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Silver Server - Hikikomori

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  rsz_116507946_1740598726254873_4937177517003198211_n.png.2da228fab45d9c16b9df06143d1b67d8.png    rsz_58ab919c130d785be090af64e365ff06.png.7855932f43d96f9f04f719863dd16cbf.png   rsz_116507946_1740598726254873_4937177517003198211_n.png.2da228fab45d9c16b9df06143d1b67d8.png

Info :

 Pvp/Pve- solo or team player  -     Welcome

No free stuff here -  Evryones Wallet  is his own ,but still play as a team.

Support eachother in the guild and share ur knowledge to Guildmembers if u can- Lets grow and become one of the best collectors or the strongest Pvpers known in the server . 

Requirements to join :   at least -minumum 400 hours playtime             How to Join :  Post ur : -PlayerName- 
                                                                  Gaming Addiction/Active                                                                                        -Playtime-

                                                                  Dedication  to achieve big things                                                                            (Or whisper me ingame)


The Sign:  
grafik.png.7389dfa5856303fa981933e963761dc5.png    The Crown  only for the finest of people

There are Rules :                   No Begging  ( Asking for free stuff ) * 
image.jpeg.75546d4d69b7e81b998523d99c83dd87.jpeg     No disrespectful behaviour towards guild members. 
                                               Follow Pro Rules-  ( Dont get banned )                                                           

  Thats it.    Join and have a good Hunt!   rsz_140-1405861_transparent-hitagi-senjougahara-png-anime-girl-peace-sign.png.3d8a6648259f4c698e3f543417ed2002.png                                                                                                                                                                           


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What is this about?

"To hurt others is part of being human but...
Sometimes we hurt people so much
That there is no way to fix their soul...
And we lose them

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