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  1. Knock off doesn't remove the item if you die.
  2. A 12 day wait isn't that crazy for an mmo. The wait will be over sooner than what you two think.
  3. I don't know if I'm the only one, but why are it's purple parts more pinky? Can it be possible to make it more accurate?
  4. I love the idea. It would be a complete pain to re - do all the story to make this feature available. PokeOne has it. Don't know if they're still working on it, though.
  5. Yeah it's really annoying. Then you bring in your d bonder and he misses all his moves. :v
  6. The suggestion includs CLIENT SIDE nicknaming, which has been talked about in PRO's Q&As. Therefore, I thought it deserved a bump.
  7. +1 to this. But I still have to comment that if you lost "many" pvps because lf misclicks, well, you can't blame them anymore, lol.
  8. Only your starter pikachu can have surf.
  9. "Can you give me some poke?" "Bro I need money" "Come on bro, you are rich, don't be a bad person" (after I say I have some millions as budget for something in trade chat) And the most special one: "I have a gambling disease, can you give me 200k to spend in the casino?" @25xronwnhli8ios I wouldn't mind ignoring them, if it wasn't that there's just too many.
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