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  1. I'm really glad to see that the issue was solved! It seems that the fix was already uploaded and that only a restart/crash of the server was needed to restore the Mimikyu's stuck in this form Since resolved this thread will now be locked, don't hesitate to make a new one if new issues comes by Have a nice day! Midsommar
  2. Hi there @SwiTryx Apologies for the inconvenience. The Horon boss can act as a reset for the catchable Darkrai if you failed to catch it during your encounter after the Dark realm. This boss is located to the north of Necropolis, in the dark valley; you will be required to defeat him without any fainted pokemon to gain another chance at catching Darkrai. Once the Darkrai is reset you will be able to encounter it again in Alucard Castle 3rd floor. It's good to note that Horon can also give an Halloween mount and can reset the dark realm if you need to retur
  3. Happy to help! This thread will now be locked as resolved. Don't hesitate to make a new one if you have any question Kind regards, Midsommar
  4. Hi there, apologies for the wait I would like to inform you that the issue revolving mimikyu busted form will be fixed during the next server maintenance. You can keep an eye out in the official discord server since the maintenance will be announced there. Please remain patient as there still no estimated time as to when this server maintenance will take place Let me know if I can help with anything else! Kind regards Midsommar
  5. As mentioned by Norex try to use an item such as the black belt or wise glasses. Just using stored power might not be enough, so try using cosmic power before as this will boost stored power, letting you defeat the mega gengar. Try to level it up it more if you are not able to defeat it in the 3 turns given As a general tip be sure to recruit all the possible pokemon's in the dark realm as they will be useful for later. You can see how you can get them all here. Let me know if you need more help! Kind regards, Midsommar
  6. Greetings @munchin I've moved the thread in the right section. Let me know if I can help with anything else! Kind regards, Midsommar
  7. Greetings @BIN0D Apologies for the inconvenience. I would like to inform you that this bug is only a visual one caused from the possible battle bond froakies in that area; I can assure you that froakie is still catchable in Necropolis (Spawns from reborn). You have been simply unlucky for this spawn, as it is a Tier 8 it might take a while before encountering one. As a piece of general advice I would recommend using the reborn bot to confirm if a pokemon still spawn in an area, since it has the most accurate information spawn wise. It's available in the o
  8. Greetings @excelso Apologies for the inconvenience. You will be able to re-enter the castle and proceed with the quest by beating the boss Horon in the dark valley, north of Necropolis. You are required to beat this boss without any fainted Pokemon in order to access its reward(s). Once that is done you should be able to enter the castle again. Furthermore, Horon can also be used as a Darkrai reset if you failed to catch it or as a dark realm reset if you need to go back there. Defeating him with no fainted pokemon after catching darkrai will reward you with an H
  9. Greetings @finnderboss Apologies for the inconvenience Thank you for taking the time to report this issue; the appropriate parties are aware and hopefully the bug will be fixed anytime soon. An announcement will be made in the official discord server whenever this gets resolved Have a nice day, Midsommar
  10. Greetings @Necrogimp Apologies for the inconvenience and the delay. Quoting PokemonDB: I'm afraid that we cannot return your item since trick is working as intended, following the actual mechanic of the original games. Tricking an item on a wild pokemon and then fleeing or losing the battle without using trick again will result in the loss of the switched item. There is also no way for us to confirm that this situation happened and furthermore, it would be unfair to those who lost their items the same way and were never refunded. You will be able to get
  11. I'm very happy to see that the issues mentioned are no longer a concern for you. With this being resolved, I'll now be locking the thread Don't hesitate to make a new thread if in need of assistance again. Have a nice day! Midsommar
  12. Greetings @yunis979. Apologies for the inconvenience encountered. By looking through our tools I saw that you were able to successfully connect to the Gold server. Were you able to solve the issue at hand ? If so, is there anything else I can help you with ? Looking forward to your response! Have a nice day! Midsommar
  13. Greetings @Shadowstriker! The information that Norex gave is indeed the correct one, Darkrai didn't get an exclusive form this year nor is there a new form for another legendary pokemon. It was decided that the past Darkrai halloween forms would only be given as exclusive rewards for the players who successfully caught Darkrai in 2017 or 2019. (2017 for the pumpkin version and 2019 for the one with the staff). While this may discourage you, you can still obtain other rewards from this Halloween event. Whether it's the IV-locked reroll/gengar clothes/Gengarite or the Ha
  14. I'm very happy to hear that your concerns have been answered. This thread will now be locked since resolved, feel free to make a new one if you have more questions Salutations, Midsommar
  15. Greetings @crzbeelzebub Apologies for the inconvenience. I'm afraid that you will have to beat the Dark Realm again if you didn't beat umbra, the mega gengar, in that area. As mentioned by Dragonhunter, you will be required to beat Horon in the dark valley to reset the Dark Realm. Horon disappears for the remainder of his cooldown (3 days) if you won the battle whilst having no fainted pokemon, he will be back when this cooldown ends. You will then be able to access the Dark Realm once again when you beat him with no fainted pokemon. I would strongly recommend re
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