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  1. Bhimoso

    New Leaf - Top 50

    The members above were invited! Bump! New Leaf is recruiting again
  2. WTB Hippowdown 22+ 800k, meet Vermi!
  3. I'll start with 1m.
  4. Not going to play devil's advocate here (no idea about the expression), sometimes players just want to play the game and it's completely fine, not everyone comes to play the game to be helping newbies during their gameplay. Some spend a few minutes of their day helping and the remainder hours they just play the game, some stay for hours helping, some will ignore you when they are too tired to answer or don't know how to provide a response and as long as they are not rude towards you or don't break rules that is completely fine. You have to keep in mind many people play this game for fun, to distract themselves from work or studies and to disconnect from life a bit and they don't want to be disturbed during their gameplay. Nobody has an obligation to help you but I understand it is appreciated from a newbie's perspective. What I recommend you to try next time is to ask a different person for help on that same topic or to research forums, the wiki or pro discord for a response on your doubt. There's always going to be people who are not interested in helping, people who are but can't due to different reasons and people who will help you. Falling into the toxicity cycle when you have a single incident with a user and asking for them to be banned when they did not break any of the game's rules is excessive. Other members of the community will always be willing to help newbies out don't give up and use Help Chat and the aforementioned places for it!
  5. I heard you're poor and need the money so I'll start your auction
  6. @Renaciente I'm already there, waiting for you.
  7. The auction already ended around 16 minutes ago from this message, @Renaciente let me know when you are online to buy the Goodra.
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