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  1. Numbers in the spreadsheet aren't really hard to understand. However, the time invested fpr creating it is appreciated. As you said, I disagree with the time factor, I believe it takes much, MUCH mess. Responding to the suggestions: 1. It has been suggested already, and is being worked on. I hope it works like neopets auctions. 2. I prefer for it to just be coded. I strongly believe that the market will re-balance itself, probably producing a lower range of varying prices. 3. Kind of like pokémon go? I completely disagree with this one, it would limit the economy completely, disbanding it from being a real free market.
  2. Damn, people literally just read two words of a whole paragraph.
  3. Remember his time is not necessarily your time.
  4. I never thought those type of Joys were used that much, lol. I NEVER used any of them.
  5. I gave him, or someone from his guild, clothes once. I left vermi and came back a few minutes later. He asked me for clothes again. It reminded me of that south park episode where beggars were everywhere.
  6. I suggest that it should be revamped, just like new bosses. That way recognizes if the dc was a crash, and lets the player fight again.
  7. I don't rememner if the halloween client songs were the same every year, but I remember one I really liked back in 2017 I believe? I tried to find it, but can't. Anyone can help me with this, please? :]
  8. Dealt with quickly and accordingly before it became a morality battle. Close this, as it has been denied already, please. :]
  9. Knock off doesn't remove the item if you die.
  10. A 12 day wait isn't that crazy for an mmo. The wait will be over sooner than what you two think.
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