time without any punishment.
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