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I'm confused


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In this video at 20:43 , it shows I'm online at the vermilion pc door step . But I was not online at that time. This was so confusing to see me online in that stream . I guess this stream was around 11pm to 12 am ( local time ) here , I'm sure I was not online at that time . Even if I was online at that time I must be on fiery path no way I'll be there at vermilion. 


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Hi there @Vishnukv 


As mentioned by OIker this situation most likely happened because of the timezone difference between both of you. It would be best to change your password & file a report if you think that your account might have been compromised. 


Let me know if you have any other question or concern. 

Have a splendid day! 

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Share your questions on the forums, as they can be of use to others.

Unsolicited private messages will be sent to the moon.

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Yes , I checked the time on his screen it was 18:40 or something which was 12 am at my place . It's okay , I talked to Keita (Shinohara) on discord he said it seems to be a visual glitch nothing else .

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