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  1. @LabesiWhy Fixed my whole guide, thanks for pointing it out
  2. I start Darmanitan Darmanitan auction ends the 22nd of July 2021 at 11:56 in Spanish Morning (just to track it myself :v)
  3. Complete -1, it is part of basic Pokemon mechanics and it would make no sense. It would be absolutely overpowered that you'd barely ever go to heal to a Pokecenter, and would render Leppa Berries, Ether, Max Ether, Max Elixir completely useless.
  4. @envymeisterI'd like to buy Chandelure for 13 cc (4940k) + 60k, Gold Server
  5. @iRewindYes, it is indeed just in case you don't have Daycare Access. I have to update it to add the Future Sight + Memento combo (with Gardevoir).
  6. -1, the quest has to remain like it is now. However, the list of pokemon should be adjusted so that we don't have to capture incredibly high tiers restricted to side areas on a daily basis. We should still be forced to hunt rare pokemon, just not incredibly rare on a daily basis. It would be beyond stupid and broken to leave it back as it was, it was abused by octoabusing accounts and logging in 5 minutes a day to get millions a week with no effort involved after you captured the required pokemon.
  7. I'll argue +1 onto this, I don't see an issue with it.
  8. -1, as already denied in other posts and commented multiple times, unfortunately.
  9. +1, there should be a tooltip or log in message like the Ladder Boost one.
  10. -1. As explained above, the Ditto Copy will still be extremely frail and you should know to play around Ditto copying your Mega/Setup Sweeper/Sweeper. It is also a cool tool you can add to any team. I think it works perfectly as a gimmick.
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