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  1. I'd like to buy Adamant 31 speed 22+ speed boost ninjask for 600k.
  2. If you're in story, right now I would just focus on doing Story until you atleast beat the Johto Elite 4, which unlocks you access to several things: Mt Silver - better training spot aside from Dragon's Den Route 28 - best place to get synch pokemon More access to pokemon and headbutt places to be able to get pokemon for Love Island access and to unlock evo and caught data for multiple legendary pokemon quests Access to many spawns for very useful pokemon for the midgame and lategame (HM Slaves such as Parasect at a high level in MT Silver, Chinglings you can slowly level up to later use to level up other pokemon with Perish Song - Yawn - Healing Wish) Access to Pinkan Island quest, where many useful pokemon can be caught (Ralts with Trace to help you hunt specific pokemon, and in Pinkan you also have very high level pokemon + 2 bosses + many pokemon often used in both PvP and Bosses in PvE). In my opinion, as a newbie, you should focus on doing Dig Spots, Pokestops and finding the money items around Kanto and Johto and just beating Kanto and Johto's storyline taking your time. After that, before doing Hoenn and Sinnoh you can take your time with sidequests and side areas!
  3. @Yacobe Welcome to PRO! There's several pokemon that are disgustingly good in PRO's PvE, Gengar being one of them. I generally recommend you look out for pokemon whose rarity are common, whose final evolution is a great PvP pokemon (which in the majority of cases will translate well into PvE) and that is easy to train. Some examples may be Machop to Machamp, Geodude to Golem (more for PvE than PvP), Magnemite to Magnezone and Slowpoke to Slowbro. You aren't really focusing on PvE lategame for now (like bosses) but many good PvE story sweepers can also be used for specific bosses and quests, so they'll be useful. -Are there any Kanto pokemon I can sell for money? This heavily depends on PvP, basically. It is hard to sell pokemon that are exclusively good in PvE (such as Minun, Plusle or Dustox who are amazing in PvE) but not good at all in PvP. If you are capable of hunting for Synchronise Natu in Route 22, I seriously suggest you try your luck with Timid Gastly in Vermillion Graveyard (though it requires 31 speed IV to be sellable at a good price), Jolly Magikarp in Viridian City or Timid Magnemite in Power Plant. It is a bit hard to hunt PvP pokemon at the beginning of the game but it is entirely possible. -Can I get the other starters in Kanto? Yes. Squirtle is huntable in Vermillion City by Surfing. Charmander is available in Cinnabar Mansion. Bulbasaur is available in Kanto's Safari. -Should I try to complete my dex? Yes. It gives you access to additional boss fights, quests and specific areas. Also access to legendary pokemon. -Can/should I fight bosses? If you are a newbie: yes, after you beat the Kanto Elite 4, grab a few level 100 and challenge some bosses in EASY mode. By the time you have made a boss team you will have fought bosses a few times and be familiarised with them to fight them in harder difficulties. Their cooldown to be refought is 12 days. Take your time! There's no rush. They give a lot of money and useful items. -Is there any form of breeding? No, as breeding destroys the economy, it is not enabled in PRO. -Can I bring pokemon between regions? No but yes. Once you start a new region you'll have to beat all gym badges in that region with pokemon you find there. Once you beat the 8 badges you'll be able to use your old pokemon again. Hope it helps! Lonely Pikachu for story is fine. Pikachu is a mixed attacker and with Light Ball it hits really hard during story. It mainly uses special attacks but it can also use some physical ones like Dig, Volt Tackle and Iron Tail.
  4. Very quick service, done in less than 24 hours, would recommend 10/10 did not get scammed and my pokemon were not resold to some random in Trade Chat. Pog.
  5. +1, Excas in general need a massive overhaul.
  6. Available for EV Service in Silver Server? Discord: bhim.#0136
  7. @Citronita Thank you for applying to the guild! Please, read your private messages.
  8. Bhimoso

    Prison System

    I'll have to -1, it's such an overcomplicated system that just brings many problems and will backfire. The appeal system should stay as it is without any kind of Prison.
  9. Hi benjienub, I'd like to buy: 28/31 hera for 75k I will consider buying Ninjask and Modest Garde if you'd be up to sell both together for 600k.
  10. Saludos, @Pacorrrr, por desgracia en Dratini y evos necesitas Marvel Scale que es Multiscale en Dragonite para que sea pvpable por lo tanto no está en mi lista de la compra. Bump!
  11. @White507 tell me when and where we could meet for the Breloom, please.
  12. Ripperoni. Not my preferred hp so won't buy Zoroark :c Tell me where and when to meet for Breloom and Houndour, 1m total.
  13. I'd like to buy 20+ houndour timid flash fire for 200k and the breloom 20+ ada technician for 800k. Please, tell me what hidden power is the hasty 28 speed zoroark. @Asuracrying00
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