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Lavander Dungeon Forlorn Court 2023 (Solo Mode)


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Hi everyone, im looking for info about the Lavander Dungeon but havent find anything, so im creating this hoping we all colaborate to help each other conquer the misteries of this challenge.

Location: north lavander.

Requeriments: Just 3 pokemon on party (5 later on).

Team Members: Up to 5 (can be done solo).

The quest has several subquest to be done and you can earn "Reroll shards" (4 of them make an iv Rerol ticket not tradable).



For starters i strongly recommend this video from "Tushar Gaming Pro", it helps a lot to get going with the glitters (an item exchangable for perks inside the dungeon), the way you can go from 3 pokemon on team to 5:



Once you have a 5 pokemon team, the next step would be defeating the elemental room (once or two at a time), for that, i suggest this video from "Tushar Gaming Pro" also:



If u still havent beating the main quest of the Dungeon (Gengar, then the Gardevoir and Gallade), here is a quick resume of that.


**Beat the 5 versions of Rotom located in the 4 corner of the first room, and the one on center. 

 Then you can challenge the Gengar shadow boss on the center of the room.


 That opens the door right up from him, going to that room closes the subquests of the "Elemental Rooms".


 Inside the second central room beat the Gardevoir and his ilusions an finally the "Mistress of the Manse (Gardevoir)".


 Defeating her trigger the spawn of 4 Crobat to be defeated.

 After defeating them u need to beat the "Master of the Manse (Gallade)".


 That opens the path up from him, there u need to beat 4 Bisharp to cross the path.

 To finally challenge the "Mister" and "Mistresses" again.


At this point the final barrier opens leading to the prices for the run.

Glitters, Big Pearl, Pve Coins, and a random generated Reroll shard (yes sometimes spawn some dont)



////////////////////////////////////Now the fun part ////////////////////////////////////////


At this point im assuming you know the dungeon, have 5 pokemon on party and you want the achievement of beating the 4 shadows and the main quest of the Dungeon on Solo mode at once, for that im going to share my team an why this mons can complete that achievement.


Kyurem White: One shot the most of the pokemons on the elemental rooms, we are going to use him in the mayority of battles.

Chansey: This guy beats anything here, when in doubt send him, the problem is that gets out of moves fast.

Weaville: Mostly for the Gardevoir and Bisharps on the final room, the Gengar and team on the main room and takes some of the fire guys on the fire room.

Skarmory: Mosty for the Master Gallade, and some guys on the Swamp room.

Azumarill: His type and Grass move protect the team from the hazards of 3 rooms, has few battles.



The items may vary in each room or even between battles keep that in mind, for example u want choice scarf Kyurem on Dragon room but choice specs Kyurem on Caldera, u want Choice Band Weaville against Gengar and team, but no item Weaville while fighthing the Bisharps.


To avoid the hazards in the elemental rooms (damage every battle, 1 speed on team, and so on) i recomend get the "heart" perks with Glitters on Beheeyem outside the Court. This perk allow your pokemon to be consider of certain type (outside battle) if they have certaing attacks, this types: Grass, Fire, Water, Fairy.



Meaning that Azumarill counts has Water, Fairy and Grass, and Kyurem for fire covering the hazards of the 4 elemental rooms.


You know the typing or perks are working when this kind of messages pop up on the elemental rooms:





Other perk you may wanna have is the "Better Berries" that makes the "Dendene" drop a Lum berry after been defeated (yes those guys can be fought, weaville Knock off one shot them).



Finally, i recommend buying 1 or 2 revival herb top from the Vaporeon, try using the fountain is cheaper (activating the "Revitalizing Spring" perk).



When doing this runs, take the "6 ethers" from this Beheeyem, is mandatory.




At some point i may do a video of a run for this achievement, but for now u have the tools to beat the Dungeon, make some runs, try, fail, and try again until u find the way to do it with the limited resources the Dungeon gives.

Final tip, Chansey can beat most of the Dungeon, but avoid using him too much, find the way to kill the most of enemies with 1 move, and Chansey when there is no other choice. Use your "Ether" mostly on Kyurem, and Chansey.



///////////////////What is next, what i want to know?////////////////


1. As far as i know, the "Heroic mode" isnt avaible now. But if anyone had find a way to activate it let us know.


2. How the Heroic Sigils are earn?, i got 3 some how i dont remember =P

  Thnks to the fellow adventurers, i got to see that the heroic sigil are earnead when u finish 1 elemental room without the help of a pokemon that prevents the hazards of that room, for example the caldera room without using a grass type or grass heart. After beating that room, the shadow and the Gardervoir/Gallade, in the prize room u get a message saying u got an heroic sigil.


Smell u later XD


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Have you ever figured out what the rest of the perks do?  Mystic blessing/ dampen dread/dragon dreams/virtuosos charm/psychic link. I'm just curious what order would be best to purchase all the perks. 

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On 2/28/2023 at 1:38 PM, Boredumb said:

Have you ever figured out what the rest of the perks do?  Mystic blessing/ dampen dread/dragon dreams/virtuosos charm/psychic link. I'm just curious what order would be best to purchase all the perks. 


Yea sure, every perk has a description. For example "Mystic blessing" says "If there is a Fairy-type in your party, the fountain heals for 50% more HP". "Damped Dread": "Defeating dragons in forlorn dread reduces the power of the Dread Drake by more than normal". "Dragon Dreams": "Defeating Draconic image restores 50hp to Dragon-types in your party". "Psychic Link": "Allows psyquic-type to access the fountain with a conduit", this last one means that if u have a psyquic in ur team, u can heal and revive monks using the "staryus" has if they were the fountain.


If u dont know wich activate first, i do recommend:

1. New Recruit (+1 party)

2. Virtuoso´s Charm (+1 party)

3. Cursed Fountain (almost infinite use of fountain for revive and healing)



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