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Similar like the Phoenix in our logo Fireborn rose when times got hard.

A new name and a shift in the player base have not shaken our presence at the first spot of the guild ladder.

We're an active PvP guild, and as such, we always strive for the #1 position. Of course, PvP is not the only thing that counts; there is PvE as well.

But at the end of the day, fun is what really matters.

We have an active and experienced community through our Discord server, a social place to connect with all your fellow guildmates.

From general chat to team building, showdown events, and in-house tournaments, we've got it all. We warmly welcome you to join us too!



To join us we ask you to get at least 200 rating for the guild.
To have a lively experience in our discord we invite our members to be active in discord
You should be 16+ You must have finished the full story & have over 200 in game hours.
If you are a cracked showdown player show us your showdown rating instead ✌️


- 25% EXP Boost 

- Access to Guild Island

- Regular Events and Tournaments
- Exclusive Giveaways for our members.

PvP Support in teambuilding, team-archive and individual PvP-Training

- Regular Dungeon runs

- Guild Bank


Guild Lead:  Shekhar786 (Discord: royalngr)
Paprikaflow (Discord: paprikaflow) 



- Serkaninc
- Blaggy

 - Hundjager

- Nornornor444

- Rajkkapadia

- Tejkkapadia123

- Finlandguy


For you application please answer the following questions:

What is your IGN?

What is your discord?

Tell us a little about yourself (age, where are you from, interests)

How many hours do you currently have? (please link a picture of your trainer card)

Do you know any existing members?

What is the highest rating you have reached?

Why would you like to join us at Fireborn?


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