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Hunting Event of Winter Is Coming - Only for members of the guild

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Dear members of Winter is coming. Christmas may not be here yet, but your gifts are waiting for you in our hunting contest. The rules are simple, whoever catches the best Dratini wins. How is this determined?
The sum of the IV points is the basis for calculating your dratini as bonus points are received for the following things:
-for the best nature (adamant) you get 20 points
-for correct abilities (multiscale) also receive 20 points.
If there is a tie on the points of the first few contestants, the winner will be the one who has the correct nature and abilities and the best attack and speed indicators
Let's talk now about the awards
The winner will receive 3 coin capsules
The one in second place - two
In third place - one
And the one with the fewest points will receive a consolation prize - a black medallion

The start of the event starts now, and the final date by which you can post your pokemons is January 2nd 12.00 AM Bulgarian time (+3 GMT)
The results will then be reviewed and the winners announced


Only freshly caught dratini`s after the specified ID are considered - Post screen here 🙂


Good luck !!!



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