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Hello, I am a complete beginner when it comes to Pokémon Teams. That's why I wanted to ask if anyone can help me build a team. My favourite Pokémon are Chandelure and Garchomp. Can I build a team out of them and if so how?

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Hi. Chandelure is not the very best poke for the meta right now, but it can still be used as it has some niches, especially as a way of being a reliable switch to the dangerous mega charizard y (the ability flash fire is a necessity on it right now), as well as a check to some super common threats, such as mega scizor. Equipped with a choice scarf, with its great special attack, it can serve as both a revenge killer and bulky offense/balance breaker, while also being able to pivot around some stuff. That being said (since you want it paired up with garchomp), I'd recommend using them both in a decent, bulky offense team. My suggestion would be something like choice band tyranitar (on this kind of team it should have some hp investment in order to survive a +1 earthquake from mega charizard x), some bulky variant of swords dance mega scizor (prolly impish with u-turn), scarf chandelure, tank chomp (impish garchomp with rocky helmet, rocks and fire blast). Bold rotom-w as the defoger and the other part of the volturn core and an assault vest hidden power ice tangrowth, in order to deal with rain and some other stuff the team is weak to. You can check the sets for majority of these pokes on smogon. Hope I helped

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