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  1. No worries, your Genesect was recovered and should be in the last slot of your PC. Can you confirm that it's indeed there ?
  2. Hi there @Pedrohenry I would like to inform you that this is not a bug but rather an intended feature. You can only use Nikola once to restore your legendary if you accidentally released it, you already used it for Genesect. Nikola is not intended to be used to gain an infinite amount of rerolls. Do keep in mind that if you experience some issues by trying to use Nikola as a reroll there's a possibility that we cannot assist you. I can restore the last Genesect you've caught if you'd like. Let me know if that's what you want. Have a nice day
  3. Hi there @johnny285 The only way to adjust the zoom is using the in-game option dedicated to this function. Unfortunately there is no way to zoom out more if you are using the default settings. Let me know if you have any question or concern Have a splendid day!
  4. Hi there @DirencBFG Unfortunately there is nothing we can do in your case except have you wait for Morty cooldown to end. Giving you the mega stone just because of a mistake on your end would be unfair to other players who either lost against Morty or simply forgot to take the mega bracelet before. I understand the disappointment you might feel as to the response, but please try to understand that every player must be treated in an impartial manner. Have a nice day nevertheless!
  5. Hi there @Bilytkdi As mentioned by Ging13 those are the location where mudkip can spawn. It's however good to denote that some of them are not available currently : Evergreen island Frozen Cave & Evergreen Island Valley (Christmas event) Buring strait under water - (Christmas event 2020) Your best bet would then be either in the Hoenn Safari Zone Area 5 or in Eumi island Park 2 to hunt Mudkip. I hope this answered your question, let me know if you have any other concern. Have a splendid day!
  6. Changing your name would change it for your entire account, as both characters are part of one account only. You can create an new account here as long as you respect the rule of having a maximum of 4 accounts. This however does not change the fact that you cannot transfer your character on Gold to another account. It's simply impossible to do so.
  7. Hi there @tejkkapadia123 Unfortunately what you're inquiring for cannot be done. You cannot transfer only one character to a specific server without having the other transferred as well. Both characters are part of the same account and cannot be moved to the same server. Let me know if you have any other question. Have a splendid day!
  8. Glad to know it worked out. Will lock the thread since resolved, don't hesitate to make a new thread if you have any other issue. Have a nice day!
  9. It looks like you don't have any Red/Blue orb in your inventory. Did you already clear Mt.Pyre ? If so can you show me a screenshot of what the elders says at the summit ?
  10. Hi there @Godxona Apologies for the delay. Could you show me a screenshot of what it says when you try to enter the Magma hideout in Jagged Pass ? Looking forward to your answer, have a splendid day!
  11. Hi there @Ahir Unfortunately your request has to be denied. As you've been explained in this thread pokemons will not be transfered from servers unless an infraction (Such as a scam) justify the move. This is not the case here. You have to use an alt account that you have on gold or ask a friend to take the pokemon in. You will then be able to use a server transfer so that the pokemon can be moved to silver. Even though the answer might disappoint you, please try to understand that there's nothing we can do to further your case. Have a nice day nevertheless!
  12. No worries at all it's completely fine, glad to see that the issue was resolved. Don't hesitate to make a new thread if you have any other concern, have a splendid day!
  13. Is it possible that you've simply spent that money ? You have other trades where you bought items, shortly after your trade with Lux. Unless you have some evidences it would be pretty much impossible for us to refund the money, as even our logs shows that Lux did traded you that money
  14. Hi there @Ling00 Apologies for the inconvenience. According to our logs the trade mentioned was carried out correctly; you gave your Torkoal to the player Lux in exchange of 500k pokedollars Let me know if you have any other question/concern Have a splendid day!
  15. Hi there @TheReckless17 Your last free transfer was on the 25th May at precisely 3:11 in GMT+2 time. Make sure that you can note it somewhere for future occurrences. Let me know if you have any other question, if not the thread will be locked.
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