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  1. Hey there @Cemoy. Apologies for the inconvenience. I'm afraid that there is nothing we can do to help you in your case. De-leveling is not something that is offered anymore nor did we offered it in the past for situations with Heatran quest, even for accidental cases where the player leveled it to 61 before entering the quest. I'm afraid that you will have to catch a new pokemon in order to complete the quest. Sorry again that we cannot help you regarding this. Seeing as the thread is resolved it will now be locked. Have a nice day
  2. Hey there @soydark. As mentioned by Norex you can see if someone is currently suspended by using the discord bot function. As for the pokemon recovery in theses cases you must create a thread in the report center. A trade moderator will look unto your situation when available. Make sure to provide sufficient proof in your thread, such as the conversation of the pokemons being lent to the other player. Good luck, have a nice day.
  3. Hey there @Lyn1311. Apologies for the delayed response. Upon looking into your case it looks like you sold a reroll ticket on the 12/14/2021 to the user Sale01. This was a few days prior to you making this thread, making it the most plausible option as items do not disappear out of thin air. The only case where this would have happened is if you were in a boss battle and gained a reroll ticket only to experience the crash shortly. Even in these cases is nothing we can do. You also did not reroll any pokemons recently nor did the item was being hold by a pokemon. I'm afraid that unless you have sufficient proof that you did have a reroll and that is disappeared there's not much we can do. Have a nice day.
  4. Can you send a screenshot of the shortcut properties like the one I sent earlier ? Furthermore you can always try with -force-d3d11 or -force-opengl instead of -force-glcore
  5. Hi there @soydark. Apologies for the inconvenience. First and foremost before going into the topic details I must warn you that you are only allowed to bump your post once every 24 hours if unanswered. Emphasis on the once, every 24 hours if unanswered. PRO staff are volunteers, even if we were a AAA game it is virtually impossible for you to have an answer 20 minutes after posting/bumping. Furthermore every staff member does not have the same responsibilities or knowledge to help with some issues. Just because a staff member is online it does not mean he is available for your issue, others requires help as well. You are not alone. Going into your post please try to follow the procedure below. It is currently the only fix known for this issue. Create a shortcut for the PRO.exe and name it whatever you wish. Next, right click your shortcut and go to properties. After you got there you will find a textbox that says Target and then the location of the PRO.exe. Now type -force-glcore. (Add a space between .exe and -force) Hit Apply, and then run the shortcut you created.
  6. Hello @LOKESH17. As mentioned by PVE, this portion was made available a few years ago when Cryofrost was made available. It is very likely that you already did this quest part and might not remember. Have a nice day
  7. Another internet connection should fix the issue, yeah.
  8. Hey there @Dvspsandeep. It's completely normal that you start out the region without any starter. You must complete a few steps in the story before being able to receive your starter, just like in the original games. Can you make sure you've completed everything in the first portion of Sinnoh ? You can use the Sinnoh Walkthrough if you are unsure of what to do. Let me know if that worked.
  9. Hello @khong101. The situation you are mentioning is unfortunately not a bug but an intended feature. If you get disconnected or leave the black realm you must fight the boss Horon in the dark valley, located north of Necropolis. Keep in mind that you must defeat him without losing any pokemon. After doing so he will give you the option to reset the dark realm so that you may return to Alucard Castle and complete the quest. You will still need the pokemon with miracle eye in order to fight Alucard correctly. Let me know if anything is unclear.
  10. Hello @CocoMel0n. Nikola main purpose is not to give out an infinity of rerolls for free. It is to give out another chance to people would who mistakenly release it or faint it during their encounter. Since you already had caught and released your Jirachi once, Nikola will not let you catch it again. I have restored your most recent Jirachi and it should be back in your PC. Let me know if it's back in your PC, will be waiting for your confirmation.
  11. Greetings @Litfamm123. Apologies for the inconvenience. This issue most commonly happens when using mobile data when using your phone. It's more of a rare occurrence to see it happening when using a PC. Anyhow, in order to fix it on a phone you had to use VPN while using mobile data. Can you possibly try to use a VPN and let me know if that fixes the issue ? It does not need to be a paid one, could be a free trial or one that has a free option. Looking forward to your answer.
  12. Hey there @ReiEmpadaRj. Upon further inspection on your account it looks like you used your reroll ticket on your Landorus today at around 15:30 GMT+0. That would be a bit after you obtained the reroll from the museum quest. I'm afraid that there is nothing that can be done here, making sure that you have an item while advertising it as selling is your responsibility. Items do not disappear randomly and we certainly cannot give back an item that you used already.
  13. Hey there @Zanuka. Sincerest apologies for the delay. Upon further examination and tests done by multiple staff members none of us were able to replicate the presented issue. The NPC is working correctly in that case and it cannot in any ways teach Strength to a pokemon. The move was probably already taught to your Machamp because it is a move that it can learn through its evolution. Be wary that if you refuse to teach the move, the money will still be deducted as mentioned and the system chat would show as well. The servers were having some connection issues near the time were you posted so that could also be a probable cause of the problem experienced, a rollback for example. Taking in consideration the circumstances it's unfortunately impossible for us to issue a refund, even if that was not the response you'd hope for. Whether you refused the move or it was lag, there are insufficient proofs that the NPC is bugged. Furthermore refunding in your case would be unfair to other players who might have experienced lag or refused the move and were not refunded for it.
  14. Hi there @Kresx. Sincerest apologies for the delay After taking a deeper look into your variables it looks like you didn't entirely complete the water dungeon portion. This could be due to the fact that you might have not picked up the Gem in the Wailord mouth as indicated by Norex response. Can you make sure that you actually interacted with it and completed every step in that area ? Looking forward to your answer.
  15. Hey there @Rohit007. Unfortunately as of right now we do not delete accounts under request due to technical limitations. I'm afraid that you will have to keep the accounts you have currently. Make sure to not create another one as you would break the mass account rule and would be punished for it. You have some characters that have no data on either gold or silver on your existing accounts, if you're looking to restart your adventure you can always use those.
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