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You formulated your auction to prolong for 48 hours after first bid, some european countries, including mine, pushed the clock forward to deal with summer timing on saturday to sunday, basically, we lost 1 hour in saturday 2 am (02:00) when it instead changed to 3 am (03:00). This makes it so that the prolonged time since first bid actually has been 47 for garchomp, I think! Should contact trade mod tho


Edit: even tho the visible time has been 48 h (from 9 pm two days ago till 9 pm today)


edit 2: then disregard this if chomp was good! 😄

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1 minute ago, Cvkrzyk said:

U didnt won, gl with that 🙂 

have a nice day 😘

how can you say i didnt won i bided 9 min before the end line lmao

still waiting for a forced trade since you dont want to understand

have a nice day ❤️


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