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  1. I'd love to see new balls. Though we have many at the moment (these are currently affect the catch rate) it would be great to see pokeballs like Mewtwo's from the 1st movie!
  2. That's the latest version. Also thanks for advices.
  3. @SiegDragun The guy above you wanted it earlier. It's sold.
  4. Thank you Maisa, I actually saw that post already. The thing is that by then the "NEXT PAGE" button wasn't working and I was redirected to main forum page. It seems to work now though so thank you!
  5. I don't think it's any important but sure, why not. +1
  6. -1 for the "how many times pokemon was clicked" it's just dumb, 'cause sooner or later we'd come across numbers that aren't even named yet and nobody's gonna script it so that it will reset every 10 minutes or so. And as for others +1 to every of them. I'd love to see what ball people used to catch certain poke or confirm whether flexers lies about OT or not. Moveset is also really helpful, so that you don't have to ask before buying a poke. Thumbs up!
  7. Yeah, option of "total victories" sounds really cool aswell. Just some idea, would be great if events were up the same date every time, so that could be tracked in the calendar aswell
  8. Hello. Probably has been suggested already, or at least something simillar but I'm going to post how I see it. I don't really want to explain much about it, probably a lot of you already know what's going on here. Additional tab, called Journal would have in it few more tabs. These would have implemented all the bosses in game (decluding event ones when not available), dig spots (how many available in certain location - x/x mt. moon), daily quests (like trick room, 5 ranked pvp games, doctor etc.) and calendar so we could see planned events and stuff. I hope
  9. Thank you SO MUCH! I was looking for that for quite a while now Still haven't unlocked george so gotta think of that in the first way. Also having trouble beating Entei Guardian since my 2nd win.
  10. Hello! As said in the title. I'm looking for 40 most profitable bosses in the game that are worth being killed throughout 2 week lockout. I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks!
  11. Thank you. To be honest it didn't even take that long. Was done in like 30 minutes or so.
  12. Let me know whether you like it or not.
  13. What is this? Pokemongo? I don't like that idea. There are plenty of things to do in game already to not say about events, WQs and outbreaks. -1
  14. Most of these are tier 1, they're not even that expensive Thanks though!
  15. Since PRO's PC boxes are the way as they are now and probably won't get reworked any time soon, I've decided to clean my PC a bit by segregating shinies, event sprite Pokemon and all of my 100s (didn't include 100s on the screenshot, I found it redundant). Just wanted to share with you, don't mind me Maybe this will encourage some of you to do the same just for own satisfaction.
  16. I'm having trouble with dithering. It looks unnatural in my works and completely doesn't smooth anything at all. Any advices?
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