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So lets make this one quick please. The actual Game File (pokeball icon file) keeps disappearing in my Folder after i close the game. I had to redownlod the last couple times to play. but now what happens is, whenever i download it it tells me i don t have permission to. So either you guys changed the Permissions in the downloadable file ir idk. Bc on my pc i am the administrator. i checked my persission and everything in the zip is ticked. So i need help. I tried google but those "Solutions" are bogus to say the least. Some of the solutions end in the middle of nowhere. Please help


Thank you


PS:  Windows 10

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Hello @Mistermyers,


Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Most probably this is happening because your antivirus is blocking/deleting some files which are important to run the game. Can you please delete all files of PRO, create an exception of PRO in your antivirus, extract it and run the client again? 


Please inform us how the thing stands after doing these steps. 


Kind regards,


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It has nothing to do with antivirus i seem to have found the solutio. idk why after a while the Pokemon Exe is removed and i have to redownload but, i extracted it in the download folder. and for that it would not work. even tho i am administrator it would not let me unpack there. So i made a new Folder on desktop and it works. Still after 2 or 3 uses of the game i have to redownload another zipfile. 

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