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  1. So does this means, that we will have more disconnection issues and lag issues in silver server than the gold server , guys?
  2. I wanna ask something, will the gems come in our bags I have searched there but found none
  3. Hello sir, I am shekhar786 of gold server and I beat that forest guardian today and he also gave me forest gem but when I used an escape rope and teleported to pokecenter my forest gem was lost, I don't know what has happened. I have a screenshot in which I was telling my friend that I am going to win. And I also won and when he gave me forest gem I used an escape rope and I teleported to pc, then my forest gem was lost. Plz help.
  4. U have caught 80 shinies in 3 months and i have caught 2 shinies(1 ratatta included) in 3 years.
  5. Yes guys I also want this feature in PRO
  6. U have 4 badges now u can trade with anyone and get a trash poke that will help u in your story
  7. Hey my ingame name is shekhar786 And i wanna buy an assault vest. Please tell me price and i will come anywhere(since I have a train ticket xD). I an asking from 3 weeks but no one is selling
  8. Hii I am shekhar786 of silver server and I want to join your SILVER NABS guild My ign-shekhar786 GMT-5.30 PLAYER CARD- shown below.
  9. Hello sir, can you please evolve my sneasel into weavile. I have razor claw held. I will be extremely thankful to you. My ign-shekhar786 Server-silver
  10. Hi, I am shekhar786 of silver server and starting offer of this godly gible is 400k Min bid-50k Time -24 hrs left
  11. hey, I am shekhar786 of silver server and I want to sell this godly jolly 25x4+30x2 epic gible. I hope someone give me good offers.... Thank you
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